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Chess Masters Vienna 2015

Last update 05.05.2015 12:26:15, Creator: IS Margit Almert,Last Upload: Dipl.Ing.Heinz Herzog

Starting rank list of players

10GMBuhmann Rainer4651340GER2590Schachclub Mpoe Maria Saal
8GMKrejci Jan322156CZE2526Sk Zwettl, Noe
3IMCernousek Lukas311707CZE2459
7IMBaumegger Siegfried1602829AUT2458Tschaturanga
5IMFröwis Georg1618423AUT2455Hohenems
1IMDiermair Andreas1612468AUT2453Sv Raika Rapid Feffernitz
6IMPacher Milan14907445SVK2433Sk Austria Wien
4IMKilgus Georg1606212AUT2429Sv Grieskirchen
2Repka Christopher14918781SVK2426Sv Pamhagen
9GMManik Mikulas14900734SVK2380Sv Pamhagen