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Chess Ladies Vienna 2015

Last update 05.05.2015 12:25:06, Creator: is margit almert,Last Upload: herzog

Starting rank list of players

9IMRepkova Eva14900440SVK2342Sv Pamhagen
7WGMArutyunova Diana14107244UKR2267Schachklub Baden
6WFMMaslikova Veronika14904888SVK2234Sv Pamhagen
3WFMExler Veronika1620550AUT2213Sv Wulkaprodersdorf
2WFMGazikova Veronika14919311SVK2188
8WIMSochorova Petra305260CZE2180
1WFMNewrkla Katharina1621629AUT2142Sv Wulkaprodersdorf
4WFMMareckova Martina327930CZE2116
10WFMHapala Elisabeth1622080AUT2074Sv Pamhagen
5WFMSchnegg Anna-Lena1625268AUT2072Raika Zell/Zillertal
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