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KP jednotlivc├╣ H12

Last update 25.11.2008 22:16:18, Creator/Last Upload: Chess Federation of the Czech Republic

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Starting rank

1Outrata Ondrej1346Pardubice
2Cach Jakub1250Pardubice
3Dolecek Matej1250Lanskroun
4Hofman Oskar1250Pardubice
5Bures Martin1100Pardubice
6Holasek Vit1100Usti nad Orlici
7Knapek Martin1100Lanskroun
8Knoll Martin1100Lanskroun
9Plechac Jakub1100Pardubice
10Cach Zdenek1000Pardubice
11Feltl Patrik1000Policka
12Hanus Ondrej1000Lanskroun
13Havelka Josef1000Lanskroun
14Lenk William1000Pardubice
15Miltak Roman1000Litomysl
16Neumann Michal1000Hlinsko
17Paukert Lukas1000Usti nad Orlici
18Perina Josef1000Policka
19Safar Jan1000Policka