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Ekenäs SK 90 vuotta - år, Kesäturnaus - Sommarturnering 2015

Senast uppdaterad31.08.2015 12:26:44, Creator/Last Upload: ekenäs schackklubb rf

Korstabell efter 7 ronder

Plac.NamnRatingNation1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.RdPoäng TB1  TB2  TB3 
1Rehn Ralf2198FIN 8b1 4w1 5b1 6w1 2b1 3w½ 9b16,530,528,256
2Graeffe Petri1998FIN 18w1 3b½ 9w1 7b1 1w0 4w1 6b15,529,020,255
3Puittinen Mika1972FIN 16b1 2w½ 6b0 12w1 10b1 1b½ 4w½4,530,017,753
4Kumpulainen Jari1939FIN 19w1 1b0 10w1 18b1 9w1 2b0 3b½4,527,513,254
5Bergman Thomas1823FIN 20b1 8w1 1w0 9b0 18w1 7b½ 10w14,523,511,504
6Miettinen Teemu1976FIN 14w1 10b½ 3w1 1b0 11w1 9b½ 2w04,030,014,503
7Nordlund Henri1825FIN 15w1 9b0 14w1 2w0 16b1 5w½ 8b½4,026,012,753
8Riekkinen Keijo1799FIN 1w0 5b0 15w½ 20b1 13w1 11b1 7w½4,025,010,503
9Lindholm Jere1991FIN 13b1 7w1 2b0 5w1 4b0 6w½ 1w03,532,514,003
10Kimpiharju Tapio1869FIN 17b1 6w½ 4b0 19w1 3w0 18b1 5b03,524,08,503
11Enberg Viktor1880FIN 12b½ 14w1 6b0 8w0 19b13,523,510,252
12Lindholm Lars1692FIN 11w½ 3b0 19b½ 16w½ 14w13,522,510,501
13Virta Aare1598FIN 9w0 19b½ 17w0 15b1 8b0 20w1 16b13,517,56,503
14Turunen Tiina1590FIN 6b0 20w1 7b0 11b0 17w1 19w1 12b03,019,54,503
15Paasonen Pasi1330FIN 7b0 16w0 8b½ 13w0 20w1 17b½ 18w13,018,55,252
16Westerlund Svante1524FIN 3w0 15b1 18w0 17b1 7w0 12b½ 13w02,523,07,252
17Hakulinen Timo1413FIN 10w0 18b0 13b1 16w0 14b0 15w½ 20b12,517,55,002
18Torvi Markku1739FIN 2b0 17w1 16b1 4w0 5b0 10w0 15b02,026,05,002
19Niemistö Petteri1514FIN 4b0 13w½ 20b1 10b0 12w½ 14b0 11w02,021,53,501
20Ikäheimo Markku1304FIN 5w0 14b0 19w0 8w0 15b0 13b0 17w00,022,50,000

Tie Break1: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break2: Sonneborn-Berger-Tie-Break variable
Tie Break3: The greater number of victories

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