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IV Limbazi International Chess Festival ''Vidzeme summer- 2015''Children''A"

Last update 24.07.2015 12:37:00, Creator/Last Upload: riga chess federation

Final Ranking crosstable after 9 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.Rd8.Rd9.RdPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
1MKNesterov Arseniy2098RUS 18w1 11b1 7w½ 4b1 2w½ 6b1 3w1 13b1 5w18,040,051,52099
2MKStabulnieks Klavs2099LAT 10b1 5w1 4b½ 8w1 1b½ 3w½ 7b1 6w1 9b½7,040,554,02033
3MKJazdanovs Aleksandrs1876LAT 25w1 17b½ 6w1 20b1 7w½ 2b½ 1b0 8w1 10b16,537,549,51946
4IZarovs Aleksandrs1631LAT 27w1 33b1 2w½ 1w0 8b0 12w1 21b½ 20b1 13w16,034,042,51797
5IMikelsons Mikelis-Emils1603LAT 30w1 2b0 20w0 19b1 22b1 18w1 23w1 16b1 1b06,032,042,51855
6MKBatashevs Arsens1878LAT 12b1 14w1 3b0 13w1 18b1 1w0 8b1 2b0 7w½5,539,552,01852
7IZhuravlev Stepan2024RUS 13b1 26w1 1b½ 17w1 3b½ 8w0 2w0 12b1 6b½5,539,050,51845
8IShuvalov Arvind1815RUS 23w1 20b½ 22w1 2b0 4w1 7b1 6w0 3b0 16w15,536,047,01828
9IAntonivs Vladislavs1880LAT 22w½ 16b0 19b1 12w½ 24b1 10w0 14b1 21w1 2w½5,532,042,51687
10IPakalns Raivis Kristians1508LAT 2w0 27b0 30w1 28b1 31w1 9b1 16w½ 15b1 3w05,530,540,01870
11IBrikers Aleksandrs1613LAT 32b1 1w0 24b1 23w½ 14b0 21w0 17b1 27w1 20w15,528,539,01577
12IGolubovskis Maksims1482LAT 6w0 29b1 16w½ 9b½ 15w1 4b0 22w1 7w0 21b15,034,043,01791
13IAlainis Artis1501LAT 7w0 30b1 33w1 6b0 27b1 14w1 20b1 1w0 4b05,032,040,51777
14IOvcinkins Arsenijs1544LAT 28w1 6b0 27w0 29b1 11w1 13b0 9w0 30b1 25w15,029,537,51707
15IMorozli Grigorijs1876LAT 21b½ 24w1 17b0 22w½ 12b0 30w1 18b1 10w0 23b15,029,537,51555
16IGrivnieks Alberts1748LAT 24b0 9w1 12b½ 21w1 23b1 20w½ 10b½ 5w0 8b04,533,543,01562
17IPavlovs Nikita1568LAT 19b1 3w½ 15w1 7b0 20w0 23b0 11w0 29b1 22w14,532,041,51714
18ITimrots Adolfs1505LAT 1b0 32w1 28b1 27w1 6w0 5b0 15w0 19b½ 31w14,529,540,01696
19IZavjalovs Jegors1814LAT 17w0 25b1 9w0 5w0 21b0 32b1 -1 18w½ 27b14,529,037,51455
20ILindermans Pavels1549LAT 31b1 8w½ 5b1 3w0 17b1 16b½ 13w0 4w0 11b04,037,046,01635
21IAvotins Arturs1460LAT 15w½ 22b0 25w1 16b0 19w1 11b1 4w½ 9b0 12w04,033,543,51625
22IVebers Karlis1487LAT 9b½ 21w1 8b0 15b½ 5w0 31w1 12b0 24w1 17b04,033,041,51596
23IAtte Rebeka1441LAT 8b0 31w1 26b1 11b½ 16w0 17w1 5b0 25b½ 15w04,032,541,01625
24IBeitinsh Gabriels1321LAT 16w1 15b0 11w0 33b1 9w0 27b½ 25w½ 22b0 -14,029,535,51554
25IMierins Guntars1477LAT 3b0 19w0 21b0 32w1 29b1 28w1 24b½ 23w½ 14b04,026,535,51529
26IShirov-Michna Masza1564GER 29w1 7b0 23w0 31b0 28w0 33b1 30b0 -1 32w14,020,026,01599
27ILeonovs Jegors1298LAT 4b0 10w1 14b1 18b0 13w0 24w½ 31b1 11b0 19w03,533,041,51496
28IIPreimanis Martins1750LAT 14b0 -1 18w0 10w0 26b1 25b0 29w½ 32b0 33w13,526,032,01396
29IIAzanda Emils1750LAT 26b0 12w0 32b1 14w0 25w0 -1 28b½ 17w0 30w13,525,032,51410
30IAizstrauts Arturs1832LAT 5b0 13w0 10b0 -1 33w1 15b0 26w1 14w0 29b03,029,536,01444
31IIPraulins Ernests1750LAT 20w0 23b0 -1 26w1 10b0 22b0 27w0 33w1 18b03,026,532,51320
32ISkrodere Viktorija1194LAT 11w0 18b0 29w0 25b0 -1 19w0 33b1 28w1 26b03,024,030,01460
33IIRubina Megija1750LAT -1 4w0 13b0 24w0 30b0 26w0 32w0 31b0 28b01,024,032,5768

Tie Break1: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break2: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break3: Performance (variable with parameter)

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