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XXXV. Zalakaros Chess Festival HUN Open Ch. 2016

Last update 04.06.2016 15:32:47, Creator: Hungarian Chess-Federation (Master),Last Upload: Hungarian Chess-Federation licence 10

Player overview for slo

75FMSpalir Jernej2330SLO0½0110½½14,566HUN op (ch)
113Skuhala Jernej2142SLO1½00½½½0½3,592HUN op (ch)

Results of the last round for slo

Rd.Bo.No.NameRtgPts. ResultPts. NameRtgNo.
94275FMSpalir Jernej2330 1 - 0 WIMMichelle Catherina P2179108
949113Skuhala Jernej21423 ½ - ½3 FMKrstulovic Alex229289

Player details for slo

FM Spalir Jernej 2330 SLO Rp:2351 Pts. 4,5
119IMSvane Rasmus2526GER6w 0
220IMMiron Lucian-Costin2524ROU4,5w ½
328GMSundararajan Kidambi2469IND5s 0
4105Tirelli Mauro2217ITA3s 1
5109WIMGoczo Melinda2175HUN3w 1
641GMLalic Bogdan2431CRO5,5s 0
796FMDankhazi Andras2267HUN4w ½
863GMFogarasi Tibor2372HUN3,5s ½
9108WIMMichelle Catherina P2179IND3,5w 1
Skuhala Jernej 2142 SLO Rp:2236 Pts. 3,5
1-bye- --- 1
233GMCzebe Attila2454HUN4,5s ½
321GMHorvath Adam2515HUN5,5w 0
464FMSkawinski Arkadiusz2367POL3,5s 0
581Loos Roland2316GER3,5w ½
673FMPlichta Kamil2336POL3,5s ½
757IMDel Rey Diego2388ESP3,5w ½
871FMThakur Akash2345IND4s 0
989FMKrstulovic Alex2292HUN3,5w ½