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Provincial sub 16 2014 A Coruna

Last update 15.12.2013 21:53:22, Creator/Last Upload: spanish chess federation (licence 412)

Starting rank

1Picos Maiztegui MiguelESP1903Gal
2Recuna Aranda MiguelESP1576Gal
3Gonzalez Lopez ManuelESP1530Gal
4Bugliot Mateo DiegoESP1521
5Gonzalez Eiris DanielESP1471Gal
6Amado Rodriguez AdrianESP1458Gal
7Choucino Veiga AuriaESP0
8Choucino Veiga VioletaESP0
9Corrales Arias FelipeESP0
10Diaz Alonso MartaESP0
11Gonzalez Hermida XanaESP0
12Rego Diaz CristinaESP0
13Souto Parga AlbaESP0
14Suarez Fernandez AlbertoESP0
15Veras Lista MiguelESP0
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