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The 10th European Individual Chess Championship

Last update 18.03.2009 18:55:32, Creator/Last Upload: Montenegro Chess Federation

Player overview for fin

31GMNyback Tomi2644FIN10111½½1½1½81127161010,20

Results of the last round for fin

Rd.Bo.No. NameFEDRtgPts. ResultPts. NameFEDRtg No.
GMSokolov IvanNED2657 ½ - ½ GMNyback TomiFIN2644

Player details for fin

GM Nyback Tomi 2644 FIN Rp:2716 Pts. 8
1184IMMaksimovic Branimir2423SRB5w 10,780,22102,20
2114GMPopov Ivan2541RUS6,5s 00,64-0,6410-6,40
3168GMPogorelov Ruslan2451UKR4w 10,750,25102,50
4118GMDrasko Milan2533MNE5,5s 10,650,35103,50
588GMKotanjian Tigran2568ARM6w 10,600,40104,00
691GMShomoev Anton2567RUS6,5s ½0,61-0,1110-1,10
775GMBanikas Hristos2582GRE6,5w ½0,59-0,0910-0,90
896GMIljushin Alexei2564RUS6s 10,610,39103,90
914GMVolokitin Andrei2671UKR6,5w ½0,460,04100,40
10208FMRasulov Vugar2391AZE6,5w 10,810,19101,90
1119GMSokolov Ivan2657NED8s ½0,480,02100,20