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Last update 09.08.2015 18:45:00, Creator/Last Upload: Madagascar Chess-Federation

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Final Ranking crosstable after 9 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.Rd8.Rd9.RdPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
1FMRakotomaharo Fy Antenaina2430MAD 9b1 23w1 18b1 41w1 3b1 2w1 19w1 12b1 8w1903951,00
2WGML'AMI Alina2371ROU 30w1 31b1 22w1 4b1 1b0 13w1 3w1 7b17,503940,75
3Mezouaghi Miloud2039FRA 52w1 14b1 13w1 4b½ 1w0 10b1 18w1 2b0 12w16,504133,50
4Ralison Milanto Harifidy1786MAD 45b1 6w1 8b1 3w½ 2w0 5b1 7w0 13b½ 18w1604132,50
5Rafenohery Lova2001MAD 37w1 27b½ 21w1 7b½ 10w½ 4w0 15b½ 28w1 23b1603729,75
6Andriamasoandro Miora Ismael2117MAD 43w1 4b0 49w1 14b1 12w½ 13b0 16w1 22b1 9w½603729,25
7Elisha Thabo1943ZIM 29b1 19w1 35b½ 5w½ 18b0 36w1 4b1 11w1 2w06036,530,50
8Ramasindraibe Girard2040MAD 26b1 20w½ 4w0 57b1 9b½ 15w1 35b1 19w1 1b06036,528,50
9WFMRavelomanana Sabi1710MAD 1w0 58b1 47w½ 27b1 8w½ 14b1 25w1 18b½ 6b½603627,25
10Beanjara Philippson1934MAD 51w1 11b1 12w½ 35w½ 5b½ 3w0 21b½ 36w1 19b16035,528,25
11Razanadrakotoarisoa Toavina0MAD 17b1 10w0 42b1 28w0 46b1 20w1 41w1 7b0 25w1603427,00
12CMRajaonarison Faniry2125MAD 42b1 46w1 10b½ 20w1 6b½ 18w½ 28b1 1w0 3b05,5036,525,00
13Andriamandimbisoa Harison1955MAD 55b1 54w1 3b0 23w1 41b½ 6w1 2b0 4w½ 15b½5,503623,50
14Rabemananjara Manitra1757MAD 40b1 3w0 45b1 6w0 26b1 9w0 30b1 35w1 22b½5,5034,523,50
15Rambinintsoa Tiavina1781MAD 60w0 48b½ 39w1 24b1 21w1 8b0 5w½ 29b1 13w½5,503426,00
16Andriamaharo Nirina1722MAD 19b0 29w½ 32b½ 50w1 54b1 23w½ 6b0 31b1 33w15,503121,00
17Herilala Manitra1713MAD 11w0 51b1 24w½ 38b½ 37w1 25b0 32b½ 46w1 28b15,5030,521,75
18Randriamahefa Anthony1959MAD 48w1 60b1 1w0 37b1 7w1 12b½ 3b0 9w½ 4b0503823,25
19Razafindranto Fidimalala0MAD 16w1 7b0 30w1 31b1 22w1 35w1 1b0 8b0 10w05037,523,50
20Rabeharivelojaona Fy Ny Aina1730MAD 24w1 8b½ 27w1 12b0 31w½ 11b0 26w1 25b0 37w1503624,25
21Hilary Ulrich Evrard0MAD 22b½ 28w1 5b0 44w1 15b0 31b1 10w½ 23w0 36b15034,522,00
22Ramaharavoharivelo Finaritra1953MAD 21w½ 39b1 57w1 2b0 19b0 44w1 33b1 6w0 14w½5033,520,75
23Rajaonasy Tolotra1805MAD 58w1 1b0 43w1 13b0 52w1 16b½ 29w½ 21b1 5w05033,518,50
24Ravanomanda Faniry0MAD 20b0 26w1 17b½ 15w0 30b0 49b1 51w1 32w1 27b½503321,25
25Ratsimikatry Patrick1848MAD 50b1 38w0 55b1 36w1 35b0 17w1 9b0 20w1 11b05031,520,00
26De Mata Ginot Alphonse1662MAD 8w0 24b0 58w1 47b1 14w0 38b1 20b0 40w1 35b1503117,00
27Rambolamalalatiana Hajaharisoa1743MAD 44b1 5w½ 20b0 9w0 42b0 45w1 50b1 43w1 24w½5030,519,50
28Andriafidison Ranto1815MAD 57w½ 21b0 48w1 11b1 29w1 41b1 12w0 5b0 17w04,5034,520,25
29Letsara Nirina Harijaona0MAD 7w0 16b½ 34w1 33b1 28b0 42w1 23b½ 15w0 30b½4,503420,00
30Ralaiarisoa Derarilaza Petera1708MAD 2b0 50w1 19b0 54w0 24w1 40b1 14w0 39b1 29w½4,503118,25
31WFMRaharimanana Faratiana1810MAD 53b1 2w0 54b1 19w0 20b½ 21w0 44b1 16w0 42b14,503014,00
32Rabe Andrianandrasana Haingo1845MAD 39w½ 57b0 16w½ 49b1 43w0 37b1 17w½ 24b0 46w14,5029,518,50
33Ramorasata Anjatoky1724MAD 47b1 35w0 44b½ 29w0 57b1 43b1 22w0 42w1 16b04,502816,25
34Frelicot Eric1823FRA 54b0 55w0 29b0 58w1 39b1 50w½ 42b0 45w1 44b14,502214,00
35Rakotoniaina Antsiva1995MAD 61w1 33b1 7w½ 10b½ 25w1 19b0 8w0 14b0 26w0403719,00
36Beanjara James Stephen1723MAD 56w1 41b0 60w1 25b0 38w1 7b0 52w1 10b0 21w04031,513,00
37Razafimahefa Lalaina1420MAD 5b0 40w1 46b1 18w0 17b0 32w0 54w1 52b1 20b04030,512,50
38Samuelson0MAD 25b1 41w0 17w½ 36b0 26w0 40w0 59b1 50b1403014,50
39Rabenjamina Dodiarilala0MAD 32b½ 22w0 15b0 48b½ 34w0 56w1 47b1 30w0 52b14028,512,50
40Randrianarivelo Anja Marc0MAD 14w0 37b0 61w1 52b0 48w1 30w0 38b1 26b0 51w14027,514,00
41Rakotomaharo Tahina2002MAD 49b1 36w1 38b1 1b0 13w½ 28w0 11b0 -0 -03,5033,514,25
42WFMRazafindrabiaza Christine1692MAD 12w0 59b1 11w0 51b½ 27w1 29b0 34w1 33b0 31w03,5031,512,50
43Rambalohery JosĂ©1675MAD 6b0 53w1 23b0 45w1 32b1 33w0 46b½ 27b0 -03,5030,512,25
Rasolofoniaina Georges0MAD 27w0 61b1 33w½ 21b0 51w1 22b0 31w0 49b1 34w03,5030,512,25
45Ramiary Hans Nirina0MAD 4w0 52b1 14w0 43b0 49w½ 27b0 53w1 34b0 56w13,50289,25
46Ramalanjaona Andrianantenaina1752MAD 59w1 12b0 37w0 55b1 11w0 54b1 43w½ 17b0 32b03,50288,00
47Razafimamonjy Jean Yves Flavien0MAD 33w0 9b½ 26w0 50b0 53b1 39w0 55b1 48w½3,5026,511,75
48Ambinintsoa Andriniaina0MAD 18b0 15w½ 28b0 39w½ 40b0 51b0 56w1 54w1 47b½3,502610,50
49Razafimahefa Hariniaina1460MAD 41w0 56b1 6b0 32w0 45b½ 24w0 59b1 44w0 54b13,50257,25
50Rabeharivelojaona Mihira0MAD 25w0 30b0 56w1 16b0 47w1 34b½ 27w0 51b½ 38w03029,59,25
51Manjee Parth0MAD 10b0 17w0 59b1 42w½ 44b0 48w1 24b0 50w½ 40b030288,25
52Valisoa Jean-Hervé1608MAD 3b0 45w0 53b1 40w1 23b0 55w1 36b0 37w0 39w030279,00
53Rakotoarisoa Itokiana0MAD 31w0 43b0 52w0 56b0 58b1 47w0 45b0 59w12,5019,54,00
54Rabezaka Olertan0MAD 34w1 13b0 31w0 30b1 16w0 46w0 37b0 48b0 49w020309,00
55Andriamihaingo Niaina0MAD 13w0 34b1 25w0 46w0 56b1 52b0 -0 47w0 58b02025,56,50
56Razafindramino Adelphe0MAD 36b0 49w0 50b0 53w1 55w0 39b0 48b0 58w1 45b02022,54,00
57Raharison Misa0MAD 28b½ 32w1 22b0 8w0 33w0 -0 -0 -0 -01,50296,75
58Rakotomaharo Loic0MAD 23b0 9w0 26b0 34b0 53w0 59w0 56b0 55w11,50233,25
59Raonison Tsanta0MAD 46b0 42w0 51w0 61b0 58b1 49w0 38w0 53b01,50222,75
60Raminoson Tsiriniaina0MAD 15b1 18w0 36b0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -01026,55,50
61Alisalama Nirina Jean Michel0MAD 35b0 44w0 40b0 59w1 -0 -0 -0 -0 -01022,51,50
62FMBhawoodien Shabir2124RSA -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -000210,00
Olivier Jean1787FRA -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -000210,00
Alex-Geerjanan Nils1150FRA -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -000210,00

Tie Break1: Direct Encounter (The results Of the players In the same point group)
Tie Break2: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel With parameter)
Tie Break3: Sonneborn-Berger-Tie-Break variable