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Baltic Chess Grand Prix Open October B

Last update 13.10.2013 14:50:11, Creator/Last Upload: Lithuanian Chess Federation

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Final Ranking crosstable after 9 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.Rd8.Rd9.RdPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
1FMJegorovas Aleksandras2314LTU 41b1 16w1 22b1 2w1 4b1 31w1 23b1 32w1 25b1945,5342770
2Stremavicius Titas U162350LTU 26w1 31b1 4w1 1b0 23w1 22b1 32w1 18b1 27w1847,534,52295
3Mickevicius Jonas0LTU 28w1 17b1 6w1 11b½ 13w1 9b1 41b1 46w½ 42w1842,5331957
4Svitojus Zygimantas U162019LTU 43b1 32w1 2b0 16w1 1w0 18b1 26w1 22b+ 23b174936,52146
5Akelaitis Kajus U120LTU 29b1 10w0 20b0 48w1 15b1 24w½ 12b1 19w1 14b16,544351766
6Kadusauskas Juozas U100LTU 56b1 33w1 3b0 20w1 12b1 11w0 10b1 51w1 7b½6,544341741
7Maksimov Yuri U080BLR 24b0 56w1 40b1 33w1 8b0 15w1 34b1 9b1 6w½6,541,5331766
8Jankauskaite Kotryna U120LTU 55w1 14b1 11w0 36b1 7w1 17b1 51b1 35w½ 41b06,537,529,51783
9Dusinskis Kirils U140LTU 34w1 45b1 10w1 15b1 27b0 3w0 20b1 7w0 11w1647,536,51758
10Mecelis Arturas j U100LTU 48w1 5b1 9b0 12w0 47b1 19w1 6w0 15b1 17w1645,5361725
11Mickeviciene Linalda0LTU 52b1 12w1 8b1 3w½ 51b0 6b1 17w1 41w0 9b05,546361670
12Gutauskas Naglis0LTU 49w1 11b0 34w1 10b1 6w0 13b½ 5w0 29b1 24b15,545,536,51680
13Iliah Miroslav U080BLR 15b0 24w1 47b1 38w1 3b0 12w½ 21b1 14w0 33b15,544331680
14Mickeviciute Gedmante U140LTU 54b1 8w0 33b0 29w½ 28b1 45w1 24b1 13b1 5w05,539,531,51680
15Simanavicius Vygintas0LTU 13w1 44b1 19b1 9w0 5w0 7b0 33b1 10w0 34b1546,536,51643
16Voronov Vadim1910LTU 30w1 1b0 25w1 4b0 35w1 23b0 18w0 37b1 31w1546331929
17Cernikauskas Donatas U120LTU 20b1 3w0 56b1 45w1 19b1 8w0 11b0 34w1 10b0545351643
18Urbonas Kestutis1660LTU 22b0 42w1 23b0 27w1 41b1 4w0 16b1 2w0 32b154533,51965
19Maksimov Viacheslav U100BLR 21w1 36b1 15w0 24b1 17w0 10b0 44w1 5b0 38w1543,533,51643
20Misiuk Monika U080LTU 17w0 28b1 5w1 6b0 36w1 44b1 9w0 38w1 51b0541,5331618
21Stanevicius Rokas U080LTU 19b0 47w0 54b1 56w1 38b0 52w1 13w0 40b1 36w1531,524,51643
22Masanauskas Antanas S601957LTU 18w1 35b1 1w0 25b½ 26w1 2w0 31b1 4w- -04,550,537,52069
23Grabow Pouelsten Holm S602128DEN 39w1 25b0 18w1 32b1 2b0 16w1 1w0 31b½ 4w04,550371952
24Sukvietis Airidas U100LTU 7w1 13b0 44w1 19w0 45b1 5b½ 14w0 47b1 12w04,54434,51600
25Petraitis Gintautas S601899LTU 37b1 23w1 16b0 22w½ 31w0 32b0 30w1 43b1 1w04,54431,51878
26Vaskevicius Augustas U121783LTU 2b0 46w1 37b½ 41w1 22b0 42w1 4b0 30w0 43b14,542311781
27Vainovska Valentina1895LAT 50w0 30b0 51w1 18b0 9w1 35b1 43w½ 42b1 2b04,539291681
28Zitinskaite Goda U120LTU 3b0 20w0 -1 44b½ 14w0 36b1 29w0 54w1 48b14,53828,51557
29Mickeviciute Eitvile U140LTU 5w0 48b1 36w0 14b½ 44w0 56b1 28b1 12w0 45b14,53728,51600
30Misiuk Karolina U121617LTU 16b0 27w1 46b0 42w½ 43b½ 37w1 25b0 26b1 39w½4,536,528,51725
31Baliuniene Margarita1925LTU 46b1 2w0 41b½ 43w1 25b1 1b0 22w0 23w½ 16b0446,534,51911
32Muralis Aloyzas1813LTU 51w1 4b0 50w1 23w0 37b1 25w1 2b0 1b0 18w0446351830
33Zvirblis Povilas U100LTU -1 6b0 14w1 7b0 34w0 40b1 15w0 44b1 13w0444341513
34Mockus Rokas U100LTU 9b0 40w1 12b0 49w1 33b1 38w1 7w0 17b0 15w0441,532,51557
35Sipicins Alekss U121839LAT 42b1 22w0 43b½ 37w½ 16b0 27w0 39b½ 8b½ 50w1439301657
36Takarevicius Augustas U100LTU 38b1 19w0 29b1 8w0 20b0 28w0 54b1 45w1 21b0438,530,51557
37Horobrijs Daniils U101575LAT 25w0 39b1 26w½ 35b½ 32w0 30b0 50w1 16w0 46b143628,51702
38Maksvytyte Monika U080LTU 36w0 55b1 49w1 13b0 21w1 34b0 47w1 20b0 19b0435,528,51557
39Sudmale Galina1679LAT 23b0 37w0 42b0 51w1 46b1 43w0 35w½ 50b1 30b½431,5251607
40Urbaitis Benas U100LTU 45w0 34b0 7w0 -1 49b1 33w0 55b1 21w0 54b1430221513
41Dolmantas Martynas U121733LTU 1w0 50b1 31w½ 26b0 18w0 46b0 3w0 11b1 8w13,54836,51659
42Misiuk Emilija U101489LTU 35w0 18b0 39w1 30b½ 50w1 26b0 46w1 27w0 3b03,54029,51613
43Jakutis Paulius1662LTU 4w0 51b1 35w½ 31b0 30w½ 39b1 27b½ 25w0 26w03,538,5301701
44Gogins Denis U180LTU 47b1 15w0 24b0 28w½ 29b1 20w0 19b0 33w0 55b13,53629,51520
45Matulionis Andrius U080LTU 40b1 9w0 52w1 17b0 24w0 14b0 48w1 36b0 29w0339301475
46Jeremicius Sarunas1631LTU 31w0 26b0 30w1 50b½ 39w0 41w1 42b0 3b½ 37w0338,5281535
47Penikas Dovydas U100LTU 44w0 21b1 13w0 52b1 10w0 48b1 38b0 24w0 49b033728,51475
48Venckus Domas U080LTU 10b0 29w0 55w1 5b0 54b1 47w0 45b0 49w1 28w0332,524,51475
49Simanavicius Ignas U100LTU 12b0 54w1 38b0 34b0 40w0 55w0 -1 48b0 47w1328211407
50Markeviciute Paulina U141535LTU 27b1 41w0 32b0 46w½ 42b0 51w1 37b0 39w0 35b02,532,5261504
51Skietrys Eugenijus1377LTU 32b0 43w0 27b0 39b0 11w1 50b0 8w0 6b0 20w1242331445
52Zabelavicius Nauris U100LTU 11w0 -1 45b0 47w0 55b1 21b0 -0 -0 -0232251360
53Gluoksnis Jonas S600LTU -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 54w0 -0 55w1 -1226200
54Atkociunas Marius U080LTU 14w0 49b0 21w0 55b½ 48w0 53b1 36w0 28b0 40w01,533,526,51327
55Simkus Andrius U100LTU 8b0 38w0 48b0 54w½ 52w0 49b1 40w0 53b0 44w01,532241327
56Slaboda Margiris U080LTU 6w0 7b0 17w0 21b0 -1 29w0 -0 -0 -013728,5800

Tie Break1: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel With parameter)
Tie Break2: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel With parameter)
Tie Break3: Performance (variable With parameter)