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Latvian Club Cup 2013

Last update 02.12.2013 00:37:31, Creator/Last Upload: savieniba

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Team-Composition with round-results

  2. Termo-Eko/RSF (RtgAvg:2379, Captain: Mihailovs Arturs / TB1: 15 / TB2: 34)
1GMKovalev Vladislav2490BLR13504398101½101116,59226420-0,4
2FMMeskovs Nikita2413LAT116027401111110118921962029,8
3FMVovk Ilja2363EST45017641½10011015,59217720-17,2
4GMTihonov Jurij2404BLR135003251111011½17,592145101,8
5FMStetsko Lanita2226BLR1350530011100111½6,59198815-3,8