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5th "DHAMSO" International Chess Festival 2015

Last update 05.06.2015 06:10:58, Creator/Last Upload: srilankachess

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Final Ranking crosstable after 9 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.Rd8.Rd9.RdPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
1Priyankara Chamil1959SRI328w1147b1 61w1 41b1 44w1 2b1 22w½ 3b½ 10w1815146
2IMWeerawardane Romesh2110SRI319b1127w1 35b1 15w1 13b1 1w0 12b1 11w1 4b18054,550
3CMWimalasuriya Kasun M.1849SRI358b1150w1 51b½ 81w1 18b1 24w1 5b1 1w½ 13b½7,505247
4Prabath D G Ravi1812SRI318w1 29b½ 72w1 90b1 51b1 25w1 14b1 16w1 2w07,5050,545
5FMDe Silva Nirosh2234USA283b1161w1 75w1 12b1120w1 9b½ 3w0 24b1 23w17,5049,544,5
Vinod G2008IND280b1146w1 55b1 24w½ 48b1177w1 9b½ 26w1 7b½7,5049,544,5
7Liyanapathirana Pasan Vindula1847SRI325w+141b1 52w1 76b1 22w0 34b1 46w1 43b1 6w½7,504742
8CMLasitha Subash1750SRI360w1179b1 82w1 22b0128w1 77b1 28w½ 36b1 25w17,5043,540
9Gunasinghe W A T S1870SRI217b1181w1 36b1 34w1 11b1 5w½ 6w½ 10b0 45w1705247,5
10Lamahewa S1838SRI122w½124b1121w1 49b1123w1 15b1 9w1 1b0704944
11Lakshitha H H Sasindu1689SRI345w1182b1 53w1 30b1 9w0 38b1120w1 2b0 60w17048,544
12Madusanka L D P1737SRI273b1187w1126b1 5w0154b1 58w1 2w0 66b1 47w17048,544
13Dassanayake D M G S1794SRI130b1105w1 78b1123w1 2w0 44b1 45w½ 28b1 3w½7048,543,5
14CMWijekoon Chandana2007SRI377w1135b1 77w1 42b1 17w1 22b½ 4w0 41b½ 46w1704843
15Ekanayake A M B1707SRI205w1250b1 74w1 2b0 65w1 52b1 10w0 80b1 49w1704742,5
16De Silva Osheen1888SRI411b+282b1 80w1 48w½ 94b1 27b½ 42w1 4b0 41w17046,542,5
17Fernando J M Marlon P1754SRI200b1 97w1143b1 87w1 14b0 56w1 55b17046,542
18Nandika Ruwan1394SRI165w1253b1 32w½ 29b1 3w0122b1 75w½ 76b1 42w1704641,5
19Mendis W G Chinthaka1875SRI 69w1 84b1 73w1 31b½ 46w½ 47b1 41w½ 45b½ 44w1704640,5
20Manuranga D Lahiru1602SRI371w1234b1178w1 23b1 43w0 74b1 50w17044,541
21Mihiranga K A Rajitha1541SRI 33w1313b1 65w1120b0 72w1 23b0178w1 53b1 43w17044,540
22FMGalappaththi Chinthaka Anurudda2129SRI410w+193b1278w1 8w1 7b1 14w½ 1b½ 23b½ -06,505348,5
23Madushanka Harsha1839SRI 60b1 95w1 67b1 20w0 91b1 21w1 37b1 22w½ 5b06,5051,546
24Kandearachchi Jayanga1698SRI315w1320b1 98w1 6b½ 54w1 3b0 27w1 5w0 91b16,5049,546
25Miraj Akila1864SRI243w1137b1 85w1 45b1 27w½ 4b0 88w1 31w1 8b06,504944,5
26De Silva W R L1637SRI316w1232b1 96w1 74b1 50w1 6b0 30w½6,5047,543
27Abhimanyu Iraja1539SRI156b1225w1145b1 43w1 25b½ 16w½ 24b0126w1 37b½6,5046,541,5
28Ranasinghe P K1586SRI416b+359w1 81b0169w1100b1 32w1 8b½ 13w0 83b16,504642
29Nethsara R Navod1086SRI434b+ 4w½ 66b1 18w0190b½158w1 78b½ 96w1123b16,5045,541,5
30Kandearachchi Niranga1961SRI317b1114w1 56b1 11w0184b1 39w1 26b½6,5045,541
31Thilakarathne D G D Chamil1652SRI415w+344b1 64w1 19w½ 88b½ 82w1 25b0113w16,504440
32Chathuranga K Sahan1826SRI311b1228w1 18b½190w1 28b0227w+ 35w½ 73b16,504440
33Katugampola A H0SRI 21b0363w1374b+ 82b½ 70w1 54b½ 38w½ 89b1 75w16,504440
34Weerakoon D D P1610SRI450w+ 99b1128w1 9b0226w1 7w0132b½ 79w1 90b16,504439,5
35WCMJayaweera Sayuni Gihansa1502SRI322w1288b1 2w0179b1 92w1 50b0121w1 32b½ 72w16,504339,5
36Wimalasuriya M Sachithra1443SRI303w1292b1 9w0138b1225w½129b1 89w1 8w0 86b16,5042,539
37Tharindu M W C1712SRI164w1192b1178w1 73b1 23w0 77b1 27w½6,504237,5
38Jayamanna Tharindi Ruwangana1352SRI381w+298w1307b0166w1201b1 11w0 33b½179w1 93b16,504137,5
39Shashiprabath D Adeepa1439SRI278w0244b1354w1232b1122w½133b1183w1 30b0103w+6,504036
40Udupitiya U G S S S1701SRI413b+256w1 87b0342w½127b1 53b½128w1 73b½ 85w16,503935
41Ranasinghe P M1663SRI354w1373b+ 79b1 1w0108b1126w1 19b½ 14w½ 16b0604944,5
42Subasinghe D D C H1678SRI 83b1194w1 91b1 14w0 68b1 78w1 16b0 61w1 18b0604943,5
43Rupassara P A L1762SRI412w+192b1113w1 27b0227w1 55w1 20b1 7w0 21b06048,544
44Herath H M S S A1551SRI -1167w1100b1307w1 1b0 13w0181b1 57w1 19b06047,543
45Priyadarshana Y Danushka1641SRI223b1159w1184b1 25w0125b1 95w1 13b½ 19w½ 9b0604742,5
46Malhara W.A. Hansana1657SRI414b+235w1 49b½ 70w1 19b½ 64w1 7b0 51w1 14b06046,542,5
47Nanayakkara Damika Anupama1632SRI269b1203w1108b1 19w0125b1 67w1 12b06046,542,5
48Nawarathne Nilnuwan1673SRI164w1138b1 89w1 16b½ 6w0 49b0149b1132w1 54b½604641
49Kanakarathne S Nevinka De Sil1256SRI429w+148b1 46w½ 10w0341b1 48w1 61b½123w1 15b06045,541
50Samaranayake K P R N1806SRI372b1 97w1 79b1 35w1 26b0 56w1 20b06045,541
51Abeysinghe H M H Janandani1428SRI421b+171b1 3w½186b1 4w0121b½136w1 46b0135w16044,540,5
52Lakmini K K1356SRI423b+249w1 7b0130w1 62b1 15w0138b16044,540,5
53Vidyarathna Anjitha1299SRI213b1160w1 11b0 86w½280b1 40w½152b1 21w0130b16044,540,5
54Weerakkody Dulini Dayalu1392SRI131w1252b1111w1 24b0 33w½138b1 48w½6044,540
55De Silva S S Gayashan1486SRI239b1236w1 6w0182b1141w1 43b0 84w1120b1 17w06043,540
56Haputhanthrege Niruksha Akshith Sandeepa1458SRI419w+291b1 30w0308b1139w1 17b0141w1 50b0129w16043,539,5
57Fernando Upul1358SRI422w+112b1177w0104b1 86w1 44b0141w16043,538,5
58Gallage Sudara T P1368SRI155w1333b1120w0 99b1131w1 12b0157w1604338
59Randew A G Ruvith1404SRI281w1102b1101w1177b0132w½ 97b½145w1 71b½6042,537,5
60Ginige Ravindu Avishka0SRI 23w0382b+149b1 78w0314b1190w1 64b1 63w1 11b0604238,5
61Jayasekara Benul G H Jithnuka1440SRI261b1346w1 1b0197w½342b1 81w1 49w½ 42b0133w16041,538
62Ayagamage Ishara Madushani0SRI107w1 77b0135w1 98b1 52w0 72b½129w½226b1128w16041,537
63Samarasinghe Wayuni Vinara1531SRI418w+301b1188w1120b0100w1 60b0142w1604137
64Jayawickrama U W R K1289SRI427w+265w1 31b0173w1307b+ 46b0 60w0162b1153w1604137
65Perera M N Akash1250SRI430w+286w1 21b0247w1 15b0166w1123b0238w1149b16040,537
66Egodage Reshan1510SRI229b½343w1 29w0347b1159w1 95b1 12w0125b16040,537
67Sirimewan K Hasareli1417SRI266w1257b1 23w0180b½282w1225b1 76w½ 47b0121w16039,535,5
68Vithanage H Yasindu Rashmika1244SRI216b½323w1104w½153b1 42w0196b½180w1122b½148w16039,535,5
69Gamage M Nuwanthi Silva0SRI 19b0302w1220b1 88w0237b1 79w0242b1146w1126b1603935,5
70Yasaranga B H Thisari1243SRI245w1215b½290w1 46b0 33b0341w+ 99w½234b1120w1603733,5
71Welangalle Pesala Dulkith0SRI368w1133b½186w0344b1121w0235b1137w1195b1 59w½6034,532,5
72Weerasinghe Asani Sankalpana1177SRI275b1233w1 4b0160w1 21b0 62w½101b1 94w1 35b05,504742,5
73Dabarera G W D M1394SRI246b1110w1 19b0279w1 83b1 37w0102b1 40w½ 32w05,5046,542
74Piyathilake K D D H1338SRI312b1196w1 15b0156w1144b1 26w0134b1 20w0115b½5,504541
75Gunarathna D A Viraj Darshana1535SRI -1279w1 5b0159w1181b½ 90w1 18b½ 91w½ 33b05,504540,5
76Nirmalarajah S1621SRI238b1300w1125b1 7w0 81b½188w1 67b½ 18w0108b½5,5044,540,5
77Silva K C Kaushitha1456SRI420b+ 62w1 14b0349w1240b1 8w0228b1 37w0 81b½5,5044,540,5
78Pathirana Malan1336SRI210w1270b1 13w0 60b1109w1 42b0 29w½157b½102w½5,5044,540
79Ranasinghe D S1272SRI 92w1163b1 41w0230b1 50w0 69b1131w1 34b0109w½5,5044,539,5
80Alwela A D Hansaja Ramith1412SRI294b1106w1 16b0225w0205b1115w1105b1 15w0 92b½5,5043,539,5
81Waduge T S H A1208SRI214w1191b1 28w1 3b0 76w½ 61b0196w1124b½ 77w½5,504339
82Nanayakkara Sachindu Charuka1346SRI424w+247w1 8b0 33w½197b1101w1 31b0 86w0187b15,504339
83Jayanath K.M.G Chanaka0SRI 42w0198b1124w1113b1 73w0226b1 85w½ 88b1 28w05,504338,5
84Dilmini U K D T1123SRI152b1 19w0134b0174w1312b1151w1 55b0110w½185b15,504338,5
85Dissanayaka M A P Mihiranga1381SRI 86b1231w1 25b0208w½235b1134w½ 83b½ 97w1 40b05,5042,538,5
86Madumal M R D0SRI 85w0357b1147w1 53b½142w1 57b0186w1 82b1 36w05,5042,538,5
87De Silva R B V Nimsara1299SRI426w+219b1 40w1 17b0183w½ 93b0182w1103b0199w15,5042,538
88Iru Kumarasiri W M G1346SRI370b1180w½ 69b1170w1 31w½ 25b0 83w0211b15,5042,538
Kodikara N S1292SRI209b1242w1 48b0134w½208b1 94w1 36b0 33w0180b15,5042,538
90Navinhara W Nethaki1212SRI350b1149w1 4w0140b1 75b0281w1183b1 34w05,504238,5
91Iddamalgoda I D S1296SRI230w1248b1 42w0229b1 23w0232b1162w1 75b½ 24w05,5041,537,5
92Jayaweera I G U Subandi1132SRI 79b0294w1213b1185w1 35b0111w1107b½ 80w½5,5041,537,5
93Liyanage N S1668SRI376b1308w½212b½235w½194b1 87w1 38w05,504137
94Koggala W S T N1609SRI285b1136w1129b1 16w0 89b0284w1 72b0124w15,504137
95De Silva T Hansi Kavisha1120SRI382w1 23b0378w1191b1278w1 45b0 66w0189b½183w15,504137
96Upananda K Y Sasmitha1277SRI134b1185w1 26b0136w½180b½199w1 29b0182w15,504136,5
97Dissanayake D M M S1050SRI293w1 17b0214w1 50b0361w1191b1 59w½ 85b0206w15,5040,537
98Jayathilaka Thakshila Nadeesh1312SRI299b1151w1 24b0 62w0124b½244w1194b15,5040,536,5
99De Silva P K Viranjan0SRI446w+ 34w0151b1 58w0160b½224w1 70b½184w½190b15,5040,536,5
100Vihamitha L H Wanuru1182SRI218w1255b1 44w0258b1 28w0109b1 63b0106w½202b15,504036
101Rupasinghe Dharsha B B0SRI157b1118w1 59b0186w1 82b0 72w0192b+181b15,504036
102Fernando W W Senith Chinthira1054SRI202b1 59w0165b½153w1309b1 73w0158w1 78b½5,504036
103Gunasekara T D Prasadi De Silva1116SRI110b0246w1106b½140w0264b1298w1201b1 87w1 39b-5,504036
104Gamage C M0SRI116w1 68b½ 57w0185b0310w1151b1127w½184b15,504035,5
105Kaveesha W V Rashini1061SRI436w+ 13b0189w0266b1214w1207b1 80w0248b1118w½5,5039,535,5
106Palihakkara Pasindi Imethya0SRI195w1 80b0103w½121b0285w½259b1193w1100b½178w15,5039,535,5
107Sooriyaarachchi S L1392SRI 62b0322w1341b½233w1199b1181w½187b½ 92w½119b½5,5039,535
108Ariyasinghe Chethana Muthumal1225SRI289w1260b1 47w0175b1 41w0198b½225w½172b1 76w½5,503935
109Silva Dewalamuni Achela0SRI397b+126w0167b1145w1 78b0100w0283b1240w1 79b½5,503935
110Randunuge Lasith Rasika0SRI103w1 73b0182w0325b1308w0311b1232w1 84b½195w15,5038,535,5
111Welangalla Nenitha0SRI407b+186b½133w1 54b0129w0197w1 92b0205w1179b15,503834
112Samarakoon S M Y Thiwanka0SRI262b1 57w0115b1125w0279b+136b½186w15,503834
113Hewamalavi H A D Ayesha1346SRI -1329w1 43b0 83w0315b1167w½194b1187w1 31b05,5037,534,5
114Mayuraji L M Dinya1137SRI272w1 30b0131w0322b1155w½230b½171w½289b1189w+5,5037,534
115De Silva H Adeepa Virajitha0SRI183w0245b1112w0289b1248w1 80b0275w1168b1 74w½5,5037,533,5
116Dalawella Sanuka Chandul1249SRI104b0371w1287b1162w½131b0210w1200b15,503733,5
117Herath Thejani Bandara1079SRI435b+307w0350b1144w0209b1220w1126b0185w½224b15,503733
118Gamage Ovin Vidmal1388SRI162w1101b0341w0294b1236w½239b1144w1105b½5,503632,5
119Nilokshan S G1096SRI230w0261b1245w½189b½214w1257b1107w½5,5035,531,5
120Alahakoon T N1807SRI208b1139w1 58b1 21w1 5b0 63w1 11b0 55w0 70b05049,544,5
121Nethsara W M Daham1179SRI140w1 10b0106w1 71b1 51w½ 35b0173w1 67b05046,541,5
122Gunasekara Supuni0SRI 10b½142w½334b1143w1 39b½ 18w0188b1 68w½ -0504641,5
123Lakmal M A C1537SRI244w1259b1132w1 13b0193w1 10b0 65w1 49b0 29w05044,540,5
124Yogananth Y0SRI172b1 10w0 83b0238w1130b1 98w½139b1 81w½ 94b05043,539
125Ruhunage Ramidu Uwantha1216SRI189w1206b1 76w0112b1 45w0170b1 47w0225b1 66w0504338,5
126Selvakumar Thangarajah1319SRI378w1109b1 12w0318b1207w1 41b0117w1 27b0 69w05042,539,5
127Eshan D G Sunera1153SRI -1 2b0266w1158b½ 40w0155b½261w1104b½171w½5042,538,5
128Komalage Akila Evan1262SRI428b+220w1 34b0263w1 8b0283w1 40b0167w1 62b0504238
129Wanigarathne K A N1200SRI204w1237b1 94w0111b1 36w0 62b½209w1 56b0504237,5
130Hesanya U. W. Senuthi0SRI 13w0293b1206w1 52b0124w0253b1207w1154b1 53w05041,538
131Madhuranga W S P0SRI 54b0348w1114b1254w1 58b0116w1 79b0181w½132b½5041,537,5
132Kanakarathne Ronira S De Silv1196SRI173b1334w1123b0290w1 59b½ 34w½ 48b0131w½504138
133Rupasinghe S S S1188SRI432b+ 71w½111b0236w1265b1 39w0173b½134w1 61b05040,537
134Neranja Gihan0SRI 96w0362b1 84w1 89b½195w1 85b½ 74w0133b0241w15040,536,5
135Kariyawasam L Hirunima1151SRI302b1 14w0 62b0239w1156b½204w1231b½152w1 51b0504036,5
136Liyanage Pasindu Randul1110SRI140b½277w1 94b0298w1 96b½185w1 51b0112w½144b½504036
137Jayathilaka W A Sachini Hansi1123SRI433w+ 25w0346b1201w0213b½140w1 71b0204w1163b½504036
138Buddima R P Idumini0SRI331b1 48w0231b1 36w0249b1233w+ 54w0191b1 52w05039,536
139Rashintha W G Kavith1095SRI175w1120b0171w1255b1 56b0124w0140b½245w15039,535,5
140Ranmika M H Thaviru0SRI136w½121b0370w1103b1 90w0137b0197b1139w½240b15039,535,5
141Vithanage Isuri Pehesara1122SRI263b1 7w0264b1286w1 55b0242w1 56b0231w1 57b0503935,5
142Rasanjana U G S Y1239SRI122b½327w1 86b0156w1167b½236w1 63b0503935,5
143Perera U I Himal1323SRI425b+170b1 17w0122b0291w1183b0156w½236b1503935,5
144Welihinda Chamindu Matheesha0SRI288w1117b1 74w0182b½192w1118b0136w½503934,5
145Basnayake D N W1176SRI361w1222b1 27w0109b0281w½229b1198w1 59b0155w½5038,535
146Samarakoon S M T Induwara1149SRI305w1 6b0281w1207b0246w1 69b0244w15038,535
147Karunaratne Rahel Chaanakya1145SRI271b1 1w0 86b0294w½287w1210b½155w0230b1229w15038,535
148Thennakoon M I Lithmi0SRI400b+ 49w0280b½343w½203b1240w1 68b05038,534,5
149Waduge S S A0SRI362w1 90b0 60w0316b1243w1211b1 48w0250b1 65w0503835
150Pasansha K K W Harini1128SRI369w1 3b0292w1183b0230w½245b1168w½155b½160w½503835

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Tie Break1: Direct Encounter (The results of the players in the same point group)
Tie Break2: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break3: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)