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Olaine Chess club Open Rapid Championship 3 stage

Last update 13.09.2015 15:08:32, Creator/Last Upload: Riga Chess federation

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Final Ranking crosstable after 8 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.Rd8.RdPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
1GMMiezis Normunds2469LAT 10b1 3w1 24b1 2w1 4b1 16w1 9b½ 7w17,53141,52486
2MKRamma Kaspars2161LAT 30w1 19b1 34w1 1b0 13w1 4w1 3b½ 9w16,528382271
3MKKrums Ilmars1994LAT 39w1 1b0 26w1 19b1 7w1 5b½ 2w½ 15b1628,5362159
4MKUngurs Edgars2141LAT 28b1 15w1 14b1 8w1 1w0 2b0 5w½ 13b15,530412175
5WFMUngure Liga1945LAT 7b1 11w½ 16b½ 23w1 6b½ 3w½ 4b½ 10w½530402068
6MKJazdanovs Aleksandrs1832LAT 31b1 16w1 8w½ 13b½ 5w½ 9b0 17w1 12b½528,5362063
7MKRitums Ritvars2100LAT 5w0 30b1 28w1 15w1 3b0 19b1 14w1 1b0527,5382047
8MKSemjonovs Ilja2112LAT 23b1 12w1 6b½ 4b0 10w0 18w½ 22b1 20b1527,5371936
9IBlinovs Artjoms1934LAT 22b0 29w1 37b1 24w1 14b½ 6w1 1w½ 2b0527,536,52005
10IKolasa Pjotrs1830LAT 1w0 39b1 32w1 14w½ 8b1 13b0 16w1 5b½526,5342064
11MKLaizans Aivars2192LAT 26w1 5b½ 13w0 21b½ 20w0 27w1 23b1 19b152432,51899
12MKLiepins Martins1899LAT 38w1 8b0 21w½ 17b0 28w1 34b1 26b1 6w½52330,51979
13MKKolesnikovs Ivans1986LAT 29b½ 22w1 11b1 6w½ 2b0 10w1 15b½ 4w04,529391963
14MKBekasovs Rihards1957LAT 35w1 17b1 4w0 10b½ 9w½ 20b1 7b0 18w½4,52835,51942
15MKMelderis Uldis1944LAT 27w1 4b0 20w1 7b0 21w1 30b1 13w½ 3w04,526,535,51938
16MKIndricans Olgerts2123LAT 21w1 6b0 5w½ 27b1 34w1 1b0 10b0 29w14,526361920
17MKBerzinsh Ivars2191LAT 20b1 14w0 23b0 12w1 31b1 26w½ 6b0 27w14,524,5321818
18MKSemjonovs Vsevolods1881LAT 32w0 33b1 31w1 34b½ 19w0 8b½ 30w1 14b½4,52027,51863
19IVaicuks Jazeps1891LAT 36b1 2w0 22b1 3w0 18b1 7w0 25b1 11w0428,536,51933
20IJaroshs Maksims1723LAT 17w0 35b1 15b0 38w1 11b1 14w0 24b1 8w0425321948
21ISkujins Juris1650LAT 16b0 36w1 12b½ 11w½ 15b0 22w0 28b1 34w142430,51936
22IFastovics Pjotrs1850LAT 9w1 13b0 19w0 26b0 36w1 21b1 8w0 33b142430,51836
23IBagirov Eldar1572LAT 8w0 38b1 17w1 5b0 26w0 32b1 11w0 31b1423,5311913
24MKKurpnieks Vairis2050LAT 33w1 32b1 1w0 9b0 30w0 35b1 20w0 26b1421,5311793
25IPomahs Ziedonis1533LAT 34w0 26b0 35w0 39w1 37b1 31b1 19w0 30b1415191668
26IZujevs Valerijs1810LAT 11b0 25w1 3b0 22w1 23b1 17b½ 12w0 24w03,526,536,51867
27ILefters Valerijs1853LAT 15b0 28w½ 29b1 16w0 35w1 11b0 32w1 17b03,523,530,51794
28IZvans Maris1698LAT 4w0 27b½ 7b0 29w1 12b0 37w1 21w0 35b13,523301706
29ITihomirovs Andris1408LAT 13w½ 9b0 27w0 28b0 39w1 36b1 34w1 16b03,520251805
30IStankevics Roberts1714LAT 2b0 7w0 39b1 32w1 24b1 15w0 18b0 25w032531,51767
31IVBerzins Lauris1550LAT 6w0 -1 18b0 33b1 17w0 25w0 37b1 23w032329,51573
32IIPizelis Peteris1750LAT 18b1 24w0 10b0 30b0 33w1 23w0 27b0 36w132228,51689
33IAirapetjan Vladimir1558LAT 24b0 18w0 36b1 31w0 32b0 39b1 35w1 22w031721,51617
34MKPavlucenko Aleksejs2028LAT 25b1 37w1 2b0 18w½ 16b0 12w0 29b0 21b02,525,533,51635
35ICiris Andris1389LAT 14b0 20w0 25b1 37w1 27b0 24w0 33b0 28w0222281547
36IIMieze Natalja1750LAT 19w0 21b0 33w0 -1 22b0 29w0 39b1 32b0219,523,51336
37IVKurpnieks Marcis1550LAT -1 34b0 9w0 35b0 25w0 28b0 31w0 39w1218231340
38IIMarcenko Ilja1750LAT 12b0 23w0 -1 20b0 -0 -0 -0 -0119,526,5931
39ISurzikova Vera1410LAT 3b0 10w0 30w0 25b0 29b0 33w0 36w0 37b002027,5867

Tie Break1: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break2: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break3: Performance (variable with parameter)