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FIDE World Rapid Championship 2015

Last update 12.10.2015 20:25:48, Creator/Last Upload: Deutscher Schachbund

Player overview for lat

39GMKovalenko Igor2687LAT1011½½11½1001½110928002045,60

Results of the last round for lat

Rd.Bo.No.NameRtgPts. ResultPts. NameRtgNo.
15939GMKovalenko Igor26879 1 - 09 GMRiazantsev Alexander271624

Player details for lat

GM Kovalenko Igor 2687 LAT Rp:2800 Pts. 10
1116GMShabalov Alexander2519USA6w 10,720,28205,60
277GMGrigoriants Sergey2595RUS7,5s 00,63-0,6320-12,60
3111GMPiorun Kacper2528POL6w 10,710,29205,80
479GMBindrich Falko2594GER8s 10,630,37207,40
512GMGelfand Boris2751ISR9s ½0,410,09201,80
653GMMalakhov Vladimir2662RUS9,5w ½0,53-0,0320-0,60
7112GMKravtsiv Martyn2525UKR8w 10,710,29205,80
84GMAronian Levon2830ARM8,5s 10,310,692013,80
97GMKramnik Vladimir2798RUS10w ½0,350,15203,00
105GMKarjakin Sergey2805RUS9,5s 10,340,662013,20
113GMIvanchuk Vassily2835UKR10w 00,30-0,3020-6,00
1219GMInarkiev Ernesto2733RUS10s 00,44-0,4420-8,80
1351GMKorobov Anton2664UKR9,5w 10,530,47209,40
1492GMKhismatullin Denis2574RUS9,5s ½0,65-0,1520-3,00
1524GMRiazantsev Alexander2716RUS9w 10,460,542010,80