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Bulgarian Individual Championship for B10 26.05 - 31.05.2014, Sunny Beach

Last update 31.05.2014 10:28:57, Creator/Last Upload: Bulgarian Chess Federation

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Final Ranking crosstable after 9 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.Rd8.Rd9.RdPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
1FMStoyanov Tsvetan1859BUL 31w1 4b1 5w1 3b1 11w1 2b1 14w1 10b1 6w1949,553,59
2Portokalski Yordan1620BUL 29w1 33b1 16w1 15b1 6w1 1w0 3b1 7w1 5b½7,549537
3Karadzhov Ivan1503BUL 41b1 47w1 12b1 1w0 16b1 15w1 2w0 14b1 10w1746,549,57
4Stoyanov Georgi1577BUL 43b1 1w0 19b1 7b1 8w1 10w½ 5b0 27w1 16b16,547506
5Vasilev Stivun1683BUL 26b1 46w1 1b0 24w1 10b0 20w1 4w1 23b1 2w½6,54749,56
6Mitev Valentin1620BUL 24b1 11w0 41b1 9w1 2b0 33w1 16b1 8w1 1b064750,56
7Genov Ivaylo1524BUL 44b1 23w½ 9b½ 4w0 37w1 13b1 17w1 2b0 15b164446,55
8Petkov Momchil1385BUL 48b1 19w1 11b0 20w1 4b0 23w1 15b+ 6b0 17b1642,5446
9Pavlov Viktor1595BUL 42w½ 22b1 7w½ 6b0 32w1 17b0 24w1 29b1 14w1639,5425
10Ivanov Zahari1505BUL 34w1 15b0 38w1 47b1 5w1 4b½ 11w1 1w0 3b05,547,550,55
11Kolev Lachezar1572BUL 45w1 6b1 8w1 23b1 1b0 14w0 10b0 26w½ 25b15,544,5475
12Pavlov Vladimir1627BUL 40w1 30b1 3w0 17b0 29w0 21b1 31w1 13b½ 23w15,539425
13Atanasov Martin0BUL 30w0 40b1 46b1 14w0 25b1 7w0 18b1 12w½ 26b15,537,5405
14Kolev Georgi1406BUL 32w1 37b1 15w0 13b1 17w1 11b1 1b0 3w0 9b0547,5515
15Kan Efim1380BUL 25b1 10w1 14b1 2w0 18b1 3b0 8w- 30w1 7w0546,550,55
16Dimitrov Dimitar Gen.1616BUL 21b1 28w1 2b0 25w1 3w0 29b1 6w0 32b1 4w0544,548,55
17Stoyanov Encho0BUL 20b1 18w1 23b0 12w1 14b0 9w1 7b0 22b1 8w054347,55
18Malinov Martin1166BUL 38w1 17b0 26w1 29b1 15w0 30b0 13w0 34b1 27b153740,55
19Serafimov Aleks0BUL 22w1 8b0 4w0 32b0 34w1 24w0 43b1 47b1 31w1536,539,55
20Lazarov Nikola1476BUL 17w0 42b1 35w1 8b0 39w1 5b0 32w0 41b1 29w1535,5385
21Nikolov Yavor0BUL 16w0 31b½ 42w1 37b0 22w½ 12w0 47b1 33b1 32w153436,54
22Kostadinov Stilyan1511BUL 19b0 9w0 40b½ 48w1 21b½ 42w1 41b1 17w0 30b153435,54
23Demirov Todor1514BUL 35w1 7b½ 17w1 11w0 27b1 8b0 37w1 5w0 12b04,542,5464
24Damyanov Boris0BUL 6w0 43b1 39w1 5b0 30w0 19b1 9b0 28w½ 38w14,538414
25Todorov Vladimir0BUL 15w0 34b1 33w1 16b0 13w0 38b½ 35w1 37b1 11w04,53740,54
26Monev Kamen0BUL 5w0 49w1 18b0 30b0 36w1 39b1 38w1 11b½ 13w04,53737,54
27Valchev Martin0BUL 47w0 32b1 37w½ 31b1 23w0 35b1 30w1 4b0 18w04,535,538,54
28Yordanov Kaloyan0BUL -1 16b0 29w0 38b½ 31w½ 32b0 40w1 24b½ 37w14,532,535,52
29Dimov Nikola0BUL 2b0 36w1 28b1 18w0 12b1 16w0 33b1 9w0 20b0442464
30Velyuv Preslav0BUL 13b1 12w0 47b0 26w1 24b1 18w1 27b0 15b0 22w0440434
31Dafovski Dimitar0BUL 1b0 21w½ 49b1 27w0 28b½ 43w1 12b0 36w1 19b044040,53
32Koev Koycho0BUL 14b0 27w0 44b1 19w1 9b0 28w1 20b1 16w0 21b0439,5424
33Milkov Nikola1528BUL 36b1 2w0 25b0 45w1 41b1 6b0 29w0 21w0 46b143739,54
34Ingelizov Dimitar0BUL 10b0 25w0 36b1 35w0 19b0 40b1 44w1 18w0 45b1433,5364
35Pilarski Danko0BUL 23b0 48w1 20b0 34b1 47w½ 27w0 25b0 45w½ 43b143132,53
36Petkov Gabriel0BUL 33w0 29b0 34w0 49w1 26b0 48b1 42w1 31b0 44w142727,54
37Bakalov Vladimir0BUL 39b1 14w0 27b½ 21w1 7b0 47w1 23b0 25w0 28b03,536,539,53
38Mitkov Simeon-Alekzandar0BUL 18b0 44w1 10b0 28w½ 42b½ 25w½ 26b0 39w1 24b03,533,5362
39Vladimirov Mario0BUL 37w0 -1 24b0 43w1 20b0 26w0 45b½ 38b0 49w13,53030,52
40Neev Valeri0BUL 12b0 13w0 22w½ 42b0 49b1 34w0 28b0 -1 48w13,53030,52
41Ivanov Martin Tr.0BUL 3w0 45b1 6w0 46b1 33w0 44b1 22w0 20w0 -033638,53
42Paraskevov Emil0BUL 9b½ 20w0 21b0 40w1 38w½ 22b0 36b0 46w0 -1334361
43Parnarev Georgi0BUL 4w0 24w0 48b1 39b0 46w1 31b0 19w0 49b1 35w033131,53
44Vasilev Mihail0BUL 7w0 38b0 32w0 -1 45b1 41w0 34b0 48w1 36b033031,52
45Pavlov Pavel V.0BUL 11b0 41w0 -1 33b0 44w0 46b1 39w½ 35b½ 34w0329,5321
46Uzunov Stas0BUL 49b1 5b0 13w0 41w0 43b0 45w0 -1 42b1 33w0329,5302
47Atanasov Lachezar0BUL 27b1 3b0 30w1 10w0 35b½ 37b0 21w0 19w0 -02,538,5422
48Kostov Konstantin0BUL 8w0 35b0 43w0 22b0 -1 36w0 49w1 44b0 40b022929,51
49Abadzhiev Aleksandar0BUL 46w0 26b0 31w0 36b0 40w0 -1 48b0 43w0 39b0125,5270

Tie Break1: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel With parameter)
Tie Break2: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel With parameter)
Tie Break3: The greater number Of victories