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Winterchess IM Enero 2014 (89550) Torneo Internacional GM/IM THB Hotels, Trofeu Felip

Last update 05.02.2014 11:20:05, Creator/Last Upload: ASENSIO FERRARI, Enrique

Starting rank list of players

10GMFedorchuk Sergey A.UKR2648Ext
7GMPetkov VladimirBUL2572Bal
3GMPlaskett H JamesENG2490Val
5IMMascaro March PedroESP2416Bal
8FMKantans TomsLAT2412
9FMSchroeder Jan-ChristianGER2373
4FMSorm DanielCZE2305
2IMRodriguez Lopez RafaelESP2248Gal
1WGMCalzetta Ruiz MonicaESP2208Bal
6Guerreiro NunoPOR2161