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XXXV. Zalakaros Chess Festival HUN Open Ch. 2016

Last update 04.06.2016 15:32:47, Creator: Hungarian Chess-Federation (Master),Last Upload: Hungarian Chess-Federation licence 10

Player overview for gre

100FMHristodoulou Panagiotis2245GRE01½0½½10½472HUN op (ch)
111Balokas Dimitrios2170GRE00100½00½2111HUN op (ch)

Results of the last round for gre

Rd.Bo.No.NameRtgPts. ResultPts. NameRtgNo.
94377Barski Radoslaw2324 ½ - ½ FMHristodoulou Panagiotis2245100
954111Balokas Dimitrios2170 ½ - ½2 Horvath Dominik228691

Player details for gre

FM Hristodoulou Panagiotis 2245 GRE Rp:2333 Pts. 4
144FMLivaic Leon2428CRO5s 0
265Havasi Gergo2367HUN4,5w 1
354IMBen Artzi Ido2399ISR6s ½
456GMFarago Ivan2391HUN4,5w 0
548IMKonopka Michal2418CZE4s ½
672FMBlazeka Matej2341CRO4s ½
773FMPlichta Kamil2336POL3,5w 1
860IMNitin S.2377IND5,5w 0
977Barski Radoslaw2324POL4s ½
Balokas Dimitrios 2170 GRE Rp:1978 Pts. 2
155FMCostachi Mihnea2397ROU5w 0
268FMNihal Sarin2349IND4,5s 0
3-bye- --- 1
471FMThakur Akash2345IND4w 0
567FMDolana Andrei-Theodor2354ROU4s 0
697Peczely Sebastian Zsombor2255HUN3w ½
7101IMRigo Janos2238HUN3,5s 0
8110Nemec Vjekoslav2175CRO3s 0
991Horvath Dominik2286AUT2,5w ½