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Khazar Cup 2016 (A) Master Tournament

Last update 18.02.2016 15:11:47, Creator/Last Upload: Ms. IA Shohreh Bayat

Player overview for lat

14GMStarostits Ilmars2437LAT1101½1½½05,514103,10Group A

Results of the last round for lat

Rd.Bo.No. NameRtgPts. ResultPts. NameRtg No.
GMStarostits Ilmars2437 0 - 1 GMIdani Pouya2568

Player details for lat

GM Starostits Ilmars 2437 LAT Rp:2455 Pts. 5,5
152Asgari Morteza2189IRI5,5s 10,810,19101,90
248Valizadeh Ali2199IRI4,5w 10,800,20102,00
311IMMosadeghpour Masoud2462IRI7s 00,47-0,4710-4,70
442Hosseinzadeh Nima2207IRI5w 10,790,21102,10
523IMGrabliauskas Virginijus2322LTU5,5s ½0,66-0,1610-1,60
637Gholami Orimi Mahdi2226IRI4,5w 10,770,23102,30
72GMVolkov Sergey2607RUS7w ½0,280,22102,20
84GMGabuzyan Hovhannes2593ARM6,5s ½0,290,21102,10
96GMIdani Pouya2568IRI6,5w 00,32-0,3210-3,20