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Vladimir Petrov memorial ''B"

Last update 08.03.2015 15:55:35, Creator/Last Upload: savieniba

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Final Ranking crosstable after 10 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.Rd8.Rd9.Rd10.RdPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
1NMTokranovs Dmitrijs2260LAT 45w½ 44b1 16w1 11b1 2w1 3b½ 7w1 4b½ 17w1 5b½848,559,52328
2FMVlassow Valentin2303RUS 29b1 17w1 5b1 7w½ 1b0 24w1 12b1 16w1 3b½ 4w½7,550632268
3NMKarklins Imants2267LAT 41b1 8w½ 18b1 20w1 24b½ 1w½ 4w½ 11b1 2w½ 10w17,549,561,52248
4NMSmorodinskis Igors2333LAT 27b1 18w½ 13b1 9w1 7b½ 5w½ 3b½ 1w½ 16b1 2b½752652246
5MKKalinouski Siarhei2007BLR 52w1 25b1 2w0 12b½ 21w1 4b½ 15w1 7b½ 11w1 1w½749,559,52202
6FMTymoshenko Ihor2306UKR 35w1 24b0 8b½ 39w1 18b1 17w1 11w0 9b½ 22w1 14w1744,5552107
7FMLevchenkov Vitaly2162LAT 32w1 21b1 12w1 2b½ 4w½ 14b1 1b0 5w½ 10b0 17w16,55163,52145
8MKSkafar Darya1874RUS 49w1 3b½ 6w½ 14b0 35w1 12b0 40w1 15b1 9w½ 16b16,545,5562107
9FMOzolins Aris2064LAT 44w½ 30b1 31w1 4b0 12w0 33b1 22w1 6w½ 8b½ 20b16,54454,52037
10MKVelichko Tatiana1866RUS 51w1 11b0 25w½ 30b1 26w1 16b0 18b1 19w1 7w1 3b06,543,553,52111
11MKMalyshev Roman2195RUS 40b1 10w1 24b1 1w0 17b½ 13w1 6b1 3w0 5b0 12w½650,562,52112
12MKOtikova Elina1932LAT 33b1 19w1 7b0 5w½ 9b1 8w1 2w0 17b0 26w1 11b½648,560,52139
13Bagramian Vagan2018RUS 43w1 31b½ 4w0 33b1 23w1 11b0 20w½ 22b0 28w1 24w1641,5521986
14MKIsakovs Janis2006LAT 47b½ 39w½ 40b1 8w1 19b1 7w0 16w0 27b1 30w1 6b0641,551,52032
15MKSelivanovs Anatolijs2009LAT 31b0 50w1 41b0 32w1 34b1 27w1 5b0 8w0 39b1 25w163847,51878
16IStavickis Isaks2026LAT 39b½ 38w1 1b0 41w1 20b1 10w1 14b1 2b0 4w0 8w05,547,559,52036
17IZhuravlev Stepan1956RUS 46w1 2b0 37w1 36b1 11w½ 6b0 26w1 12w1 1b0 7b05,547582084
18NMBatakovs Olegs2001LAT 37w1 4b½ 3w0 25b1 6w0 30b1 10w0 24b0 43w1 32b15,544551986
19IMBystrov Sergej M.2282RUS 48w1 12b0 32w1 23b½ 14w0 21b1 24w1 10b0 20w½ 22b½5,543,5531933
20Kaatiala Pekka1926FIN 30w½ 45b1 26w1 3b0 16w0 34b1 13b½ 29w1 19b½ 9w05,542,553,52020
21MKGercans Visvaldis1866LAT 28b1 7w0 34b½ 50w1 5b0 19w0 31b½ 25w½ 36b1 33w15,54049,51883
22IJazdanovs Aleksandrs1875LAT 34b0 52w1 47b1 24w0 41b1 40w1 9b0 13w1 6b0 19w½5,538,547,51987
23MKLelis Janis1883LAT 25w0 43b1 46w1 19w½ 13b0 26b0 33w0 45b1 40w1 30b15,535,544,51907
24MKNesterov Yury1965RUS 36b1 6w1 11w0 22b1 3w½ 2b0 19b0 18w1 27w½ 13b0548602084
25IDanilova Tatiana1702RUS 23b1 5w0 10b½ 18w0 39b½ 41w½ 45w1 21b½ 35w1 15b0541,5521893
26MKNarmontas Raimondas2104LTU 38b½ 34w1 20b0 31w1 10b0 23w1 17b0 39w1 12b0 27w½54151,51850
27IUsacheva Glafira1858RUS 4w0 37b0 49w1 46b1 36w1 15b0 32w1 14w0 24b½ 26b½538,548,51913
28ISkolmeistars Uldis1669LAT 21w0 32b0 43w½ 48b½ 37w1 44b1 29b0 31w1 13b0 39w1535441828
29MKBreikss Peteris1844LAT 2w0 46b0 51w0 43b1 49w1 47b1 28w1 20b0 32w½ 35b½532421809
30IGatere Liene1709LAT 20b½ 9w0 38b1 10w0 45b1 18w0 41b1 33w1 14b0 23w04,542521858
31IJablokov Dmitrij1782LTU 15w1 13w½ 9b0 26b0 44w1 35b0 21w½ 28b0 41w1 37b½4,540,550,51860
32IBuivydas Skirmantas1819LTU 7b0 28w1 19b0 15b0 51w1 36w1 27b0 47w1 29b½ 18w04,539,548,51853
33MKParhomenko Margarita1727LAT 12w0 48b½ 45w1 13w0 50b1 9w0 23b1 30b0 42w1 21b04,538471839
34IBurkevica Ilze1694LAT 22w1 26b0 21w½ 42b1 15w0 20w0 43b½ 35b0 50w1 38b½4,53846,51850
35IAntonivs Vladislavs1856LAT 6b0 36w0 52b1 47w1 8b0 31w1 39b0 34w1 25b0 29w½4,537461790
36IPetrovs Aleksandrs1739LAT 24w0 35b1 48w1 17w0 27b0 32b0 46w1 40b½ 21w0 43b14,53543,51814
37IGruduls Imants1746LAT 18b0 27w1 17b0 40w0 28b0 51w0 52w1 49b1 44b1 31w½4,53340,51754
38MKPaulauskiene Vilma1816LTU 26w½ 16b0 30w0 44b0 46w0 52b½ 48w1 50b1 47b1 34w½4,52936,51777
39Semjonovs Vsevolods1789LAT 16w½ 14b½ 42w½ 6b0 25w½ 46b1 35w1 26b0 15w0 28b0441511861
40IPetrovs Jaroslavs1826LAT 11w0 51b1 14w0 37b1 42w1 22b0 8b0 36w½ 23b0 44w½439,548,51788
41ISetikiene Grazina1828LTU 3w0 49b1 15w1 16b0 22w0 25b½ 30w0 43b½ 31b0 47w1437,5481787
42MKSmirnov Vladimir G.1915RUS 50b½ 47w½ 39b½ 34w0 40b0 43w0 44b½ 46w1 33b0 48w1428,535,51694
43IMitenieks Matiss1784LAT 13b0 23w0 28b½ 29w0 52b1 42b1 34w½ 41w½ 18b0 36w03,538461726
44MKKlackins Samuils1802LAT 9b½ 1w0 50b0 38w1 31b0 28w0 42w½ 51b1 37w0 40b½3,535,5461725
45MKKronlaks Olafs1827LAT 1b½ 20w0 33b0 51b1 30w0 50w1 25b0 23w0 48b0 49w13,533,5441688
46MKVainovska Valentina1735LAT 17b0 29w1 23b0 27w0 38b1 39w0 36b0 42b0 49w0 51b1335,543,51655
47IGiambrone Salvatore1763ITA 14w½ 42b½ 22w0 35b0 48w1 29w0 49b1 32b0 38w0 41b0335441697
48IVernuks Vjaceslavs1830LAT 19b0 33w½ 36b0 28w½ 47b0 49w0 38b0 52w1 45w1 42b033239,51669
49IOzols Andris1673LAT 8b0 41w0 27b0 52w1 29b0 48b1 47w0 37w0 46b1 45b033139,51658
50IVisnevskis Valdis1706LAT 42w½ 15b0 44w1 21b0 33w0 45b0 51b1 38w0 34b0 52w02,532,540,51606
51Pavlovs Nikita1565LAT 10b0 40w0 29b1 45w0 32b0 37b1 50w0 44w0 52b½ 46w02,530,5391601
52IBarsciauskas Gintautas1764LTU 5b0 22b0 35w0 49b0 43w0 38w½ 37b0 48b0 51w½ 50b123140,51546

Tie Break1: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break2: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break3: Performance (variable with parameter)