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8th Annual K. Asrian Memorial

Last update 24.06.2015 14:10:56, Creator/Last Upload: Chess House

Player overview for blr

12GMZhigalko Andrey2586BLR½1½101101615239910-12,00

Results of the last round for blr

Rd.Bo.No. NameRtgPts. ResultPts. NameRtg No.
GMZhigalko Andrey25865 1 - 05 IMHambardzumian Yuri2322

Player details for blr

GM Zhigalko Andrey 2586 BLR Rp:2399 Pts. 6
158Manukyan Artyom2046ARM4w ½0,89-0,3910-3,90
272Avetisyan Mariam1898ARM4s 10,890,11101,10
335Bakunts Rafael2270ARM6w ½0,87-0,3710-3,70
441Mari Ooriad Pouya2200IRI5s 10,890,11101,10
521IMPetrosyan Tigran S.2423ARM6w 00,72-0,7210-7,20
633FMHakobyan Aram2283ARM5,5s 10,860,14101,40
723IMNadanian Ashot2380ARM5w 10,760,24102,40
83GMEfimenko Zahar2647UKR6,5s 00,42-0,4210-4,20
927IMHambardzumian Yuri2322ARM5w 10,820,18101,80