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Ilkka Kanko 80 HSK talviturnaus 2015 seniorit

Last update 25.01.2015 17:35:20, Creator/Last Upload: Finish Chess Federation (Licence 15)

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Starting rank

1FMKanko Ilkka500194FIN2132HSK
2Aaltio Erkki501956FIN2029HSK
3Kiviaho Allan500569FIN1956HSK
4Alkkiomäki Jyrki506893FIN1921TSY
5Kohvakka Raimo501077FIN1848LeppSisu
6Hall Raimo508144FIN1844HSK
7Tikka Erkki505005FIN1844I-HSK
8Perman Torvald502421FIN1832JakSK
9Järvinen Seppo504718FIN1698LauttSK
10Ståhle Sten508160FIN1660HSK
11Saharinen Petri505030FIN1758HSK
12Laitinen Martti501140FIN1596SSK