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Last update 23.05.2008 08:50:43, Creator/Last Upload: Vietnamchess

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Starting rank

1Pham Bich NgocKGI0
2Hoang Thi Bao TramTTH0
3Dang Bich NgocNBI0
4Pham Le Thao NguyenCTH0
5Hoang Thi Nhu YTTH0
6Nguyen Thi Thanh AnHCM0
7Ton Nu Hong AnLDO0
8Pham Thi Ngoc TuHCM0
9Pham Thi HoaQDO0
10Nguyen Hoang AnhHCM0
11Nguyen Hoang AnhQDO0
12Le Kieu Thien KimHCM0
13Vang Thi Thu HangHCM0
14Nguyen Quynh AnhHCM0
15Nguyen Phuong ThaoDAN0
16Nguyen Thao HanHCM0
17Vo Thi Kim PhungTTH0
18Phan Nguyen Mai ChiDAN0
19Nguyen Thi ThuyQDO0
20Do Huu Thuy TrangBDU0
21Le Hoai Bao DuyenHCM0
22Luong Nhat LinhNBI0
23Hoang Le My AnhDAN0
24Bui Kim LeBDI0
25Do Thi ThuongBRV0
26Bui Ngoc Anh ThiKGI0
27Nguyen Thanh Thuy TienHCM0
28Vu Thi Dieu AiKGI0
29Nguyen To TranHCM0
30Nguyen Ngoc Minh TrucHCM0
31Vu Thien Tram AnhHCM0
32Le Hoang Tran ChauHCM0
33Huynh Mai Phuong DungHCM0
34Do Thuy DuongQDO0
35Chau Thi Ngoc GiaoBDI0
36Nguyen Thi HanhNBI0
37Do Thi Diem HuongHCM0
38Le Thi Thu HuongDTH0
39Nguyen Thi Thu HuyenBDI0
40Hoang Xuan Thanh KhietTTH0
41Nguyen Thi Anh MinhHCM0
42Nguyen Vuong Ai MinhBDU0
43Pham Hong MinhHCM0
44Pham Thien NganLAN0
45Bui Thi Thai NgocBTR0
46Le Minh NhatHCM0
47Ngo Ngoc PhuBRV0
48Pham Hong PhucHCM0
49Pham Hong PhuongQDO0
50Chau Thi Yen QuyenDTH0
51Huynh Thi Hong SuongDTH0
52Le Phu Nguyen ThaoCTH0
53Do Hoang Minh ThoBDU0
54Tran Thi Mong ThuBTR0
55Hoang Minh ThuHCM0
56Do Thi Diem ThuyHCM0
57Nguyen Tran Ngoc ThuyDTH0
58Tran Le Dan ThuyBTR0
59Nguyen Ngoc Thanh TraHCM0
60Mai Thuy TrangBDU0
61Nguyen Ngoc Thuy TrangDTH0
62Nguyen Thi Diem TrangCTH0
63Nguyen Thi Thu TrangBDU0
64Nguyen Thi Thuy TrienBDI0
65Tran Ngoc Minh TuongHCM0
66Nguyen Hai Phuong UyenBRV0
67Nguyen Thi Tuong VanHCM0
68Nguyen Thuy VanBRV0
69Nguyen Ngoc Thanh VinhHCM0
70Bui Thuy VyLAN0
71Nguyen Hoang Van AnhHCM0