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22nd Abu Dhabi Int. Chess Festival Masters Tournament

Last update 31.08.2015 12:51:17, Creator/Last Upload: Khoori3

Player overview for est

31GMKulaots Kaido2573EST11101½0½½5,522108,10Masters

Results of the last round for est

Rd.Bo.No. NameRtgPts. ResultPts. NameRtg No.
GMKulaots Kaido25735 ½ - ½5 GMGhaem Maghami Ehsan2609

Player details for est

GM Kulaots Kaido 2573 EST Rp:2616 Pts. 5,5
197WIMDerakhshani Dorsa2192IRI4w 10,09100,90
2104CMNameer Noor. Al-Deen2158IRQ3s 10,08100,80
316GMRakhmanov Aleksandr2620RUS6w 10,57105,70
411GMKuzubov Yuriy2638UKR5,5s 0-0,4110-4,10
514GMVovk Yuri2624UKR5w 10,57105,70
613GMIturrizaga Bonelli Eduardo2625VEN6s ½0,07100,70
75GMJobava Baadur2664GEO7w 0-0,3810-3,80
83GMKryvoruchko Yuriy2697UKR6s ½0,17101,70
920GMGhaem Maghami Ehsan2609IRI5,5w ½0,05100,50