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Campeonato Distrital Individual do Porto em Xadrez Semi-Rápido 2008

Last update 27.07.2008 03:16:04, Creator/Last Upload: fpxporto

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Final Ranking crosstable after 8 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.Rd8.RdPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
1Machado Luis1975POR 20b1 31w1 9b½ 7w0 26b1 24w1 23b1 11w16,512836
2Barbosa Fábio2197POR 43b1 16w1 12b1 30w1 4b1 11w½ 3b½ 7w½6,523339
3Ferreira Jorge João1950POR 39b1 36w1 45b½ 9w1 7b1 14w1 2w½ 4b½6,5331,538
4Gomes Estêvão1934POR 38w1 34b1 17w1 10b1 2w0 8b1 5w1 3w½6,5431,540
5Pintor Simão1859POR 54w1 46b1 14b1 11w½ 13b½ 30w1 4b0 26w16029,534,5
6Morais Paulo1864POR 47b1 35w1 15b1 13w1 11b0 12w0 20b1 16w1602935,5
7Mateus Francisco1752POR 55w1 21b1 10w½ 1b1 3w0 13w1 30b1 2b½6028,540
8Castro Carlos Monteiro1851POR 41b1 52w1 13b0 45w1 18b1 4w0 33b1 14w1602733,5
9Libório Ana Catarina1719POR 71w+ 66b1 1w½ 3b0 27w1 45b½ 25w1 12b16026,533
10Kovtun Igor2069POR 42b1 24w1 7b½ 4w0 45b½ 35w1 31b1 15w1602634
11Pinheiro Albano2067POR 57w1 25b1 23w1 5b½ 6w1 2b½ 12w½ 1b05,503039,5
12Margarido Ricardo1781POR 53w1 19b1 2w0 34b1 25w1 6b1 11b½ 9w05,502837,5
13Pereira António Caramez2140POR 29w1 32b1 8w1 6b0 5w½ 7b0 27w1 24b15,502637,5
14Viela André2238POR 37w1 40b1 5w0 22b1 32w1 3b0 18w1 8b0502636,5
15Genchev Evgeni0POR 18b1 74w+ 6w0 25b0 43w1 34b1 28w1 10b0502434
16Botelho Adelino1618POR 33w1 2b0 57w1 19b0 29w1 21b1 17w1 6b0502336
17Balu Henish Hemendra1374POR 73w+ 26w1 4b0 18w0 53b1 46w1 16b0 31w1502331,5
18Ferreira Miguel1574POR 15w0 55b1 48w1 17b1 8w0 19b1 14b0 23w1502234
19Moreira Hugo1399POR 67b1 12w0 52b1 16w1 30b0 18w0 56b1 33w1502229,5
20Dias Jorge Miguel1313POR 1w0 68b1 40w1 32b0 22w1 50b1 6w0 34b1502132,5
21Martins João Luis1380POR 60b1 7w0 33b0 55w1 41b1 16w0 51b1 32b1502029
22Mateus André1487POR 72w+ 30w0 41b1 14w0 20b0 52w1 39b1 42w1502029
23Brandão Álvaro1758POR 44b1 64w1 11b0 46w1 24b½ 31w1 1w0 18b04,502533
24Duarte Afonso1537POR 68w1 10b0 38w1 28b1 23w½ 1b0 50w1 13w04,502334
25Mendes Ana Luisa1517POR 59b1 11w0 47b1 15w1 12b0 51w1 9b0 29w½4,5022,533
26Mendes Pedro Miguel1666POR 27w1 17b0 29w½ 40b1 1w0 38b1 45w1 5b04,502134,5
27Matos António Manuel0POR 26b0 43w1 36b½ 33w1 9b0 47w1 13b0 46w14,501931,5
28Pinto António Filipe1358POR 51b0 69w1 64b1 24w0 52b½ 36w1 15b0 45w14,501925
29Guimarães Pedro Miguel1334POR 13b0 63w1 26b½ 36w½ 16b0 64w1 35b1 25b½4,501830
30Sousa Emanuel1961POR 48w1 22b1 50w1 2b0 19w1 5b0 7w0 -0402536
31Andrade Nuno Filipe1530POR 62w1 1b0 54w1 37b1 50w1 23b0 10w0 17b0402332
32Carvalho João Guedes1534POR 63b1 13w0 39b1 20w1 14b0 33w0 53b1 21w0402131,5
33Neves Carlos Manuel0POR 16b0 42w1 21w1 27b0 37w1 32b1 8w0 19b0402033,5
34Nogueira Aníbal1452POR 70b1 4w0 53b1 12w0 39b1 15w0 55b1 20w0402032
35Castro João Pedro1348POR 61w1 6b0 66w1 50b0 54w1 10b0 29w0 55b1401928
36Vieira José Pedro1397POR 58w1 3b0 27w½ 29b½ 38w½ 28b0 47w1 37b½401831,5
37Guimarães António1346POR 14b0 56w1 51b1 31w0 33b0 41w1 46b½ 36w½4017,527,5
38Resende Fernando1279POR 4b0 49w1 24b0 56w1 36b½ 26w0 52b½ 51w1401629
39Fernandes Ana Filipa1280POR 3w0 62b1 32w0 59b1 34w0 58b1 22w0 54b1401628,5
40Cachorreiro José Pedro1561POR 56b1 14w0 20b0 26w0 59b1 54w1 42b0 53w1401627,5
41Carvalho Bernardo Guerra1241POR 8w0 61b1 22w0 49b1 21w0 37b0 58w1 50b1401529,5
42Amaral Ricardo1330POR 10w0 33b0 59w0 61b1 49w1 44b1 40w1 22b0401429,5
43Dias Luis Manuel1338POR 2w0 27b0 65w1 68b1 15b0 53w0 61b1 52w1401426,5
44Amorim Vanessa1240POR 23w0 76b+ 46b0 51w0 66b1 42w0 60w1 57b1401423
45Machado Júlio1705POR 75b+ 65b1 3w½ 8b0 10w½ 9w½ 26b0 28b03,5021,535,5
46Silva José Augusto1432POR 49b1 5w0 44w1 23b0 48w1 17b0 37w½ 27b03,501931,5
47Sousa Emanuel Luís1274POR 6w0 58b1 25w0 62b½ 57w1 27b0 36b0 56w13,5014,528
48Silva Beatriz Sofia1291POR 30b0 70w1 18b0 64w1 46b0 56w0 49b½ 62w13,501423,5
49Ferreira Paulo Bento0POR 46w0 38b0 69b1 41w0 42b0 59w1 48w½ 61b13,501124,5
50Saraiva Hugo1626POR 69b1 51w1 30b0 35w1 31b0 20w0 24b0 41w0302028,5
51Gonçalves Rui Pedro0POR 28w1 50b0 37w0 44b1 62w1 25b0 21w0 38b0301729
52Oliveira Gustavo1185POR 76w+ 8b0 19w0 57b1 28w½ 22b0 38w½ 43b0301631,5
53Peixoto Rui Didimo1240POR 12b0 60w1 34w0 65b1 17w0 43b1 32w0 40b0301529,5
54Moreira José Pedro1254POR 5b0 67w1 31b0 66w1 35b0 40b0 65w1 39w0301426
55Nunes Ricardo Filipe1203POR 7b0 18w0 70b1 21b0 65w1 68b1 34w0 35w0301327,5
56Mateus Fernando0POR 40w0 37b0 58w1 38b0 60w1 48b1 19w0 47b0301327
57Nogueira Diana Sofia1322POR 11b0 59w1 16b0 52w0 47b0 67w1 64b1 44w0301226
58Osório Ricardo0POR 36b0 47w0 56b0 63w1 69b1 39w0 41b0 64w1301023
59Monteiro Leonel Paulo0POR 25w0 57b0 42b1 39w0 40w0 49b0 66b1 67w130925
60Marriós Ruben0POR 21w0 53b0 62w0 70w1 56b0 63w1 44b0 65b130922
61Santos Sara Rute0POR 35b0 41w0 63b1 42w0 68w½ 62b1 43w0 49w02,501124,5
62Simões Leonardo0POR 31b0 39w0 60b1 47w½ 51b0 61w0 68w1 48b02,5010,523,5
63Oliveira Irina Filipa0POR 32w0 29b0 61w0 58b0 70w½ 60b0 69b1 68w12,50520
64Ribeiro Cristiana Patrícia0POR 77w+ 23b0 28w0 48b0 67w1 29b0 57w0 58b0201225
65Oliveira Pedro Emanuel0POR 74b+ 45w0 43b0 53w0 55b0 66w1 54b0 60w0201121,5
66Oliveira Narcisa Raquel0POR 78b+ 9w0 35b0 54b0 44w0 65b0 59w0 70b120923
67Oliveira Rafael0POR 19w0 54b0 68w0 69w1 64b0 57b0 70w1 59b020719
68Morais Francisco Horácio0POR 24b0 20w0 67b1 43w0 61b½ 55w0 62b0 63b01,50824
69Pinto Beatriz Salomé0POR 50w0 28b0 49w0 67b0 58w0 70b½ 63w0 -11,502,522,5
70Fernandes Micaela Maria0POR 34w0 48b0 55w0 60b0 63b½ 69w½ 67b0 66w0103,520
71Silva Leonardo1072POR 9b- -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -000030
72Pereira Marco António0POR 22b- -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -000029
Pereira Ruben Miguel0POR 17b- -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -000029
74Azevedo Pedro1422POR 65w- 15b- -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -000029
75Guimarães Alice Maria0POR 45w- -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -000028
76Cadillon João1730POR 52b- 44w- -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -000028
77Maio Nuno1609POR 64b- -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -000028
Macedo Jorge Manuel1435POR 66w- -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -000028

Tie Break1: Manually input (after Tie-Break matches)
Tie Break2: Fide Tie-Break
Tie Break3: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)