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Vladimir Petrov memorial

Last update 08.03.2015 17:08:33, Creator/Last Upload: savieniba

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Final Ranking crosstable after 11 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.Rd8.Rd9.Rd10.Rd11.RdPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
1GMIvanchuk Vassily2809UKR 58w1 34b1 15w1 4b1 16w½ 27w½ 5b1 3b½ 2w1 7b½ 17w1966,580,52897
2GMKarjakin Sergey2798RUS 87b1 23w½ 28b1 31w1 5b½ 12w1 42b1 6w1 1b0 10w1 3b½8,565,5792794
3GMGelfand Boris2724ISR 90b1 21w1 35b1 42w½ 6b½ 22w1 27b1 1w½ 5b½ 11w1 2w½8,564,578,52806
4GMRapport Richard2724HUN 59w1 29b1 41w1 1w0 32b½ 13w1 6b0 55b1 25w1 19b1 18w18,56175,52751
5GMMamedyarov Shakhriyar2766AZE 78w1 44b1 25w1 17b1 2w½ 16b1 1w0 15b1 3w½ 9b½ 7w½866802812
6GMSakaev Konstantin2615RUS 69b1 49w1 43b½ 55w1 3w½ 41b1 4w1 2b0 19w½ 8b½ 23w186275,52711
7GMFridman Daniel2643GER -1 41b0 78w1 37b1 19w0 47w1 57b1 44w1 15b1 1w½ 5b½856,570,52647
8GMShirov Alexei2622LAT 70b1 76w1 11b½ 43w½ 21b½ 30w½ 24b½ 32w1 27b1 6w½ 12b½7,559,572,52619
9GMTomashevsky Evgeny2748RUS 51b1 43w0 58b½ 63w1 55b1 10w½ 22b1 27w½ 16b1 5w½ 13b½7,558,5722642
10GMKhalifman Alexander2585RUS 52w½ 74b1111w1 22b0 48w1 9b½ 34w1 69b1 18w1 2b0 14b½7,557,569,52606
11GMFedorov Alexei2547BLR 61w1 33b1 8w½ 20b0 56w½ 62b1 46w1 54w1 42b1 3b0 22w½7,55770,52612
12GMKrasenkow Michal2550POL100w1 62b1 20w½ 18b½ 38w1 2b0 41w0 80b1 56w1 31b1 8w½7,556,5692629
13GMPopov Valerij2583RUS 77w0115b½ 52w1 71b1 39w1 4b0 21w1 56b½ 33w1 41b1 9w½7,55566,52528
14GMVan Wely Loek2662NED 88w½ 99b0 74w1 59b1 41w0 28b1 23w½ 37b1 48w1 20b1 10w½7,553,5652524
15GMShomoev Anton2551RUS104b1 40w1 1b0 24w1 29b1 44w1 54b1 5w0 7w0 17b0 41w1760,573,52647
16GMMalakhov Vladimir2706RUS 73w1 38b1 66w1 54w1 1b½ 5w0 45b½ 25b½ 9w0 34b½ 28w1759,573,52657
17GMFedoseev Vladimir2714RUS 63b1 57w1 30b1 5w0 43b½ 32w½ 44b0 39b1 26w1 15w1 1b075973,52639
18GMNaiditsch Arkadij2698GER 75b½114w1 23b1 12w½ 44b0 21w1 43b1 29w1 10b0 30w1 4b075970,52575
19GMEhlvest Jaan2479USA119b1 54w0 73b1 33w1 7b1 42w0 30b1 45w1 6b½ 4w0 24b½758,569,52613
20GMSocko Bartosz2661POL112b1 24w1 12b½ 11w1 27b0 43w½ 29b0 57w1 44b1 14w0 48w1758,569,52588
21IMLugovskoy Maxim2458RUS107w1 3b0 68w1 66b1 8w½ 18b0 13b0 51w1 35b1 27w½ 42b175870,52579
22GMTregubov Pavel V.2528RUS115b1 77w½101b1 10w1 42b½ 3b0 9w0 47w1 24b½ 29w1 11b½75768,52545
23GMStocek Jiri2513CZE102w1 2b½ 18w0 88b1 45b0 63w1 14b½ 58w1 54b1 42w1 6b075668,52622
24GMYevseev Denis2418RUS103w1 20b0 61w1 15b0 60w1 70b1 8w½ 31b½ 22w½ 55b1 19w½755,5672520
25GMGleizerov Evgeny2542RUS 93b1 89w1 5b0 49w1 57b1 54w0 87b1 16w½ 4b0 36w½ 46b1754672575
26IMBerzinsh Roland2506LAT 99w0102b0114b1108w1 70b0 93w1 79b1 87w1 17b0 47w1 49b1742,552,52365
27GMDobrov Vladimir2547RUS 86b1 47w½ 77b1 45w1 20w1 1b½ 3w0 9b½ 8w0 21b½ 33w½6,561752583
28WGMGirya Olga2363RUS 92w1 31b½ 2w0 53b1 30b0 14w0 68b1 63w1 50b1 32w1 16b06,557,570,52518
29FMMeskovs Nikita2458LAT 84b1 4w0 69b1 79w1 15w0 33b1 20w1 18b0 31w½ 22b0 55w16,556,5702536
30IMChigaev Maksim2569RUS 46w1 80b1 17w0 56b½ 28w1 8b½ 19w0 67b1 69w1 18b0 38w½6,55668,52502
31GMSchlosser Philipp2579GER 82b1 28w½ 47b1 2b0 76w1 45w0 89b1 24w½ 29b½ 12w0 56b16,555682506
32GMHeberla Bartlomiej2536POL109b1 79w1 54b0 40w1 4w½ 17b½ 56w½ 8b0 59w1 28b0 62w16,555672517
33FMVovk Ilja2320EST 96b1 11w0113b1 19b0101w1 29w0100b1 43w1 13b0 45w1 27b½6,552632406
34GMMiezis Normunds2511LAT 95b1 1w0 87b1 62w1 54b0 79w1 10b0 90w½ 89b1 16w½ 36b½6,551,5652520
35GMGunina Valentina2583RUS 68b+ 56b1 3w0 41b0 51w1 89w½ 69b0 71b1 21w0 78b1 67w16,550632409
36IMKrivonosov Oleg2480LAT111w½ 72b½ 59w½ 77b½ 71w½ 88b½ 73w1 46b½ 62w1 25b½ 34w½6,54858,52346
37IMHeinzel Olaf2386GER 85b1 42w0 93b1 7w0100b0109w1 88b1 14w0 70b½ 59w1 54b+6,547,558,52354
38FMPrzybylski Wojciech2434POL110b1 16w0100b1 64w1 12b0 87w0 90b0104w1 88b1 52w1 30b½6,547582367
39GMKovalev Andrei2472BLR 53w½111b0115w1 91b1 13b0 75w1 50b½ 17w0 87b½ 90w1 58b16,54757,52377
40MKBernotas Arturs2361LAT113w1 15b0102w1 32b0 46w0 72b½ 61w0 99b1 95w1 73b1 65w16,545,5562307
41IMLadva Ottomar2417EST 98b1 7w1 4b0 35w1 14b1 6w0 12b1 42w0 45b1 13w0 15b066375,52600
42GMLysyj Igor2619RUS 60w1 37b1 99w1 3b½ 22w½ 19b1 2w0 41b1 11w0 23b0 21w0661,5742508
43GMSveshnikov Evgeny2492LAT 81w1 9b1 6w½ 8b½ 17w½ 20b½ 18w0 33b0 46w½ 71b1 53w½659,572,52495
44GMSocko Monika2482POL108b1 5w0 90b1 89w1 18w1 15b0 17w1 7b0 20w0 46b0 69b165667,52505
45GMNovikov Stanislav2626RUS 74w½ 88b1 48w1 27b0 23w1 31b1 16w½ 19b0 41w0 33b0 75w1655,5672472
46WGMRogule Laura2192LAT 30b0105w1 57b0117w1 40b1 49w1 11b0 36w½ 43b½ 44w1 25w065464,52426
47WGMMichna Marta2348GER 94w1 27b½ 31w0103b½ 61w1 7b0 60w1 22b0 72w1 26b0 85w165263,52334
48IMSveshnikov Vladimir2505LAT114b½106w1 45b0 58w1 10b0 73b½ 66w1 70w1 14b0 69w1 20b0650,5612405
49Putka Verners2377LAT 97w1 6b0 72w1 25b0 77w1 46b0 70w0 91b1 92w1 75b1 26w064961,52296
50GMZilka Stepan2542CZE 91w1 66b0 71w0 72b1 73w½ 59b1 39w½ 62b½ 28w0 51b½ 74w1649602318
51Kretainis Kristaps2285LAT 9w0119b½ 83w1 65b½ 35b0 99w½ 64b1 21b0 61w1 50w½ 82b1649592351
52WGMSudakova Irina2216RUS 10b½ 55w0 13b0114w½108b1 84w1 67w0 83b1 80w1 38b0 76w1648,5592361
53Stauskas Lukas2089LTU 39b½ 75w1 55b0 28w0 88w0 78b½112b1 60w½ 63b1 89w1 43b½648582372
54GMMorozevich Alexander2741RUS 71w1 19b1 32w1 16b0 34w1 25b1 15w0 11b0 23w0 56b½ 37w-5,56072,52539
55GMKosteniuk Alexandra2531RUS 72w½ 52b1 53w1 6b0 9w0 71b1 74b1 4w0 90b1 24w0 29b05,55669,52382
56FMLavendelis Egons2363LAT116b1 35w0109b1 30w½ 11b½100w1 32b½ 13w½ 12b0 54w½ 31w05,55464,52455
57Korobkov Piotr2452UKR 83w1 17b0 46w1 99b1 25w0 66b1 7w0 20b0 75w0 91b½ 72b15,55263,52343
58IMTroyke Christian2305GER 1b0 95w1 9w½ 48b0 91w½102b1 65w1 23b0 94w1 67b½ 39w05,551,564,52378
59MKVolodins Igors2273LAT 4b0110w1 36b½ 14w0 64b1 50w0116b1 76w1 32b0 37b0 91w15,55162,52359
60IMSotsky Alexander2218RUS 42b0 85w1 65w½ 67b½ 24b0 81w1 47b0 53b½ 76w½ 64w½ 89b15,549,5612291
61MKBaliasnyj Timur2156LTU 11b0 96w1 24b0113w1 47b0 64w½ 40b1 65w0 51b0110w1 90b+5,549602191
62IMKashtanov Ruslan2347RUS118b1 12w0117b1 34b0 99w1 11w0104b1 50w½ 36b0 70w1 32b05,54959,52326
63Dubrovin Robert2272EST 17w0 83b½119w1 9b0111w1 23b0103w1 28b0 53w0 94b1 92w15,548582236
64Chukavin Kirill2041EST 76b0 70w1 80w1 38b0 59w0 61b½ 51w0112b1 74w½ 60b½102w15,546562266
65GMStarostits Ilmars2466LAT101b½117w½ 60b½ 51w½ 69b0 91w1 58b0 61b1 73w½ 87w1 40b05,54554,52212
66Jankovskis Guntis2308LAT120b1 50w1 16b0 21w0110b1 57w0 48b0100w0114b1 81w½ 88b15,544,5542274
67Mustaps Matiss2364LAT117b½101w0112b1 60w½ 84b1 69w0 52b1 30w0100b1 58w½ 35b05,544,5542243
68Kudzma Laimonas2214LTU 35w-116w1 21b0110w0117b1103b½ 28w0 96w½108b½109w1 87b15,539492160
69Soot Margus2218EST 6w0 97b1 29w0 92b1 65w1 67b1 35w1 10w0 30b0 48b0 44w055466,52387
70Kazakovskiy Valeriy2220BLR 8w0 64b0 98w1 85b1 26w1 24w0 49b1 48b0 37w½ 62b0 78w½55364,52289
71WGMMamedjarova Zeinab2284AZE 54b0 84w1 50b1 13w0 36b½ 55w0 99b1 35w0 93b1 43w0 86b½550,5622369
72Galaktionov Artem2140RUS 55b½ 36w½ 49b0 50w0113b1 40w½ 75b½ 79w1 47b0 80b1 57w0550,560,52327
73FMShlyakhetsky Vladimir2256ISR 16b0 98w1 19w0107b1 50b½ 48w½ 36b0115w1 65b½ 40w0 81b½550,560,52317
74Valgmae Toomas2226EST 45b½ 10w0 14b0 95w1116b1 76b1 55w0 89w0 64b½105w1 50b0548,5592309
75Klimakovs Sergejs2252LAT 18w½ 53b0103w0106b1 83w1 39b0 72w½102b1 57b1 49w0 45b0548592254
76WGMVojinovic Jovana2392SRB 64w1 8b0 91w½111b1 31b0 74w0 77w1 59b0 60b½100w1 52b0547,558,52219
77GMShvyrjov Igor2208EST 13b1 22b½ 27w0 36w½ 49b0110w1 76b0 92b0101w0108w1105b1547582248
78GMPetkevich Jusefs2287LAT 5b0108w1 7b0 84w0114b½ 53w½110b1 93w½ 86b1 35w0 70b½546572233
79IMVuilleumier Alexandre2315SUI122w1 32b0 94w1 29b0103w1 34b0 26w0 72b0 81w0106b1101w1546552151
80IMCarlstedt Jonathan2357GER105b1 30w0 64b0101w½ 93b½115w1 82b1 12w0 52b0 72w0 99w1544,5552162
81WIMTomashevskaya Lidia2104RUS 43b0 87w0118b1 90w1 89b0 60b0 92w0117w1 79b1 66b½ 73w½542,551,52180
82FMKrustkalns Kristaps2202LAT 31w0 92b0 85w0119b1107w1 97b1 80w0 94b0 84w1101b1 51w0542,551,52096
83MKBolsakovs Vadims2051LAT 57b0 63w½ 51b0112w1 75b0114w1 86b½ 52w0104b0115w1100b1541,550,52192
84Nesterov Arseniy2054RUS 29w0 71b0122w1 78b1 67w0 52b0109b1 88w0 82b0114w1104b1541,5502165
85MKShashnev Pavel2033RUS 37w0 60b0 82b1 70w0 90b0113w½114b½119w1115b1104w1 47b054048,52161
86MKDzjuba Vsevolod2177LAT 27w0 94b0116w0122b1 97w0105b1 83w½103b1 78w0 95b1 71w½539,5482044
87WGMReizniece-Ozola Dana2288LAT 2w0 81b1 34w0102b1 94w1 38b1 25w0 26b0 39w½ 65b0 68w04,554,5672303
88FMMaevsky Nikolay2249RUS 14b½ 45w0106b1 23w0 53b1 36w½ 37w0 84b1 38w0 92b½ 66w04,55364,52268
89WIMShvayger Yuliya2330ISR121w1 25b0 92w1 44b0 81w1 35b½ 31w0 74b1 34w0 53b0 60w04,55160,52225
90IMAntoms Guntars2280LAT 3w0107b1 44w0 81b0 85w1101b1 38w1 34b½ 55w0 39b0 61w-4,550,5632308
91NMDaudzvardis Janis2151LAT 50b0120w1 76b½ 39w0 58b½ 65b0101w1 49w0 96b1 57w½ 59b04,547,556,52189
92MKSemjonovs Ilja2012LAT 28b0 82w1 89b0 69w0104b0118w1 81b1 77w1 49b0 88w½ 63b04,544,5542151
93NMStasans Aivars2152LAT 25w0121b1 37w0116b½ 80w½ 26b0111w1 78b½ 71w0 99b½ 94w½4,54352,52142
94MKBekasovs Rihards1873LAT 47b0 86w1 79b0109w1 87b0104w0108b1 82w1 58b0 63w0 93b½4,542,5522162
95MKDrilins Andris2129LAT 34w0 58b0105w½ 74b0119w1 96b½116w1 40b0 86w0110b14,541,550,52073
96Timoshin Andrei1778EST 33w0 61b0107w0 98b1102w0106b1 95w½ 68b½ 91w0103b½108b14,540502068
97MKBadelka Olga2019BLR 49b0 69w0104b1100w0 86b1 82w0115b0114w0120b1112w½109b14,53644,52083
98Blauhut Holger2049GER 41w0 73b0 70b0 96w0121w0 -1120b0118w½122b1116w1112b14,531,539,51884
99Olkhovskiy Alexander2124RUS 26b1 14w1 42b0 57w0 62b0 51b½ 71w0 40w0116b1 93w½ 80b045161,52262
100MKAgafonov Yuri2180LAT 12b0118w1 38w0 97b1 37w1 56b0 33w0 66b1 67w0 76b0 83w045060,52176
101WFMChernyak Viktoria2085RUS 65w½ 67b1 22w0 80b½ 33b0 90w0 91b0120w1 77b1 82w0 79b044756,52156
102Walther Cliff2130GER 23b0 26w1 40b0 87w0 96b1 58w0117b1 75w0105b0118w1 64b0445,555,52070
103Gasik Piotr2050POL 24b0112w½ 75b1 47w½ 79b0 68w½ 63b0 86w0109b0 96w½114b1444542105
104Golcman Evgeny2190RUS 15w0113b0 97w0121b1 92w1 94b1 62w0 38b0 83w1 85b0 84w044453,52007
105MKAlipovs Anatoljs1969LAT 80w0 46b0 95b½115w½109b0 86w0121w1111b1102w1 74b0 77w0438,5472047
106MKMelderis Uldis2100LAT 48b0 88w0 75w0112b0 96w0122b½107b1113w1 79w0118b1438,546,51983
107Ivanov Igor.2059RUS 21b0 90w0 96b1 73w0 82b0116w0118b½106w0121b1117w½115b1435,5451981
108Marutkins Olegs2101LAT 44w0 78b0121w1 26b0 52w0120b1 94w0113b1 68w½ 77b0 96w03,54352,51961
109Kul Ivan2151BLR 32w0122b1 56w0 94b0105w1 37b0 84w0110b½103w1 68b0 97w03,54351,51976
110WIMKrasenkova Ilena2050RUS 38w0 59b0120w1 68b1 66w0 77b0 78w0109w½119b1 61b0 95w03,542,551,52040
111Mierins Eriks2094LAT 36b½ 39w1 10b0 76w0 63b0112w½ 93b0105w0118b0119w1113b½3,542522094
112Herman Jean2234BEL 20w0103b½ 67w0 83b0106w1111b½ 53w0 64w0117b1 97b½ 98w03,542522006
113MKAuzins Artis1979LAT 40b0104w1 33w0 61b0 72w0 85b½119b½108w0106b0122w1111w½3,53947,51983
114Mastalerz Xavier2122BEL 48w½ 18b0 26w0 52b½ 78w½ 83b0 85w½ 97b1 66w0 84b0103w0349602073
115Kurpnieks Vairis2131LAT 22w0 13w½ 39b0105b½120w1 80b0 97w1 73b0 85w0 83b0107w0346562004
116Sakhatskyi Oleksandr1984UKR 56w0 68b0 86b1 93w½ 74w0107b1 59w0 95b0 99w0 98b0117b½342511987
117Kalinin Oleksandr2014UKR 67w½ 65b½ 62w0 46b0 68w0121b1102w0 81b0112w0107b½116w½34250,52001
118ISinauridze Simons1868LAT 62w0100b0 81w0120b0122w1 92b0107w½ 98b½111w1102b0106w0335,5431862
119WFMTroyke Doreen2092GER 19w0 51w½ 63b0 82w0 95b0122b1113w½ 85b0110w0111b0121w½2,539481885
120IVitins Janis1647LAT 66w0 91b0110b0118w1115b0108w0 98w1101b0 97w0121w0122b½2,532,5401816
121Golubeva Marija1843LAT 89b0 93w0108b0104w0 98b1117w0105b0122w0107w0120b1119b½2,53238,51816
122IMigunova Aleksandra1690LAT 79b0109w0 84b0 86w0118b0119w0106w½121b1 98w0113b0120w½23340,51763

Tie Break1: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break2: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break3: Performance (variable with parameter)