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4 Seasons Jeruchess Summer 2015

Last update 23.07.2015 21:30:54, Creator/Last Upload: Israel Chess Federation (Licence 50)

Starting rank list of players

6GMDvoirys Semen I.4100379RUS2550
1IMBattaglini Gabriel621650FRA2449
10IMNedobora MikhailUKR2379
4FMGorodetzky David2813416ISR2371
9FMZisman Philip2805197ISR2308
3FMErenberg Ariel2811634ISR2306
2FMBakalchuk Johnatan2810301ISR2293
5FMAlfred Nathan S W407739ENG2276
7FMZalkind Konstantin2803461ISR2249
8Moskovich Daniel2804646ISR2164