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IRT Winterhes 2014 Whala Beach

Last update 20.06.2014 00:46:09, Creator/Last Upload: ASENSIO FERRARI, Enrique

Starting rank list of players

6IMIvanov JordanBUL2396Can
1FMGarcia del Rey SenenESP2322Ast
2Diaz Nuñez AdolfoESP2260Gal
7WIMDave DhyaniIND2170
8Gaitan Moyano JuanESP1928Bal
4Gimenez Garcia EmilioESP1904Bal
10Nadal Bestard SebastiaESP1890Bal
3Lazarte Anello David EmilianoARG1853
5Vicens Company Maria AntoniaESP1835Bal
9Matas Artigues JosepESP1717Bal