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19. Memorial Vasje Pirca "Pirc Open Maribor 2015" :: Grupa A ::

Last update 02.07.2015 15:00:30, Creator/Last Upload: binary

Player overview for bih

2GMDizdarevic Emir25412541BIH1111½½½½064251610-1,90Group A

Results of the last round for bih

Rd.Bo.No. NameGrRtgPts. ResultPts. NameGrRtg No.
IMJelen Igor24196 1 - 06 GMDizdarevic Emir2541

Player details for bih

GM Dizdarevic Emir 2541 BIH Rp:2516 Pts. 6
129MKBratkovic Sham21762032SLO4w 10,900,10101,00
219MKJanzelj Tim23122189SLO5,5s 10,790,21102,10
315FMSpalir Jernej23612216SLO5w 10,740,26102,60
43GMSebenik Matej25122463SLO5,5s 10,540,46104,60
51GMChatalbashev Boris25452545BUL8w ½0,490,01100,10
611IMManea Alexandru23832383ROU5,5w ½0,71-0,2110-2,10
718FMTomazini Aljosa23142203SLO5,5s ½0,79-0,2910-2,90
84GMCvitan Ognjen24952495CRO6,5w ½0,56-0,0610-0,60
99IMJelen Igor24192364SLO7s 00,67-0,6710-6,70