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3rd International Tournament Lukavac 2014

Last update 25.11.2014 18:35:00, Creator/Last Upload: Boris Budimir

Player overview for mne

9Tomic Aleksandar2179MNE1111½1½6224054074,80

Results of the last round for mne

Rd.Bo.No. NameRtgPts. ResultPts. NameRtg No.
FMMuratovic Enver2248 ½ - ½ Tomic Aleksandar2179

Player details for mne

Tomic Aleksandar 2179 MNE Rp:2405 Pts. 6
147Kovacevic Zeljko T1823BIH3s 10,890,11404,40
230Habibovic Hazim1968BIH3w 10,770,23409,20
336Solaja Veljko1923BIH4s 10,810,19407,60
45Mrndjic Muamer2244BIH5s 10,410,594023,60
53FMStavnjak Lazar2250BIH6,5w ½0,400,10404,00
68Okicic Nermin2214BIH4w 10,450,554022,00
74FMMuratovic Enver2248BIH5s ½0,400,10404,00