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12th IGB Dato' Arthur Tan Malaysian Open 2015

Last update 27.09.2015 08:15:03, Creator/Last Upload: Malaysian Chess Federation

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Final Ranking crosstable after 9 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.Rd8.Rd9.RdPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
1GMVakhidov Jahongir2532UZB 64b1 38w1 31b1 27w1 3b½ 8w1 5b½ 4w½ 2b½755,54441,50
2IMLy Moulthun2452AUS 74b1 47w½ 69b1 16w1 5b½ 3w½ 25b1 10w1 1w½75341,540,00
3IMSmirnov Anton2447AUS 72w1 35b1 32w1 33b1 1w½ 2b½ 4w0 45b1 15w175341,539,00
4IMShyaamnikhil P2427IND 80b½ 48w1 77b1 24w½ 47b1 17w1 3b1 1b½ 5w½751,54039,50
5FMLe Tuan Minh2429VIE 89w½ 59b1 44w1 58b1 2w½ 60b1 1w½ 9b1 4b½7503937,50
6IMPadmini Rout2437IND 92w1 21b1 58w½ 26b1 7b½ 10w½ 19b½ 44w1 30w1749,53937,75
7GMBarbosa Oliver2501PHI 75w1 50b1 45w1 25b½ 6w½ 18b½ 13w½ 17b1 11w½6,55240,536,25
8IMNguyen Van Huy2457VIE 52w1 26b½ 37w1 53b1 25w1 1b0 45w½ 13b½ 32w16,550,538,535,00
9GMTorre Eugenio2462PHI102b1 69w½ 34b1 17w½ 27b½ 38w1 28b1 5w0 25b16,548,53833,50
10IMRamnath Bhuvanesh.R2422IND103w1 60b1 87w½ 15b½ 36w1 6b½ 30w1 2b0 35w16,54837,532,75
11Kunal M.2350IND 82b1101w½ 24b0 74w1 62b1 12w1 29b½ 18w1 7b½6,54636,533,00
12IMSean Winshand Cuhendi2452INA 59w½ 61b½ 23w1 87b1 32w½ 11b0 58w1 50b1 26w16,545,535,531,75
13GMGonzales Jayson2379PHI105b½ 90w1 16b0 77w1 73b1 67w1 7b½ 8w½ 29b16,545,535,531,25
14IMPascua Haridas2430PHI 83b1 88w½ 73b1 99w0 34b1 27w½ 60b½ 46w1 31b16,542,533,532,00
15GMNguyen Duc Hoa2504VIE 76b1 68w1 17b½ 10w½ 99b1 19w½ 18b½ 39w1 3b0649,53930,25
16FMHafiz Arif Abdul2213INA127w1 39b½ 13w1 2b0 37w1 31w½ 17b0 53b1 45w1648,53930,00
17FMChan Nicholas2372MAS 85w1 98b1 15w½ 9b½100w1 4b0 16w1 7w0 51b1648,538,528,75
18IMNolte Rolando2414PHI 96b1 46w1 27b0 84w1 51b1 7w½ 15w½ 11b0 42w1648,53830,25
19IMKrishna C.R.G.2380IND 81w1 87b0 92w1 75b1 33w1 15b½ 6w½ 35b½ 20w½646,53630,75
20GMMurshed Niaz2450BAN 48b½ 80w1 47b0 88w1 67b½ 41w1 27b½ 69w1 19b½644,534,529,00
21Pradeep Kumar R A2292IND133b1 6w0 56b1 61w½ 28b0 59w½116b1 76w1 49b16413224,00
22Fang Yuxiang2445CHN116b1 73w½ 88b1 47w½ 46b0 64w1 44b0 60w1 55b1640,532,525,75
23Liu Zhaoqi2134CHN 24b0 57w1 12b0 78w0127b1 91w1 68b1 87w1 44b1640,531,524,50
24GMLaylo Darwin2484PHI 23w1 44b½ 11w1 4b½ 45w½ 32b½ 35w0 63b½ 48w15,55038,531,00
25IMNava Roderick2388PHI125b1 51w1 84b1 7w½ 8b0 58w1 2w0 36b1 9w05,5493925,75
26Mcclymont Brodie2308AUS 57b1 8w½ 65b1 6w0 30b0 74w1 99b1 28w1 12b05,548,53826,25
27Vo Thanh Ninh2348VIE117w1104b1 18w1 1b0 9w½ 14b½ 20w½ 30b0 62w15,54838,526,00
28IMIkeda Junta2392AUS 54w1 36b1 33w0 62b½ 21w1 50b1 9w0 26b0 58w15,5483728,25
29GMShyam Sundar M.2495IND 43b1 34w½ 55b½ 46w0116b1 51w1 11w½ 40b1 13w05,547,53827,50
30IMIllingworth Max2517AUS 61w½ 63b½ 66w1 79b½ 26w1 46w1 10b0 27w1 6b05,547,53627,25
31IMDimakiling Oliver2377PHI107w1 62b1 1w0 52b½ 79w1 16b½ 42w½ 66b1 14w05,54736,525,25
32IMSharma Dinesh K.2354IND129b1 67w1 3b0 64w1 12b½ 24w½ 46b½ 47w1 8b05,546,537,524,50
33IMRonald Bancod2280PHI122b1 40w1 28b1 3w0 19b0 49w0 56b1 61w1 39b½5,546,53725,75
34FMMasruri Rahman2307INA 70w1 29b½ 9w0 54b1 14w0 92b1 89w½ 43b½ 66w15,54635,525,50
35FMSonjaya Deni2306INA136b1 3w0116b1 67w0 90b1 81w1 24b1 19w½ 10b05,542,53421,50
36FMReyes Narquinden2285PHI109b1 28w0 86b1106w1 10b0 71w1 49b½ 25w0 65b15,542,53322,50
37IMWohl Aleksandar H.2343AUS108b1 99w½ 8b0 48w1 16b0102w½ 59b1 64w1 41b½5,542,532,523,75
38IMSenador Emmanuel2332PHI114w1 1b0103w½ 89b1 52w1 9b0 48w0100b1 63w15,5423221,75
39IMLi Ruofan2370SGP106b1 16w½ 99b0102w1 87w1 44b½ 63w1 15b0 33w½5,54131,523,25
40IMMas Hafizulhelmi2340MAS111w1 33b0 89w½ 59b0125w1 52b1 93w1 29w0 60b15,539,53122,00
41Chuah Jin Hai Jonathan2223MAS113w½115b½ 82w1 45b0 85w1 20b0103w1 70b1 37w½5,539,530,522,50
42WIMFrayna Janelle Mae2204PHI 99b0 91w1117b1 49w0108b1 68w1 31b½ 65w1 18b05,53930,521,75
43CMSetyaki Azarya Jodi2155INA 29w0 97b1131w0117b1 65b0108w1 71b1 34w½ 69b15,538,530,521,75
44Krishna Teja N2313IND 78b1 24w½ 5b0115w1 59b1 39w½ 22w1 6b0 23w0548,538,523,00
45FMYeoh Li Tian2356MAS 94w1 93b1 7b0 41w1 24b½ 99w1 8b½ 3w0 16b0548,53823,00
46Docena Jerad2270PHI121w1 18b0107w1 29b1 22w1 30b0 32w½ 14b0 50w½546,53723,25
47FMMariano Nelson Iii2301PHI137w1 2b½ 20w1 22b½ 4w0 66b½100w1 32b0 52w½546,53722,75
48FMWong Yinn Long2123MAS 20w½ 4b0 70w1 37b0109w1 79b1 38b1 49w½ 24b0546,536,523,00
49IMLioe Dede2387INA 86w1 58b0 72w1 42b1 60w0 33b1 36w½ 48b½ 21w0545,53525,25
50Priasmoro Novendra2334INA 91b1 7w0 74b½ 80w1 61b1 28w0 67b1 12w0 46b½545,53522,25
51IMLu Chan Hung2229VIE 95w1 25b0 94w1131b1 18w0 29b0 83w1 89b1 17w054333,520,00
52Suelo Roberto Jr.2130PHI 8b0136w1 71b1 31w½ 38b0 40w0105b1 88w1 47b½541,533,518,75
53IMPurnama Tirta Chandra2372INA 90b½105w1101b1 8w0 58b0 76w½102b1 16w0 77b154030,518,75
54Noguchi Koji2083JPN 28b0118w1 68b½ 34w0126b1 88w0 79w1 93b½ 87b15372917,75
55FMPitra Andika2310INA115w½126b1 29w½100b0103w1 63b0 72w1 75b1 22w053728,519,25
56Chakravarthy Y V K2084IND131w0127b1 21w0110b½ 95w1 87b½ 33w0104b1 93w153627,517,00
57Chan Yi Meng Ryan1886MAS 26w0 23b0122w1 72b0132w1 83b0125w1103b1 89w1534,527,514,00
58Karthik V. Ap2266IND118b1 49w1 6b½ 5w0 53w1 25b0 12b0 67w1 28b04,5493921,00
59Eri Purnama2129INA 12b½ 5w0105b1 40w1 44w0 21b½ 37w0 94b1 70w½4,547,53721,50
60FMSinurat Tumpak2287INA119b1 10w0125b1 76w1 49b1 5w0 14w½ 22b0 40w04,5473718,75
61Chan Marcus2179MAS 30b½ 12w½109w1 21b½ 50w0 70b½ 85w1 33b0 82w½4,544,53520,75
62Marohom De Leon Jr.2260PHI112b1 31w0 85b1 28w½ 11w0104b1 65b0 74w1 27b04,543,533,518,75
63Lokesh N.2198IND 71b½ 30w½115b½ 65w½ 78b1 55w1 39b0 24w½ 38b04,54334,520,50
64IMChakravarthi Reddy M2186IND 1w0111b1110w1 32b0 94w1 22b0107w1 37b0 85w½4,54332,516,75
65Abelgas Roel2353PHI100w1 66b½ 26w0 63b½ 43w1 93b½ 62w1 42b0 36w04,542,53419,50
66Ooi Zhi Yang2052MAS123b1 65w½ 30b0 69w½ 84b1 47w½ 88b1 31w0 34b04,54233,518,50
67Grafil Franz Robert2198PHI124w1 32b0104w1 35b1 20w½ 13b0 50w0 58b0111w14,54233,517,50
68FMHague Ben2321NZL 97w1 15b0 54w½103b½ 72w1 42b0 23w0107b½105w14,541,53218,00
69IMTo Nhat Minh2304HUN130w1 9b½ 2w0 66b½107w1100b½101w1 20b0 43w04,541,53216,00
70CMNg Jen Sheng1884MAS 34b0102w½ 48b0112w1 77b1 61w½ 73b1 41w0 59b½4,5413218,75
71IMKaravade Eesha2401IND 63w½ 89b½ 52w0 82b1 75w1 36b0 43w0 99w1 80b½4,5413218,50
72WFMCitra Dewi Ardhiani Anastasia2111INA 3b0123w1 49b0 57w1 68b0 78w1 55b0 90w½108b14,5413117,50
73FMLow Zhen Yu Cyrus2290SGP110w1 22b½ 14w0101b1 13w0 89b0 70w0115b1107w14,540,53116,00
74WIMFronda Jan Jodilyn2129PHI 2w0130b1 50w½ 11b0120w1 26b0111w1 62b0101w14,540,53114,50
75Lim Samson Jr.2170PHI 7b0 78w1124b1 19w0 71b0106w1 90b1 55w0 81b½4,54031,515,75
76Surendran N2177IND 15w0114b1 95w1 60b0104w½ 53b½ 94w1 21b0 78w½4,54030,517,25
77CMLubis Endar Sakti2255INA126w½113b1 4w0 13b0 70w0110b1 86w1101b1 53w04,54030,515,75
78Lye Lik Zang1907MAS 44w0 75b0121w1 23b1 63w0 72b0131b+ 96w1 76b½4,5393019,25
79FMPitirotjirathon Jirapak2274THA101b0108w1 81b1 30w½ 31b0 48w0 54b0119w1106b14,538,53017,25
80Subramaniam Sumant2092MAS 4w½ 20b0126w1 50b0101w0120b1104w½ 97b1 71w½4,538,52917,00
81Jacutina John Merill2049PHI 19b0122w1 79w0113b1131w1 35b0 87w0 95b1 75w½4,537,52915,75
82WFMAzman Hisham Nur Najiha1986MAS 11w0138b+ 41b0 71w0121b½126b1 92w½116w1 61b½4,5372815,25
83CMYamada Kohei2097JPN 14w0110b0 90b½128w1115b½ 57w1 51b0 91w½109b14,536,527,516,00
84FMLim Zhuo Ren2247MAS135w1131b1 25w0 18b0 66w0 94b0115w½110b1100w14,535,527,514,00
85WFMMahalakshmi M2019IND 17b0134w1 62w0124b1 41b0118w1 61b0102w1 64b½4,53527,512,25
86WFMFisabilillah Ummi2053INA 49b0112w1 36w0 95b½ 88b0109w1 77b0124w1 99b14,534,52713,75
87FMKongsee Uaychai2265THA -1 19w1 10b½ 12w0 39b0 56w½ 81b1 23b0 54w044938,519,75
88FMTran Minh Thang2286VIE120w1 14b½ 22w0 20b0 86w1 54b1 66w0 52b0 90w½444,53517,75
89FMMohammad Fahad Rahman2092BAN 5b½ 71w½ 40b½ 38w0136b1 73w1 34b½ 51w0 57b044435,517,25
90CMNazario Marc Christian2038PHI 53w½ 13b0 83w½132b1 35w0124b1 75w0 72b½ 88b½437,53012,00
91Wang Jiaqi1942CHN 50w0 42b0127w1 93b0113w1 23b0133w1 83b½ 92w½4372912,25
92FMJones Lee2102AUS 6b0133w1 19b0136w½105b1 34w0 82b½106w½ 91b½43728,512,00
93Sekar B2220IND132b1 45w0100b0 91w1106b1 65w½ 40b0 54w½ 56b0436,53013,25
94CMTan Jun Ying2013MAS 45b0132w1 51b0118w1 64b0 84w1 76b0 59w0119b14352911,50
95FMKemas Ade Krisna Mausyach Sur1610INA 51b0129w1 76b0 86w½ 56b0136w1 96b½ 81w0125b+43427,511,25
96WIMTamin Upi Darmayana2087INA 18w0120b½113w½104b0133w1111b½ 95w½ 78b0123w14322411,75
97Yap Egin Darrel1919MAS 68b0 43w0112b0121w0135b1134w1118b1 80w0116b1430,523,59,50
98Cheah Eric2246MAS128b1 17w0106b0108w0119b0112w0132b1120w1117b1428,521,59,00
99Akmalnaidi Akbar0INA 42w1 37b½ 39w1 14b1 15w0 45b0 26w0 71b0 86w03,548,537,520,25
100WFMMendoza Shania Mae2005PHI 65b0141w+ 93w1 55w1 17b0 69w½ 47b0 38w0 84b03,542,53314,25
101CMGukesh D1801IND 79w1 11b½ 53w0 73w0 80b1131b+ 69b0 77w0 74b03,542,53215,25
102Michael Owen2130INA 9w0 70b½120w1 39b0110w1 37b½ 53w0 85b0104w½3,541,53213,25
103CMFong Yit San2090MAS 10b0119w1 38b½ 68w½ 55b0115w1 41b0 57w0113b½3,541,53212,75
104WCMAzman Hisham Nur Nabila1929MAS134b1 27w0 67b0 96w1 76b½ 62w0 80b½ 56w0102b½3,537,530,511,75
105Alahakoon Isuru2041SRI 13w½ 53b0 59w0137b1 92w0121b1 52w0126b1 68b03,537,528,511,25
106O`reilly Steven2014AUS 39w0135b1 98w1 36b0 93w0 75b0123w1 92b½ 79w03,53729,511,00
107WFMLegowo Parahita Millyena2039INA 31b0128w1 46b0123w1 69b0119w1 64b0 68w½ 73b03,5372910,75
108Al-Zaabi Sultan1981UAE 37w0 79b0133w1 98b1 42w0 43b0124w½121b1 72w03,536,52910,00
109Lieu Chin Yung1812MAS 36w0140b+ 61b0125w½ 48b0 86b0130w1114b1 83w03,536,528,510,50
110Aulia Virda Rizka1827INA 73b0 83w1 64b0 56w½102b0 77w0128b1 84w0124b13,535,528,511,50
111Shinoda Taro1944JPN 40b0 64w0119b1116w0134b1 96w½ 74b0112w1 67b03,5342710,00
112Koo Wei Xin Rosamund1737MAS 62w0 86b0 97w1 70b0117w0 98b1114w½111b0130w13,533,526,512,25
113Liu David1461AUS 41b½ 77w0 96b½ 81w0 91b0129w½120w½133b1103w½3,53325,511,00
114CMBennett Hilton1932NZL 38b0 76w0118b0127w0129b1122w1112b½109w0126w13,52921,58,75
115FMPratama Constantius Leonardo1905INA 55b½ 41w½ 63w½ 44b0 83w½103b0 84b½ 73w0118b½34031,513,50
116Sevillano Rhenzi Kyle2103PHI 22w0137b1 35w0111b1 29w0117b1 21w0 82b0 97w0339,5318,50
117Khadijah Qurota`ain1985INA 27b0139w+ 42w0 43w0112b1116w0119b0127b1 98w0336288,50
118Chuah Hao Feng1799MAS 58w0 54b0114w1 94b0130w1 85b0 97w0125b½115w½33426,59,00
119Chuah Hao Min1823MAS 60w0103b0111w0122b1 98w1107b0117w1 79b0 94w0332,525,59,00
120WFMJohari Camilia1820MAS 88b0 96w½102b0129w1 74b0 80w0113b½ 98b0132w133125,56,75
121Nithyalakshmi Sivanesan1801MAS 46b0125w0 78b0 97b1 82w½105w0136b1108w0129w½330,5248,50
122Koo Wei Wei Melanie1653MAS 33w0 81b0 57b0119w0 -1114b0126w0134b1133w1329,522,56,00
123Nakvanich Sahapol1852THA 66w0 72b0134w1107b0124w0127b1106b0128w1 96b0328,522,56,50
124Cahyadi0INA 67b0 -1 75w0 85w0123b1 90w0108b½ 86b0110w02,535,5286,75
125Sabri Mohd Saprin2071MAS 25w0121b1 60w0109b½ 40b0128w½ 57b0118w½ 95w-2,535,527,57,25
126Lim Cassandra1661AUS 77b½ 55w0 80b0130b1 54w0 82w0122b1105w0114b02,53527,57,25
127Koh Sian Kuan Bausch1804MAS 16b0 56w0 91b0114b1 23w0123w0129b1117w0128b½2,534,526,56,75
128Lim Christopher1644AUS 98w0107b0130w½ 83b0137w1125b½110w0123b0127w½2,529226,50
129Frost Peter2007AUS 32w0 95b0137w½120b0114w0113b½127w0 -1121b½2,528,521,56,50
130Dolejs Dan1855NZL 69b0 74w0128b½126w0118b0135w1109b0136w1112b02,527214,75
131IMYap Kim Steven2399PHI 56b1 84w0 43b1 51w0 81b0101w- 78w- -0 -0239,53110,50
132Tan Fischer1443SGP 93w0 94b0 -1 90w0 57b0133b0 98w0135b+120b0230,5242,00
133Kebbedies Frank1847GER 21w0 92b0108b0135w1 96b0132w1 91b0113w0122b0230,523,53,00
134Saw Lye Guan1559MAS104w0 85b0123b0 -1111w0 97b0135b0122w0136w1227213,00
135Sarwate Rohit1650HKG 84b0106w0136b0133b0 97w0130b0134w1132w- -122317,53,50
136WFMElisabeth Christine1880INA 35w0 52b0135w1 92b½ 89w0 95b0121w0130b0134b01,531244,00
137Chan Kim Yew1850MAS 47b0116w0129b½105w0128b0 -0 -0 -0 -00,52518,51,00
138FMHamdani Rudin2303INA -0 82w- -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0027210,00
Yoseph Theolifus Taher2229INA -0117b- -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0027210,00
Phadke Sohan2085IND -0109w- -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0027210,00
Ahadda Astian Dana0INA -0100b- -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0027210,00

Tie Break1: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel With parameter)
Tie Break2: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel With parameter)
Tie Break3: Sonneborn-Berger-Tie-Break variable