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World Under 16 Chess Olympiad 2015

Last update 28.08.2015 08:41:45, Creator: Lara Barnes IA,Last Upload: Malaysian Chess Federation

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Team pairings

Round 3 on 2015/08/22 at 1000
413China 242:236Uzbekistan6
632MGL Team C630:425China 19
77Kazakhstan 12:24Sri Lanka18
820MGL Team A21:324Singapore8
910Mongolia52:½2Kazakhstan 219
1022MGL Team E20:424Turkey11
1112Canada2:24Singapore 221
1235Zavkhan 2320:41MGL Team F30
1333MGL Team G211:31France14
1424MGL Team B214:013Russia 234
1523Korea10:12MGL Team H31
1628Macau 200:01Macau 125
1726MGL Team D204:000Palau27
1829United States of America002:000bye-1