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Campionat Absolut d’Andorra 2014

Last update 24.10.2014 09:59:32, Creator/Last Upload: Federació d’Escacs Valls d’Andorra

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Starting rank

1GMDe La Riva Aguado OscarAND2537
2CMJose Queralto DanielAND2173
3FMGarcia Paolicchi RaulAND2226
4Fernandez Lopez JoanAND2133
5Gorgues Valle Jose MariaAND1778
6Gorgues Mateu DavidAND1749
7Casanovas Cantarero EricAND1758
8Pantebre Martinez BenetAND1714
9Moscoso Rodriguez JoanAND1685
10Galera Serra MariaAND1460
11Riba Revert ValentiAND1535
12Alcon Llosada AlexAND1502
13Ribera Veganzones Josep MariaAND1276
14Trojman Gea AlexAND1318
15Alcon Llosada JaumeAND1248
16Abade Moreira Cesar EduardoAND0
17De La Riva Real AriadnaAND0
18Llopis Arrabal AitanaAND0
19Lopez Basconzelos HugoAND0
20Martinez Gamiz MarcAND0
21Morente Plaza MarcAND0
22Obiols Blanco EloiAND0
23Obiols Blanco OriolAND0
24Ribera Veganzones SerniAND0
25Saez Ramos CarlosAND0
26Tomas Piedrahita SergiAND0