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National Closed Chess Championship 2015 - OPEN

Last update 18.03.2015 06:18:09, Creator/Last Upload: Kinabalu Chess Academy

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Final Ranking crosstable after 9 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.Rd8.Rd9.RdPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
1Yeoh Li Tian2326MAS 57b1 39w1 24b1 2w½ 23b1 22w1 8b1 15w1 10b18,504743,75
2Zulkifli Muhd Syazwan2050MAS 67w1 29b1 18w1 1b½ 8w0 4b0 30w1 25b1 16w16,505033,25
3Lye Lik Zang1919MAS 37b1 12w1 16w1 11b0 10w0 35b1 40w1 6b½ 19w16,5048,533,75
4IMLiew Chee-Meng Jimmy2216MAS 36b1 56w0 7b1 17w½ 51b1 2w1 26b1 8w½ 9b½6,504835,25
5Sabri Mohd Saprin2143MAS 50b½ 55w1 14b1 6w½ 26b½ 24w1 15b0 17w1 8b16,504733,75
6Ooi Zhi Yang1951MAS 68b1 23w½ 46b1 5b½ 16w0 31w1 12b1 3w½ 15b16,504732,50
7Chan Yi Meng Ryan1786MAS 53w1 8b0 4w0 61b1 13w½ 56b1 27w1 38b1 22w16,5044,529,00
8FMWong Yinn Long2028MAS 47b1 7w1 17b1 22w½ 2b1 11w1 1w0 4b½ 5w0605433,25
9CMFong Yit San2096MAS 34w1 18b0 36w½ 50b1 19w1 14b1 10w½ 16b½ 4w½604831,25
10Looi Xin Hao2022MAS 55b½ 50w1 49b½ 47w1 3b1 12w½ 9b½ 22w1 1w0604728,75
11Zulkipli Zaidan2099MAS 31b1 51w1 56b+ 3w1 22b0 8b0 25w0 29b1 28w16046,530,50
12Subramaniam Sumant2107MAS 52w1 3b0 65w1 18b½ 44w1 10b½ 6w0 33b1 25w1604627,25
13Tham Tick Hong Jax2021MAS 29w0 70b½ 21b1 31w½ 7b½ 47w1 55b1 14w½ 23b16043,528,00
14Mahmood Nasrul Humaimi1890MAS 48w½ 60b1 5w0 70b1 58w1 9w0 20b1 13b½ 24w16042,525,00
15Nik Nik Ahmad Farouqi2063MAS 35w1 17b0 30w1 25b1 27w1 16b½ 5w1 1b0 6w05,505228,75
16FMIsmail Ahmad2054MAS 59b1 44w1 3b0 32w1 6b1 15w½ 22b½ 9w½ 2b05,504927,75
17CMTan Jun Ying1849MAS 73b1 15w1 8w0 4b½ 56w1 27b½ 38w½ 5b0 42w15,504524,50
18Lim Wei Sheng1860MAS 63b1 9w1 2b0 12w½ 46b1 26w0 24b0 48w1 37b15,5044,525,00
19Andin Faizal1972MAS 71b1 21w1 22b0 49w1 9b0 32w1 23b½ 26w1 3b05,5044,524,50
20Lup Syamaizar1760MAS 43b1 46w½ 26b½ 64w½ 24b0 51w1 14w0 40b1 38w15,504123,75
21Tan Wei Hong0MAS 62w1 19b0 13w0 30b½ 70w1 36b½ 42w½ 64b1 44w15,5040,522,00
22NMAbdullah Mohd Kamal2177MAS 30w1 40b1 19w1 8b½ 11w1 1b0 16w½ 10b0 7b0505326,25
23NMNg Tze Han2241MAS 25w1 6b½ 38w1 27b½ 1w0 34b1 19w½ 24b½ 13w05050,525,00
24Azman Hisham Mohd Nabil1987MAS 45w1 61b1 1w0 35b½ 20w1 5b0 18w1 23w½ 14b05049,523,75
25Sivanesan Subramanian1818MAS 23b0 63w1 28b1 15w0 49b1 39w1 11b1 2w0 12b05045,522,50
26Fong Yit Ho2004MAS 74w1 65b½ 20w½ 34b1 5w½ 18b1 4w0 19b0 30w½5044,522,50
27Chan Sheng Yip2008MAS 49b½ 66w1 41b1 23w½ 15b0 17w½ 7b0 50w1 32b½504321,25
28Chor Mohd Ali1764MAS 40w0 52b1 25w0 42b1 36w½ 33b½ 31b1 43w1 11b05042,522,75
29Tan Soon Wei Dawson1735MAS 13b1 2w0 51b0 43w1 32b0 57w1 64b1 11w0 52w15042,521,50
30CMNg Jen Sheng1812MAS 22b0 68w1 15b0 21w½ 65b1 46w1 2b0 39w1 26b½504219,75
31Mohd Noor Mohd Amin1798MAS 11w0 72b½ 60w1 13b½ 45w1 6b0 28w0 59b1 46w15040,519,25
32WFMJohari Camilia1848MAS 60w½ 48b½ 61w1 16b0 29w1 19b0 45w1 46b½ 27w½504021,00
33Goridau Guadis1892MAS 66b½ 49w0 55b0 72w1 37b1 28w½ 47b1 12w0 35w15036,519,00
34Chuah Hao Min1797MAS 9b0 37w1 39b1 26w0 41b1 23w0 43b0 57w½ 56b14,5041,519,25
35Lim Kian Hwa1776MAS 15b0 73w1 43b1 24w½ 64b½ 3w0 39b½ 51w1 33b04,504117,50
36Teh Wee Zhun1813MAS 4w0 75b1 9b½ 41w½ 28b½ 21w½ 48b½ 37w0 58b14,504117,50
37M Nazir Muhd Al-Firdaus1745MAS 3w0 34b0 52w½ 60b1 33w0 53b1 56w1 36b1 18w04,504117,50
38Tukiran Taulani2000MAS 54b1 41w½ 23b0 55w½ 71b1 64w1 17b½ 7w0 20b04,5040,516,75
39Subramaniam Shreyes1963MAS 69w1 1b0 34w0 67b1 59w1 25b0 35w½ 30b0 55w14,5040,515,25
40Zulkiflee Muhd Hanis Hanafi1940MAS 28b1 22w0 47b0 54w1 55b½ 71w1 3b0 20w0 63b14,503916,75
41Liu Tomin1602MAS 42w1 38b½ 27w0 36b½ 34w0 59b½ 62w1 44b0 57b14,503817,75
42Francis Jonathan Augustine1882MAS 41b0 54w1 71b0 28w0 68b1 49w1 21b½ 55w1 17b04,5037,517,25
43Othman Mohd Noor1923MAS 20w0 74b1 35w0 29b0 69w1 58b1 34w1 28b0 45w½4,5037,515,25
44Yusoff Fairul1854MAS 58w1 16b0 48w½ 65b1 12b0 55w0 71b1 41w1 21b04,5037,515,00
45Ayib Rosdi Meor Airil Rahimi1594MAS 24b0 64w0 76b1 57w1 31b0 54w1 32b0 66w1 43b½4,5033,512,75
46Wising Abdul Sahim2023MAS 70w1 20b½ 6w0 48b1 18w0 30b0 61w1 32w½ 31b04043,516,25
47Chuah Hao Feng1762MAS 8w0 53b1 40w1 10b0 62w1 13b0 33w0 52b0 64w+404215,00
48Ahmad Muhd Sirajuddin Munawwi1606MAS 14b½ 32w½ 44b½ 46w0 50w½ 52b1 36w½ 18b0 59w½404117,75
49Wong Kiiug Lik1729MAS 27w½ 33b1 10w½ 19b0 25w0 42b0 52w0 69b1 67w1404116,50
50Mohd Noor Muhd Noor Azam1809MAS 5w½ 10b0 72w1 9w0 48b½ 61b½ 58w1 27b0 53w½4040,514,50
51Hamzah Baharuddin1862MAS 72w1 11b0 29w1 58b½ 4w0 20b0 70w1 35b0 54w½404014,50
52Lieu Chin Yung1809MAS 12b0 28w0 37b½ 66w½ 73b1 48w0 49b1 47w1 29b04037,513,75
53Mat Daud Mohd Azizul2068MAS 7b0 47w0 63b1 59w0 54b½ 37w0 72b1 71w1 50b½4034,512,50
54Abdul Rahman Syazrin1609MAS 38w0 42b0 75w1 40b0 53w½ 45b0 60b1 65w1 51b½403412,00
55Yee Jian Yang1747MAS 10w½ 5b0 33w1 38b½ 40w½ 44b1 13w0 42b0 39b03,504617,00
56Ong Way Justin1941MAS 75w1 4b1 11w- 71w½ 17b0 7w0 37b0 61b1 34w03,5041,513,25
57Ilias Mohd Safri1819MAS 1w0 69b1 58w0 45b0 75w1 29b0 67w1 34b½ 41w03,503810,25
58Nik Mohd Azrihan Nik Muhd Haziq1500MAS 44b0 59w1 57b1 51w½ 14b0 43w0 50b0 70b+ 36w03,5037,512,00
59Chan Kim Yew1775MAS 16w0 58b0 69w1 53b1 39b0 41w½ 66b½ 31w0 48b½3,5036,512,75
60Shee Jia Wee1416MAS 32b½ 14w0 31b0 37w0 63b½ 74b½ 54w0 68w1 70b+3,503611,00
61Lim Sin Leong1539MAS 76b1 24w0 32b0 7w0 72b1 50w½ 46b0 56w0 66b13,50347,50
62Marino Kamino1848MAS 21b0 71w0 68b1 73w1 47b0 66w½ 41b0 63w0 72b13,5030,59,50
63Lee Zhi Wei1541MAS 18w0 25b0 53w0 75b0 60w½ 76b1 74w1 62b1 40w03,50307,50
64Kamal Rizal Ahmad1902MAS 65w0 45b1 67w1 20b½ 35w½ 38b0 29w0 21w0 47b-3039,512,50
65Malim Melvin Sham1686MAS 64b1 26w½ 12b0 44w0 30w0 70b0 69w1 54b0 73b½303710,25
66Raja Badli Raja Bazil Bot1612MAS 33w½ 27b0 70w0 52b½ 67w1 62b½ 59w½ 45b0 61w03035,511,00
67Thanasegeren Praghashkumar1770MAS 2b0 76w1 64b0 39w0 66b0 68w1 57b0 73w1 49b03030,55,50
68Muhd Haruddin Muhd Hazid Ekqu1526MAS 6w0 30b0 62w0 74b1 42w0 67b0 75w1 60b0 76b130304,50
69Aminuddin Muhd Faqih1535MAS 39b0 57w0 59b0 76w1 43b0 73w1 65b0 49w0 71b130285,00
70Ismail Mohamed1749MAS 46b0 13w½ 66b1 14w0 21b0 65w1 51b0 58w- 60w-2,50399,00
71Wong Zi Yue1573MAS 19w0 62b1 42w1 56b½ 38w0 40b0 44w0 53b0 69w02,503810,00
72Thanasegeren Dinessh Kumar1600MAS 51b0 31w½ 50b0 33b0 61w0 75b1 53w0 74b1 62w02,5033,57,00
73Nizam Haziq Aiman1435MAS 17w0 35b0 74w1 62b0 52w0 69b0 76w1 67b0 65w½2,50294,00
74Saparmin Mohd Zullghafari1619MAS 26b0 43w0 73b0 68w0 76b1 60w½ 63b0 72w0 75w12,50263,50
75Mahmood Shah Mukhriez Shah1311MAS 56b0 36w0 54b0 63w1 57b0 72w0 68b0 76w1 74b02027,53,50
76Zaini Anwar Wafi1178MAS 61w0 67b0 45w0 69b0 74w0 63w0 73b0 75b0 68w00027,50,00

Tie Break1: Direct Encounter (The results of the players in the same point group)
Tie Break2: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break3: Sonneborn-Berger-Tie-Break variable