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3rd Anogia Championship 2015

Last update 08.11.2015 12:06:58, Creator/Last Upload: Greek Chess Federation

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Starting rank

1FMMaris Ioannis4201540GRE1994ΣΟ ΑΝΩΓΕΙΩΝ
2Ntagiantas Emmanouil25801880GRE1651ΣΟ ΑΝΩΓΕΙΩΝ
3Ntagiantas Georgios25812459GRE1555ΣΟ ΑΝΩΓΕΙΩΝ
4Hairetis Ioannis25818147GRE1405ΣΟ ΑΝΩΓΕΙΩΝ
5Memos Ioannis25800450GRE1404ΣΟ ΑΝΩΓΕΙΩΝ
6Kallergis Georgios25829378GRE1246ΣΟ ΑΝΩΓΕΙΩΝ
7Heretis Georgios25800434GRE1186ΣΟ ΑΝΩΓΕΙΩΝ
8Ntagiantas Dimitrios4297369GRE1161ΣΟ ΑΝΩΓΕΙΩΝ
9Fasoulas Emmanouil25800418GRE1121ΣΟ ΑΝΩΓΕΙΩΝ
10Konios Charalampos25800442GRE1026ΣΟ ΑΝΩΓΕΙΩΝ
11Mirzak Valeria25818201GRE1081ΣΟ ΑΝΩΓΕΙΩΝ
12Saloustrou Despina25800493GRE1069ΣΟ ΑΝΩΓΕΙΩΝ
13Sfiri-Bageri Olympia25800507GRE1053ΣΟ ΑΝΩΓΕΙΩΝ
14Manoura Maria25818163GRE1000ΣΟ ΑΝΩΓΕΙΩΝ
15Kakaziani Neratzo25801848GRE970ΣΟ ΑΝΩΓΕΙΩΝ
16Konios Georgios25838210GRE0ΣΟ ΑΝΩΓΕΙΩΝ
17Memou Evangelia25818171GRE0ΣΟ ΑΝΩΓΕΙΩΝ
18Saloustros Konstantinos25812467GRE0ΣΟ ΑΝΩΓΕΙΩΝ