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Rapid Turnir "Zeta 14-2014"

Last update 06.12.2014 23:24:18, Creator/Last Upload: Montenegro Chess Federation

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Starting rank

1Milovic Jovan930903MNE2355
2Punin Andrii14112639UKR2307
3FMDjukanovic Sreten920304MNE2240
4Musovic Armin939935MNE2184
5Vujacic Igor932620MNE2167
6Djokovic Mirsad903930MNE2075
7Jeknic Velimir909831MNE2026
8Asanin Radomir16501314MNE2011
9Tomic Dragomir939072MNE2011
10Radulovic Andrija16502264MNE1990
11Putnik Perica16501926MNE1966
12Adrovic Admir939811MNE1944
13Sukovic Andrej16502310MNE1915
14Lazarevic Zoran16502191MNE1892
15Knezevic Radomir16500822MNE1842
16Mandic Stefan16501578MNE1836
17Nikolic Dragomir16500903MNE1832
18Supic Ivan16502051MNE1676
19Sukovic Darko16502329MNE1657
20Vukcevic Milenko16501063MNE1631
21Draganic Petar16503562MNE0
22Raickovic Budimir16503635MNE0