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National Closed Chess Championship 2015 - WOMEN

Last update 18.03.2015 06:21:18, Creator/Last Upload: Kinabalu Chess Academy

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Final Ranking crosstable after 9 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.Rd8.Rd9.RdPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
1WCMAzman Hisham Nur Nabila2019MAS 19w1 9b½ 8w1 6b1 2w½ 3b½ 4w1 5b1 7w17,5050,541,25
2WFMTan Li Ting1950MAS 13b1 15w½ 4b1 3w½ 1b½ 11w1 10b1 9w1 5w½705038,00
3WFMBakri Alia Anin Azwa1943MAS 20w1 16b1 12w1 2b½ 9w½ 1w½ 5b½ 11w1 8b½6,504933,75
4Chuah Yi Ning1618MAS 14w1 6b½ 2w0 20b1 7w½ 8b1 1b0 17w1 9b16049,529,50
5WFMAzman Hisham Nur Najiha2028MAS 10b½ 24w1 15b0 18w1 17b1 9b1 3w½ 1w0 2b½5,5047,526,25
6Nithyalakshmi Sivanesan1848MAS 21b1 4w½ 10b½ 1w0 24b½ 13w1 9w0 16b1 15w15,504525,25
7Ahmad Fuad Fairuz Hamizah1579MAS 18b0 23w1 24b1 11w½ 4b½ 15b½ 16w1 10w1 1b05,504424,75
8Koo Wei Wei Melanie1572MAS 27b1 18w½ 1b0 13w½ 21b1 4w0 22b1 24w1 3w½5,5041,520,25
9Koo Wei Xin Rosamund1642MAS 26b1 1w½ 18b1 15w1 3b½ 5w0 6b1 2b0 4w05048,523,00
10Chua Jia-Tien1401MAS 5w½ 19b1 6w½ 12b1 15w½ 16b1 2w0 7b0 11b½5046,523,75
11Mohd Saufi Najihah1575MAS 22w1 12b0 20w1 7b½ 19w1 2b0 24w1 3b0 10w½5044,520,75
12Augustine Jessica1693MAS 17b1 11w1 3b0 10w0 18b0 21w1 14b1 15b½ 13w½5043,523,25
13Tan Wei Ting1296MAS 2w0 14b1 25w1 8b½ 16w0 6b0 18b1 19w1 12b½5043,521,25
14Fong Mi Lyn1308MAS 4b0 13w0 17b0 27w1 26b1 23w1 12w0 25b1 20w15034,514,00
15Asman Nur Sabrina Aliya1660MAS 25w1 2b½ 5w1 9b0 10b½ 7w½ 17b½ 12w½ 6b04,504622,00
16Aminuddin Nur Faqihah1586MAS 23b1 3w0 21b1 17w½ 13b1 10w0 7b0 6w0 24b14,5043,518,75
17Thanasegeren Sangetavathy1455MAS 12w0 28b1 14w1 16b½ 5w0 20b1 15w½ 4b0 18w½4,5038,515,50
18Nordin Nurwahida Atira1695MAS 7w1 8b½ 9w0 5b0 12w1 24b0 13w0 27b1 17b½4040,516,50
19Aminuddin Nur Faiqah1376MAS 1b0 10w0 27b1 23w1 11b0 22w0 21b1 13b0 26w14037,511,00
20Mohd Azman Iman Sofea1250MAS 3b0 26w1 11b0 4w0 23b1 17w0 28b1 22w1 14b0403710,00
21Sim Jia Ru1133MAS 6w0 22b1 16w0 25b1 8w0 12b0 19w0 28b1 27w14032,58,00
22Nik Abd Aziz Nik Anisy Syakirah1291MAS 11b0 21w0 26b1 24w0 25w1 19b1 8w0 20b0 28w140319,00
23Nik Md Azrihan Nik Nur Nadzirah1296MAS 16w0 7b0 28w1 19b0 20w0 14b0 27w1 26w1 25b140296,00
24WCMGoh Jie Yi1435MAS 28w1 5b0 7w0 22b1 6w½ 18w1 11b0 8b0 16w03,5039,510,75
25Ayib Rosdi Wan Adalia Rasya1401MAS 15b0 27w1 13b0 21w0 22b0 28w1 26b1 14w0 23w03029,53,00
26Raja Badli Raja Bazilah Bot1368MAS 9w0 20b0 22w0 28b1 14w0 27b1 25w0 23b0 19b020301,00
27Roszaman Nurkamilia Batrisya1278MAS 8w0 25b0 19w0 14b0 28w1 26w0 23b0 18w0 21b01031,50,00
28Zaini Alisa Safia1099MAS 24b0 17w0 23b0 26w0 27b0 25b0 20w0 21w0 22b000300,00

Tie Break1: Direct Encounter (The results of the players in the same point group)
Tie Break2: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break3: Sonneborn-Berger-Tie-Break variable