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Åsenträffen 2014

Last update 04.04.2014 23:06:27, Creator/Last Upload: Stockholms Schackförbund

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Starting rank

1Bator RobertSWE2472
2Engqvist ThomasSWE2428
3Lokander MartinSWE2331
4Bryntze StefanSWE2308
5Lögdahl HaraldSWE2265
6Parra Becrra EdgarSWE2211
7Aroven MikaelSWE2197
8Norlin EgorSWE2189
9Duenas AlexisSWE2083
10Todorovic ZoranSWE2058
11Backman MichaelSWE2047
12Ullén JanSWE1979
13Bast BillySWE1978
14Karlsson MikaelSWE1891
15Darnell AntonSWE1881
16Cleanthous DemetrisSWE1846
17Jovic RadoSWE1800
18Silins PeterSWE1799
19Rånby HansSWE1782
20Berg DanielSWE1747
21Acuna CarlosSWE1728
22Yazdankhah SamSWE1692
23Eriksson MikaelSWE1610
24Werner MartinSWE1587
25Geijer ErikSWE1483