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Deltalift Open 2014

Senast uppdaterad01.06.2014 21:21:21, Creator/Last Upload: HarplingeSS

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Korstabell efter 8 ronder

Plac.NamnRatingNation1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.Rd8.RdPoäng TB1  TB2 
1GMPersson Tiger Hillarp2627SWE 76w1 32b1 8w1 14b1 10w1 3b½ 18w1 2b½74534
2GMBerg Emanuel2573SWE 64w1 27b1 4w1 42b½ 13w1 11b1 3w1 1w½744,533,5
3GMBellon Juan2462ESP 63w1 29b1 38w1 59b1 5w1 1w½ 2b0 12b16,543,532,5
4Nygren Kim2283SWE 91b1 62w1 2b0 54w1 58b½ 44w1 22b1 10w16,53827,5
5GMBrynell Stellan2528SWE 75b1 39w1 31b1 22w1 3b0 7w1 10b½ 9w½64332,5
6IMKantans Toms2440LAT118b1 33w1 25b0 43w1 23b½ 47w1 15b½ 28w163729
FMJohansson Linus2423SWE 60w½126b1 85w1 26b1 12w1 5b0 13w1 11b½63729
8Rosberg Simon2307SWE 71b1 78w1 1b0 66w½ 67b1 58w½ 39b1 25w1636,526
9FMFrisk Kockum Anton2388SWE116w1 65b1 42w0 48b½ 35w1 24b1 34w1 5b½63628
10IMSjödahl Pontus2503SWE121b1 43w1 15b1 25w1 1b0 23w1 5w½ 4b05,54232,5
11GMCramling Pia2523SWE 70w1 68b1 26w½ 20b1 42w1 2w0 16b½ 7w½5,541,530,5
12GMHector Jonny2574SWE 74b1 37w1 23b½ 47w1 7b0 25w1 46b1 3w05,540,530
13IMZiegler Ari2375SWE101b1 82w1 30b1 24w1 2b0 15w½ 7b0 47w15,539,529,5
14FMÅkesson Joel2341SWE 77b1 44w1 58b1 1w0 51b½ 36w½ 37b1 17w½5,53928,5
15Rydström Tom2263SWE117b1 53w1 10w0 49b1 48w1 13b½ 6w½ 16b½5,538,530
16Nilsson Anders2318SWE103w1 49b1 20w0 29b1 59w½ 27b1 11w½ 15w½5,53829,5
17Holst Conny2263SWE 61w1 45b0 70w1 56b1 27w½ 59b½ 33w1 14b½5,536,527
18Christiansen Johan-Sebastian2236NOR 89b1 58w0101b1 79w1 62b1 22w1 1b0 19w½5,535,525,5
19Wallin Dennis2300SWE 40w1 88b½ 48w0 61b1 52w½ 66b1 59w1 18b½5,53526
20Nilsson Patrik Helsinborgs ASK2209SWE115b1108w1 16b1 11w0 22b0 79w1 23b½ 46w15,53426
21Welin Mats2398SWE 80b1 52w1 24b0 44w0 70b1 78w½ 69b1 36w15,53425,5
22CMWiander Michael2312SWE 83w1 55b1 45w1 5b0 20w1 18b0 4w0 58b154030
23IMHaugli Petter2292NOR100b1 66w1 12w½ 35b1 6w½ 10b0 20w½ 29b½539,530,5
24Kumar Rahul2219SWE105w1 50b1 21w1 13b0 46b½ 9w0 44b1 34w½538,529,5
25Reimanis Ritvars2244SWE 86w1 72b1 6w1 10b0 77w1 12b0 45w1 8b0538,529
26Fransson Peter2266SWE 69b1 54w1 11b½ 7w0 60b½ 62w1 29b½ 30w½53828
27Tuomainen Felix2162SWE106b1 2w0100b1 41w1 17b½ 16w0 53b½ 61w1537,527,5
28Mohammadi Amir2287SWE 50w0 89b1 64w1 52b½ 65w1 45b½ 32w1 6b053626,5
29Reid Gregor2135SWE 97b1 3w0 69b1 16w0117b1 77b1 26w½ 23w½535,526,5
30Blomström Lars2209SWE 57w1 94b1 13w0 72b½ 45w0 88b1 49w1 26b½53526
31Drugge Patrick2274SWE 92w1 73b1 5w0 65b½ 66w½ 49b½ 68w1 35b½53525,5
32Brzezinski Adam2198SWE107b1 1w0 71b1 58w0100b1 41w1 28b0 63w153525
33Wahlström Lennart2133SWE104w1 6b0 50w0122b1 40w1 61b1 17b0 69w1534,526
34FMSilseth Simon2317SWE 98b½ 81w½ 74b1 78w1 44b½ 51w1 9b0 24b½534,525
35Gutzmann Tobias2166GER 81b½102w1 67b1 23w0 9b0 73w1 78b1 31w½53425
36Arnelind Mikael2231SWE 99w0105b1 63w1 45b½ 72w1 14b½ 58w1 21b0533,525
Rosell Tomas2206SWE110w1 12b0 77w0 86b1 63w1 48b1 14w0 64b1533,525
38Svensson Anders Västerviks ASK2243SWE122b1 79w1 3b0 62w0 80b1 53w½ 43b½ 55b1533,524,5
39Patrick Chaski2191SWE112w1 5b0103w1 77b0 83w1 64b1 8w0 60b153324
40Bit-Narva David1880SWE 19b0 95w1 43b0127w1 33b0106w1 66b1 67w1530,524
41Johansson Alexander2028SWE127w1 42b0132w1 27b0104w1 32b0105w1 59b1526,520,5
42Ronneland Daniel2231SWE111b1 41w1 9b1 2w½ 11b0 46w0 67b½ 45w½4,539,529,5
43Rothman Peter2161SWE 93w1 10b0 40w1 6b0 50w1 60b½ 38w½ 48b½4,53828,5
44Grimsholm Ola2098SWE 90w1 14b0 86w1 21b1 34w½ 4b0 24w0 92b14,53828
45Olsen Robin2039NOR125b1 17w1 22b0 36w½ 30b1 28w½ 25b0 42b½4,53729,5
46FMKristensen Kåre Hove2350DEN 96w1 56b1 59w0 68b1 24w½ 42b1 12w0 20b04,536,527,5
47Wengholm Anders2238SWE109w1 48b½ 88w1 12b0 73w1 6b0 65w1 13b04,53627
48Åström Lars2018SWE132b1 47w½ 19b1 9w½ 15b0 37w0 87b1 43w½4,535,528,5
49Wallgren Ulf2084SWE 95b1 16w0111b1 15w0 57b1 31w½ 30b0 77w14,535,527
50Jogstad Daniel1873SWE 28b1 24w0 33b1 51w0 43b0108w1 62b1 53w½4,53527,5
51Lindhe Magnus2164SWE 94w0 57b1 83w1 50b1 14w½ 34b0 55w0 79b14,534,525,5
52Karlsson Jörgen2131SWE133b1 21b0 92w1 28w½ 19b½ 69w0 60w½ 83b14,53425,5
53Bengtsson Jessica2064SWE128w1 15b0 93w½ 84b½ 99w1 38b½ 27w½ 50b½4,53224,5
54Pettersson Anders2069SWE114w1 26b0 94w1 4b0 61w0 86b½110w1 84b14,531,522,5
55Bernhardsson Sten2078SWE134b1 22w0 81b½ 80w0102b1115w1 51b1 38w04,530,523
56Persson Anders2086SWE123b1 46w0 99b1 17w0 69b0 89w1 77b½ 80w14,53022
57Petersson Baldur Teodor1821SWE 30b0 51w0125b1116b1 49w0 70w1 74b½ 78w14,529,522,5
58Harrén Mats2033SWE131w1 18b1 14w0 32b1 4w½ 8b½ 36b0 22w0439,532
59Madebrink Lars2219SWE 87b1 99w1 46b1 3w0 16b½ 17w½ 19b0 41w043929,5
60Liedbeck Patrik1962SWE 7b½ 67w0 97b1 85b1 26w½ 43w½ 52b½ 39w043626,5
61Tillman Jan-Olof1852SWE 17b0124w1 82b1 19w0 54b1 33w0 72w1 27b0435,527,5
62Silfverström Niklas2081SWE113w1 4b0112w1 38b1 18w0 26b0 50w0109b1435,526
63Mörling Joakim1969SWE 3b0107w1 36b0 87w1 37b0 81w1 85w1 32b043525,5
64Jogstad Martin1997SWE 2b0 87w1 28b0111w1106b1 39w0 82b1 37w043525
65Carlström Niklas2102SWE136b1 9w0117b1 31w½ 28b0 71w1 47b0 75w½434,526
66Karlsson Robin2084SWE130w1 23b0109w1 8b½ 31b½ 19w0 40w0105b143426,5
67Fransson Angelina2136SWE126w½ 60b1 35w0 93b1 8w0 84b1 42w½ 40b0433,525,5
68Mårdell Jonas2143SWE135b1 11w0 91b1 46w0 71b½ 80w1 31b0 74w½433,524,5
69Sjödahl Sten1862SWE 26w0119b1 29w0132b1 56w1 52b1 21w0 33b043326,5
70Lönn Joakim1974SWE 11b0115w1 17b0105w1 21w0 57b0112w1110b1432,524,5
71Koski Viljo1882SWE 8w0113b1 32w0112b1 68w½ 65b0 90w1 85b½43223
72Vrabanac Damir2030SWE120b1 25w0108b1 30w½ 36b0 82w½ 61b0111w143023
73Svensson Håkan2063SWE124b1 31w0106b½ 81w1 47b0 35b0 86w½100w143022,5
Svedberg Hans2000SWE 12w0110b1 34w0 99b0126w1109b1 57w½ 68b½43022,5
75Berglind Axel1992SWE 5w0112b0 90w½130b1109w½ 99b½104w1 65b½42719,5
76Pantzar Milton2000SWE 1b0111w0123b1117w0 87b0129w1102b1107w142617,5
77Hogeman Joel1925SWE 14w0130b1 37b1 39w1 25b0 29w0 56w½ 49b03,53629
78Eriksson Kristian2094SWE137w1 8b0122w1 34b0 92w1 21b½ 35w0 57b03,535,527
79Nilsson Patrik Limhamns SK2039SWE119w1 38b0104w1 18b0110w1 20b0 92w½ 51w03,532,524,5
80Andersson Thorbjörn1961SWE 21w0 84b½126w1 55b1 38w0 68b0 99w1 56b03,53224,5
81Svensson Daniel1771SWE 35w½ 34b½ 55w½ 73b0103w½ 63b0121b1 98w½3,531,524
82Österström Tom2128SWE 84w1 13b0 61w0109b½ 93w1 72b½ 64w0 86b½3,53122,5
83Thomasson Staffan1887SWE 22b0123w1 51b0133w1 39b0107w½115b1 52w03,53022,5
Traan-Kihlberg Jimmy1716SWE 82b0 80w½ 98b1 53w½ 89b½ 67w0101b1 54w03,53022,5
85Johansson Mikael2096SWE102b½ 98w1 7b0 60w0107b½117w1 63b0 71w½3,53021,5
86Terninger Göran1849SWE 25b0125w1 44b0 37w0127b1 54w½ 73b½ 82w½3,529,523,5
87Blazekovic Nina1828SWE 59w0 64b0114w1 63b0 76w1103b1 48w0 96b½3,529,522,5
88Stray Gunnar2069NOR129b1 19w½ 47b0106w½115b½ 30w0100b½ 89w½3,528,521,5
89Szumniak Jedrzej1842SWE 18w0 28w0129b½119b1 84w½ 56b0120w1 88b½3,52821
Hoac Edvin1703SWE 44b0101w0 75b½ 98w½ 91b1100w½ 71b0117w13,52821
91Wallenås Daniel1869SWE 4w0128b1 68w0104b0 90w0124b1 95w½119b13,527,519
92Ekenstierna Adrian1865SWE 31b0129w1 52b0108w1 78b0125w1 79b½ 44w03,52720,5
Lindberg Cajsa1760SWE 43b0121w1 53b½ 67w0 82b0 95w½116b½118w13,52720,5
94Agovic Seifo1766SWE 51b1 30w0 54b0100w0118b½102w0125b1116w13,526,519,5
95Ahlqvist Erik1615SWE 49w0 40b0116w0131b1 96w½ 93b½ 91b½115w13,525,519,5
96Degerfeldt Sven1925SWE 46b0 97w½102b½115w0 95b½130w1107b½ 87w½3,52519
97Andersson Jan1741SWE 29w0 96b½ 60w0118w½101b0132b1103w½122b13,524,518,5
98Johansson Johnny1890SWE 34w½ 85b0 84w0 90b½130w½120b½126w1 81b½3,524,518
99Fransson Stefan1841SWE 36b1 59b0 56w0 74w1 53b0 75w½ 80b0102w½332,524,5
100Olsson Tomas1879SWE 23w0114b1 27w0 94b1 32w0 90b½ 88w½ 73b033224,5
101Wihlborn Bengt1926SWE 13w0 90b1 18w0110b0 97w1104b½ 84w0106b½330,522
102Gajic Bozur1692SWE 85w½ 35b0 96w½103b½ 55w0 94b1 76w0 99b½33022
103Bragesjö Tomas1890SWE 16b0133w1 39b0102w½ 81b½ 87w0 97b½104w½33021,5
104Hansen Anders1736SWE 33b0118w1 79b0 91w1 41b0101w½ 75b0103b½329,522
105Lappas Georgios1830SWE 24b0 36w0124b1 70b0132w1121w1 41b0 66w032923
106Segerfelt Louise1765SWE 27w0116b1 73w½ 88b½ 64w0 40b0118b½101w½32922
107Valle Lorenzo1783SWE 32w0 63b0119w½113b1 85w½ 83b½ 96w½ 76b032921,5
Karlsson Erik1316SWE -1 20b0 72w0 92b0113w1 50b0109w0126b132921,5
109Karlsson Roger1843SWE 47b0120w1 66b0 82w½ 75b½ 74w0108b1 62w0328,522
110Ng Klemens1804SWE 37b0 74w0120b1101w1 79b0116w1 54b0 70w032821
111Dahlstedt Anders1837SWE 42w0 76b1 49w0 64b0120w½119b½127w1 72b0326,521
112Hedlerfog Robert1773SWE 39b0 75w1 62b0 71w0121b0131w1 70b0128w1326,520,5
113Svensson Anders SS Manhem1612SWE 62b0 71w0118b½107w0108b0123w1128b½125w1322,516,5
114Myrenfors Stefan1570SWE 54b0100w0 87b0125w0128b0 -1132w1127b131812,5
115Laibi Shayar1815SWE 20w0 70b0128w1 96b1 88w½ 55b0 83w0 95b02,53022,5
116Eriksson Per1936SWE 9b0106w0 95b1 57w0133b+110b0 93w½ 94b02,529,521
117Pistol Mats-Erik1849SWE 15w0131b1 65w0 76b1 29w0 85b0119w½ 90b02,52922,5
118Lindström Reine1963SWE 6w0104b0113w½ 97b½ 94w½126b½106w½ 93b02,527,519,5
119Bjureblad Martin1518SWE 79b0 69w0107b½ 89w0123b1111w½117b½ 91w02,525,519
120Arnell Staffan1490SWE 72w0109b0110w0 -1111b½ 98w½ 89b0121w½2,524,518,5
121Eisele Per1969SWE 10w0 93b0130w0128b1112w1105b0 81w0120b½2,52417
122Wiklund Johan1847SWE 38w0127b1 78b0 33w0125b0128w½130b1 97w02,523,517,5
123Lindberg Hansen Caroline1637SWE 56w0 83b0 76w0124b½119w0113b0129b1131w12,522,517
124Nylander Lennart1544SWE 73w0 61b0105w0123w½129b½ 91w0131b½130b12,52116
125Semaan Nabih1499SWE 45w0 86b0 57w0114b1122w1 92b0 94w0113b0227,520,5
126Lindblad Björn1754SWE 67b½ 7w0 80b0129w1 74b0118w½ 98b0108w0227,520
127Johansson Robert1465SWE 41b0122w0 -1 40b0 86w0133b+111b0114w022619
128Fransson Pia1563SWE 53b0 91w0115b0121w0114w1122b½113w½112b022417
129Kvisth Bengt1569SWE 88w0 92b0 89w½126b0124w½ 76b0123w0 -1222,517,5
130Printz Stefan1635SWE 66b0 77w0121b1 75w0 98b½ 96b0122w0124w01,52619,5
131Wall Mats1495SWE 58b0117w0133b0 95w0 -1112b0124w½123b01,522,517
132Öjerskog Bertil1441SWE 48w0 -1 41b0 69w0105b0 97w0114b0 -0127,520,5
133Norlander Svante1725SWE 52w0103b0131w1 83b0116w-127w- -0 -012317,5
134Andersson Michael1582SWE 55w0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -002216,5
135Zejak Branislav1759SWE 68w0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0021,516,5
Kabil Abdullah1713SWE 65w0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0021,516,5
137Magnusson Pier1655SWE 78b0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -002116

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Tie Break2: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel With parameter)