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WinterChess IM / GM Arenal

Last update 24.05.2015 12:10:39, Creator/Last Upload: GONZÁLEZ VALERO, José Antonio

Starting rank list of players

9GMArribas Lopez Angel2283352ESP2534
4GMDel Rio De Angelis Salvador G2203138ESP2498
1GMVishnu Prasanna. V5030692IND2482
3IMTrent Lawrence408638ENG2472
8IMTeran Alvarez Ismael2204177ESP2434
7IMPanelo Marcelo104213ARG2418
2IMPilgaard Kim1400657DEN2376
5Ponce Cano Adrian22296913ESP2286
10IMRodriguez Lopez Rafael2204495ESP2257
6Tselkovskiy Kirill24161268RUS2115