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20th European Team Chess Championship 2015 Open

Last update 23.11.2015 16:22:46, Creator/Last Upload: Icelandic Chess Federation

Overview for team bel

16IMHovhannisyan MherBEL24950½0101½0½3,5882435Open Section
17IMGeirnaert StevenBEL2449½000½0½½131132334Open Section
18IMVandenbussche ThibautBEL242100½0½½1½031142289Open Section
177IMSoors StefBEL2394001½111½05432398Open Section
16WFMGoossens HanneBEL21841000001½½3922129Women Section
17WFMMorozova IuliiaBEL19950½101½0½½4562107Women Section
18Barbier WiebkeBEL1980000010½001,51241811Women Section
19Barbier AstridBEL181900101½0013,5741907Women Section

Player details

IM Hovhannisyan Mher 2495 BEL Rp:2435 Pts. 3,5
1149GMVallejo Pons Francisco2684ESP4,5s 0Open Section
2164GMSolak Dragan2628TUR4w ½Open Section
392Saraci Nderim2215KOS2,5w 0Open Section
498GMKveinys Aloyzas2510LTU4s 1Open Section
5136FMTate Alan2337SCO2,5s 0Open Section
630GMSchandorff Lars2519DEN4w 1Open Section
739IMZiska Helgi Dam2523FAI4,5w ½Open Section
8144GMBeliavsky Alexander G2622SLO5s 0Open Section
944GMNyback Tomi2594FIN2w ½Open Section
IM Geirnaert Steven 2449 BEL Rp:2334 Pts. 3
1150GMAnton Guijarro David2630ESP5,5w ½Open Section
2165GMIpatov Alexander2624TUR3,5s 0Open Section
391FMErmeni Avni2285KOS2s 0Open Section
499IMLaurusas Tomas2435LTU4w 0Open Section
5135FMMorrison Graham2323SCO0,5w ½Open Section
631IMAndersen Mads2459DEN6,5s 0Open Section
741FMNielsen Hogni Egilstoft2300FAI2s ½Open Section
8145GMLenic Luka2625SLO3w ½Open Section
945IMAgopov Mikael2452FIN2,5s 1Open Section
IM Vandenbussche Thibaut 2421 BEL Rp:2289 Pts. 3
1151GMSalgado Lopez Ivan2615ESP4s 0Open Section
2167GMEsen Baris2565TUR3,5w 0Open Section
3176Makolli Perparim2223KOS4w ½Open Section
4100IMBeinoras Mindaugas2340LTU3s 0Open Section
5137IMMuir Andrew J2313SCO1,5s ½Open Section
632FMOchsner Bjorn Moller2405DEN3w ½Open Section
742FMNielsen Rogvi Egilstoft2275FAI4w 1Open Section
8147GMBorisek Jure2565SLO4s ½Open Section
947IMKarttunen Mika2426FIN5,5w 0Open Section
IM Soors Stef 2394 BEL Rp:2398 Pts. 5
1153GMIbarra Jerez Jose Carlos2545ESP3w 0Open Section
2168GMCan Emre2535TUR3,5s 0Open Section
389IMSadiku Bedri2197KOS2,5s 1Open Section
4101FMVedrickas Tautvydas2320LTU5,5w ½Open Section
5138FMBurnett Andrew2234SCO0,5w 1Open Section
633FMJacobsen Mikkel Manosri2210DEN0s 1Open Section
743IMNilssen John Arni2274FAI1s 1Open Section
8146GMSebenik Matej2528SLO2,5w ½Open Section
948IMNyysti Sampsa2353FIN2,5s 0Open Section
WFM Goossens Hanne 2184 BEL Rp:2129 Pts. 3
111WGMMamedjarova Zeinab2235AZE2,5w 1Women Section
235IMHouska Jovanka2391ENG8w 0Women Section
330WGMPtacnikova Lenka2189ISL5s 0Women Section
420WIMHavlikova Kristyna2323CZE3,5s 0Women Section
5141WIMTuominen Tanja2109FIN2w 0Women Section
6114WIMUnuk Laura2297SLO5s 0Women Section
725WIMHoiberg Nina2200DEN3w 1Women Section
8121WIMAgrest Inna2175SWE3,5s ½Women Section
974IMDaulyte Deimante2369LTU6w ½Women Section
WFM Morozova Iuliia 1995 BEL Rp:2107 Pts. 4
113WGMMammadova Gulnar2303AZE6s 0Women Section
236IMCiuksyte Dagne2356ENG3s ½Women Section
331Kristinardottir Elsa Maria1887ISL0w 1Women Section
423WIMOlsarova Karolina2224CZE5w 0Women Section
5142WFMPuuska Heini1967FIN2s 1Women Section
6113WGMSrebrnic Ana2238SLO4w ½Women Section
726WFMDe Blecourt Sandra2141DEN2,5s 0Women Section
8122Bengtsson Jessica2040SWE2,5w ½Women Section
975WIMZaksaite Salomeja2196LTU5s ½Women Section
Barbier Wiebke 1980 BEL Rp:1811 Pts. 1,5
115WGMKazimova Narmin2323AZE4w 0Women Section
238WIMSarakauskiene Zivile2145ENG3,5w 0Women Section
332WFMThorsteinsdottir Gudlaug2005ISL5,5s 0Women Section
421WGMRodshtein Tereza2307CZE2,5s 0Women Section
5143Turunen Tiina1764FIN1w 1Women Section
6112WFMKolaric Spela2102SLO5s 0Women Section
728WFMStolberg-Rohr Thomine1985DEN3,5w ½Women Section
8123WFMHorn Emilia1981SWE1,5s 0Women Section
976WFMBatyte Daiva2147LTU4w 0Women Section
Barbier Astrid 1819 BEL Rp:1907 Pts. 3,5
112WIMFataliyeva Ulviyya2294AZE4,5s 0Women Section
239WFMBhatia Kanwal K2072ENG4s 0Women Section
334Magnusdottir Veronika Steinunn1753ISL1w 1Women Section
424WGMKulovana Eva2213CZE1,5w 0Women Section
5144Kujasalo Marjatta1605FIN0s 1Women Section
6115Hrescak Ivana2145SLO0,5w ½Women Section
729Vangsgaard Freja1980DEN2,5s 0Women Section
8124Fransson Angelina1980SWE4w 0Women Section
977Zykiene Rita1913LTU1,5s 1Women Section