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36th Ikaros International Chess Tournament 2013- Ανοιχτό Πρωτάθλημα Αιγαίου 2013 36o Διεθνές Σκακιστικό Τουρνουά "Ίκαρος" 2013-Aegean Open Championship 2013

Last update 20.07.2013 14:45:14, Creator: Greek Chess Federation,Last Upload: IA Ulysses Vazelakis

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Final Ranking crosstable after 9 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.Rd8.Rd9.RdPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
1FMGAZIS EFSTATHIOS2263GRE 38w1 62b1 97w1 29b1 13w1 9w1 8b1 2w½ 5b½853,541,57
2GMVELICKA PETR2433CZE 47w1 44b1 12w½ 31b½ 17w1 16b1 7w1 1b½ 8w17,555426
3IMNESTER IHOR2307UKR 36b1 23w1 39b0 35w1 18b1 29w1 9b½ 11w½ 16b1753416
4HRISTODOULOU PANAGIOTIS2225GRE 52w1 48b1 22w1 8b0 41w1 25b1 13w1749386
5KANELLOS DIMITRIOS V.1986GRE 64w1 67b0122w1 63b1 38w1 13b1 14w1 6b½ 1w½748,537,56
6IMFRENDZAS PANAYOTIS2363GRE100b½ 46w1 28b0 98w1 60b1 23w1 12b1 5w½ 19b174837,56
7ANAGNOU KONSTANTINOS2118GRE 79b1 33w1 45b0 53w1 42b1 39w1 2b0 30w1 18b1748377
8KISELEV PAVEL2210RUS 87b1 42w1 21b½ 28w1 19b1 4w1 1w0 10b1 2b06,555,543,56
9RIGOPOULOS-TSIGKOS ALEXANDROS2085GRE 91b1 73w1 77b1 10w1 14w1 1b0 3w½ 15b½ 11b½6,554,5425
10FMMALIKENTZOS SOTIRIOS2347GRE 51w1 41b1 30w1 9b0 20w½ 76b1 17w1 8w0 28b16,549,5396
11WIMKONDOU EVA2182GRE122w1 61b1 17w0 49b1 62w1 12b½ 31w1 3b½ 9w½6,548,538,55
12FINOKALIOTIS GEORGIOS2080GRE 81b1 35w1 2b½ 21w1 15b½ 11w½ 6w0 62b1 17w½65341,54
13FMPOUNTZAS HRISANTHOS2094GRE 98b1 70w1 26b1 45w1 1b0 5w0 33b1 39w1 4b065240,56
14IMSKALKOTAS NIKOLAOS2181GRE 59b1 34w1 18b1 39w1 9b0 30w1 5b0 28w½ 15w½652405
15KESOGLOU KONSTANTINOS2121GRE 75w1 32b1 20w1 17b½ 12w½ 31b½ 28w½ 9w½ 14b½65140,53
16MELICH JINDRICH2089CZE 99w1 52b½ 71w1 22b½ 32w1 2w0 24b1 40b1 3w0651405
17KAKKANAS EVANGELOS1955GRE103b1 43w1 11b1 15w½ 2b0 50w1 10b0 46w1 12b½65039,55
18ARISTOTELOUS VASSILIS1953CYP 89w1 63b1 14w0 56b1 3w0 55b1 47w1 29b1 7w0649386
19PAPARGYRIOU ANASTASIOS2103GRE 85w1 27b1 22w½ 76b1 8w0 41b½ 20w1 38b1 6w0649385
20ANDRONI KONSTANTINA1953GRE 84b1 50w1 15b0 24w1 10b½ 46w1 19b0 43w½ 52b1648385
21KARGANASHVILI EVGENY1972RUS 78w1 55b1 8w½ 12b0 40w1 28b0 67w1 32b½ 48w164736,55
22SPILIADIS ATHANASIOS1901GRE 86b1 72w1 19b½ 16w½ 4b0 24w0 87b1 50w1 43b1647365
23ABATZIS ANTONIOS1894GRE123w1 3b0 75w½ 71b1 66w1 6b0 63w1 31b½ 38w164535,55
24KAZAGLIS DIMITRIOS-STEFANOS1671GRE 93w1 97b0 78w1 20b0 68w1 22b1 16w0 76b1 44w1644,534,56
25LAZARIDIS STAVROS2078GRE 68w1 77b0 38w0104w1122b1 49b1 48w1 4w0 42b1643,533,56
26DIMOPOULOS NIKOLAOS1909GRE121w1129b1 13w0 66b½ 55w½ 56b1 38w0 49b1 40w1641,532,55
27KORONAS VASILIOS1723GRE 95b1 19w0 81b1 72w1 30b0 65w0 85b1 78w1 39b+641316
28HAIROPOULOS STEFANOS1707GRE 94w½ 40b1 6w1 8b0 54w1 21w1 15b½ 14b½ 10w05,55140,54
29GROH JIRI2081CZE 80w1 48b1 67w1 1w0 45b1 3b0 32w½ 18w0 57b15,550385
30WFMUROSEVIC MARIJA2070SRB 82b1 53w1 10b0 77w+ 27w1 14b0 77w1 7b0 32w½5,549,538,55
31TSAGAROPOULOS SPYRIDON1982GRE 54b1 60w½100b1 2w½ 43b1 15w½ 11b0 23w½ 34b½5,549,538,53
32SPANOS GEORGIOS1739GRE118b1 15w0 91b1 65w1 16b0 58w1 29b½ 21w½ 30b½5,545,536,54
33KABANIS NIKOLAOS1758GRE 90w1 7b0 80w1 38b0 79w1 89b1 13w0 47b½ 64w15,54332,55
34SHISHKIN VADIM1796RUS107w1 14b0 99w1 51b0 75w1 47b0 79w1 56b1 31w½5,540,531,55
35KOUTSOMPINAS GEORGIOS1699GRE116w1 12b0 83w1 3b0 80w0 64b½103w1 99b1 68w15,540305
36KOUROS AHILEAS1527GRE 3w0123b1 40w0102b1 84w1 48b0108w1 41b½ 62w15,539,5305
37KAPAGIANNIDIS DIMITRIOS1889GRE -0 -0111b1104w1 75b½ 98w1 63b15,537294
38FRAGIADAKI EIRINI1505GRE 1b0101w1 25b1 33w1 5b0 70w1 26b1 19w0 23b0552415
39DANCHENKO DIMITRIOS2023UKR 69w1 49b1 3w1 14b0 51w1 7b0 65w1 13b0 27w-550,539,55
40VETYUGOV ALEXEI0RUS 58b1 28w0 36b1 70w1 21b0 53w1 42b1 16w0 26b0548,5385
41GIANNOULIS ILIAS1837GRE101b1 10w0 59b1 50w½100b1 19w½ 4b0 36w½ 47b½546,536,53
42FAHOURI NIDAL1861JOR102w1 8b0 85w1 47b1 7w0 51b1 40w0 65b1 25w0546,5365
43BEKAKOS MIHAIL1635GRE113w+ 17b0 89w1 44b1 31w0 62b½ 45w1 20b½ 22w0546364
44DIATSINTOS APOSTOLOS1893GRE105b1 2w0 57b1 43w0 50b0 83w1 59b1 58w1 24b0546355
45TZOUVELEKIS IOANNIS1945GRE127w1 56b1 7w1 13b0 29w0 63b½ 43b0 66w1 46b½545,5354
46XENAKIS GEORGIOS1664GRE 6b0 94w1 69b1 97w1 20b0 54w1 17b0 45w½545,5354
47GEORGIADIS NIKITAS1535GRE 2b0 86w1108b1 42w0105b1 34w1 18b0 33w½ 41w½545,534,54
48PAPACHARITONOS CHARITON1692GRE137b1 29w0 82b1 4w0 59b1 36w1 25b0 69w1 21b0545365
49PAPADOPOULOS EMANOUIL1665GRE 92b1 39w0 88b1 11w0 82b1 25w0 91b1 26w0 85b1544,5345
50GIALIAS HRISTOS1624GRE119w1 20b0127w1 41b½ 44w1 17b0 76w½ 22b0 80w1542,533,54
51EFKARPIDIS STYLIANOS1531GRE 10b0105w1133b1 34w1 39b0 42w0 82b1 52w0 83b154233,55
52XIGIS MICHAIL1703GRE109b1 16w½ 4b0 54w-103w1 99b½ 80w1 51b1 20w054232,54
53DOULIDIS PAVLOS-GEORGIOS1675GRE 74w1 30b0 64w1 7b0 78w1 40b0 68w½ 54b½ 79w154231,54
54APERGIS NIKOLAOS1120GRE 31w0120b1 55w½ 52b+ 28b0 73w1 46b0 53w½ 87b1541,5334
55LOUMAKOS VASILIOS1626GRE135b1 21w0 54b½106w1 26b½ 18w0 78b0 86w1 81b1541,532,54
56KARAHALIOU IANTHI1573GRE114b1 45w0110b1 18w0 86b1 26w0 81b1 34w0 88b154031,55
57DOUNI MARIA1525GRE 44w0101b1127w1 77b0 84w1 61b1 29w054031,54
58KOUKOUFIKIS IOANNIS1619GRE 40w0138b1102w1 62b0 83w1 32b0 89w1 44b0 82w1540315
59METAXAS MILTIADIS1454GRE 14w0107b1 41w0112b1 48w0 90b1 44w0 89b1 76w1539305
60ARVANITAKIS PANAGIOTIS1644GRE120w1 31b½ 76w0103b1 6w0 69b-122b1 75w½ 78b1538,528,54
61MOULA ZOI1743GRE112b1 11w0 98b½100w0109w1 66b1 69b½ 57w0 75b1536,527,54
62ZERVOGIANNIS ALEXANDROS1778GRE131b1 1w0 79b1 58w1 11b0 43w½ 98b1 12w0 36b04,54434,54
63MITSAKOS ACHILLEAS1623GRE133b1 18w0 84b1 5w0 88b1 45w½ 23b0102w1 37w04,543,534,54
64PISIAS ALEXANDROS1150GRE 5b0141w1 53b0113w1 65b0 35w½ 73b1 70w1 33b04,543,5334
65HALIORIS STEFANOS-ANTHIMOS1614GRE 96w1 32b0 64w1 27b1 39b0 42w0 69b½4,54333,53
66DOUNI ASPASIA1564GRE117b1 26w½ 23b0 61w0 94b1 45b0106w14,54132,53
67HALKIADAKIS EVANGELOS1637GRE128b1 5w1 29b0 97b½ 76w0100w1 21b0 68b0 99w14,541324
68VASILAKOPOULOS GEORGIOS1218GRE 25b0137w1 70b0 92w1 24b0110w1 53b½ 67w1 35b04,540,532,54
69LIBERTOU MIRSINI1770GRE 39b0111w1 73b½ 46w0104b1 60w+ 61w½ 48b0 65w½4,54031,53
70IATROS ARISTIDIS1740GRE126w1 13b0 68w1 40b0 85w1 38b0 99w½ 64b0 98w14,538,5304
71AVRAMOPOULOS PERIKLIS1625GRE104w1 16b0 23w0106b1 98w0101b-107b1101w14,538294
72FOUTOUHOS SPYRIDON1573GRE125w1 22b0129w1 27b0 89w0 84b0 74b1105w½102b14,537284
73DELOUDIS GEORGIOS1733GRE134w1 9b0 69w½ 75b½ 99w½ 54b0 64w0114b1105w14,535,526,53
74HONDROS NIKOLAOS0GRE 53b0 82w0101b0131w1135b½106w+ 72w0103b1100w14,530,5244
75FOUTOUHOS DIMITRIOS1429GRE 15b0112w1 23b½ 73w½ 34b0 86w1 37w½ 60b½ 61w044636,52
76KAPAGIANNIDIS KONSTANTINOS1934GRE104b½106w1 60b1 19w0 67b1 10w0 50b½ 24w0 59b0446363
77TESKOS GEORGIOS1674GRE111b1 25w1 9w0 30b- 81b1 57w1 30b0 -0 -0445,5364
78PAPADOPOULOS PETROS1333GRE 21b0 92w1 24b0128w1 53b0 95w1 55w1 27b0 60w0443354
79TSOUKARAKIS IOANNIS1413GRE 7w0 90b1 62w0134b+ 33b0105w1 34b0 95w1 53b0442,5324
80PANARAS EKTORAS1337GRE 29b0109w1 33b0111w1 35b1 97w0 52b0110w1 50b0440,532,54
81DOUNI KONSTANTINA1290GRE 12w0116b1 27w0 93b1 77w0109b1 56w0 90b1 55w0440,5324
ISARI ANGELIKI1108GRE 30w0 74b1 48w0108b1 49w0 96b1 51w0 92b1 58b0440,5324
83VARSAMI EKATERINI1255GRE -0113w1 35b0115w1 58b0 44b0111w1108b1 51w044031,54
84DELLOUDI EFIMIA1005GRE 20w0125b1 63w0129b+ 36b0 72w1 57b0 85w0116b1440314
85BATSI LIDA1401GRE 19b0118w1 42b0 95w1 70b0112w1 27w0 84b1 49w0439,530,54
86IOANNIDIS ILIAS1005GRE 22w0 47b0116w1130b1 56w0 75b0 93w1 55b0111w1438294
87OIKONOMOU NIKOLAOS CH1482GRE 8w0102b0106b0116w1 92b1127w1 22w0101b1 54w043828,54
88POULOS STYLIANOS1330GRE 97w0 93b1 49w0 96b1 63w0108b0109w1113b1 56w043729,54
89GEORGITSI SOFIA1015GRE 18b0128w1 43b0137w1 72b1 33w0 58b0 59w0109w1437294
90ADAM IASON1000GRE 33b0 79w0 92b0140w1115b1 59w0129b1 81w0113b1435,527,54
91KEFALOY MARIA-HRYSOYLA1342GRE 9w0134b1 32w0109b0128w1 93b1 49w0 -0110b1435,5274
92KOULOUBIS TRIANTAFILOS0GRE 49w0 78b0 90w1 68b0 87w0117b1123w1 82w0118b1433,5264
93KAZALAS CHRISTOS0GRE 24b0 88w0131b1 81w0114b1 91w0 86b0125w1112b1433,5264
94PAPARGYRIOU NATALIA1000GRE 28b½100w0 46b0119w1 98b0135w+ 66w0123b½114w1433253
95MYRONIDI DESPOINA1000GRE 27w0 99b0114w1 85b0130w1 78b0119w1 79b0108w1432,524,54
96PLAKAS GEORGIOS0GRE -0114w1 65b0 88w0134b1 82w0105b0121w1122b+43224,54
97HRYSOSTOMIDIS PAVLOS2006GRE 88b1 24w1 1b0 67w½ 46b0 80b1 -0 -0 -03,546,534,53
98KOUVARAS ANDREAS1380GRE 13w0126b1 61w½ 6b0 94w1 71b1 62w0 37b0 70b03,544,5353
99GEORGITSI ANTIGONI1371GRE 16b0 95w1 34b0110w1 73b½ 52w½ 70b½ 35w0 67b03,543342
100DIATSINTOS ILIAS1534GRE 6w½ 94b1 31w0 61b1 41w0 67b0102w0104b1 74b03,541,5313
101SIDIROPOULOS VASILIS1005GRE 41w0 38b0 74w1 57w0113b½124b1 71w+ 87w0 71b03,538,5303
102SARTZETAKIS IPPOKRATIS-LEONIDAS1005GRE 42b0 87w1 58b0 36w0129b1122w½100b1 63b0 72w03,53829,53
103HATOGLOU NIKOLAOS1035GRE 17w0119b½138w+ 60w0 52b0132w1 35b0 74w0126w13,53829,53
104FRENDZA - KONDOU ILEKTRA1005GRE 76w½ 71b0119w1 25b0 69w0 37b0124w1100w0123b13,538293
105NOMIKOS KOSMAS1005GRE 44w0 51b0132w1117b1 47w0 79b0 96w1 72b½ 73b03,536,5293
106MELIGARIS IOANNIS1000GRE 76b0 87w1 55b0 71w0 74b-132b1122w1 66b03,536,5293
107TSOUKARAKIS DIMITRIOS1005GRE 34b0 59w0141b+122b0108w0119b½135w1 71w0124b13,534,5263
108PLAKAS ANASTASIOS0GRE -0132b1 47w0 82w0107b1 88w1 36b0 83w0 95b0337,529,53
109SHAKA ANXHELA1000GRE 52w0 80b0125w+ 91w1 61b0 81w0 88b0129w1 89b033728,53
110PILALIS ERNESTOS1000GRE 56w0 99b0117w1 68b0130w1 80b0 91w033628,52
111KALABOGIA ANASTASIA0GRE 77w0 69b0123w1 80b0 37w0133b1 83b0119w1 86b033627,53
112DELLOUDIS VAITSIS1000GRE 61w0 75b0120w1 59w0137b1 85b0113w0130b1 93w0333,526,53
113PROESTOS CHRISTODOULOS0GRE 43b- 83b0118w1 64b0101w½123b½112b1 88w0 90w0333,5262
114VOUDADAS IASON0GRE 56w0 96b0 95b0 -1 93w0128b1118w1 73w0 94b0332,525,52
115PROESTOS IRAKLIS0GRE -0 -0124w1 83b0 90w0 -0131b1116b0128w1331,5253
116BRATSIS STILIANOS0GRE 35b0 81w0 86b0 87b0131w0136w1137b1115w1 84w0331,524,53
117TSANTE IFIGENEIA0GRE 66w0105w0110b0 92w0126b0136b1129w+33124,52
118KOUROS ODISSEAS1000GRE 32w0 85b0113b0135w0140b1137w1114b0120w1 92w033022,53
119SPYROU FAIDON-KONSTANTINOS0GRE 50b0103w½104b0 94b0126w1107w½ 95b0111b0131w132922,52
120KOUTOUVALI-MENTI DIMITRA0GRE 60b0 54w0112b0126b½123w0140w1121b½118b0133w1328,5212
121FRENDZAS - KONTOS DIMITRIOS1005GRE 26b0133w0137b0132w½124b0126w1120w½ 96b0130w1328,520,52
122HATZIMIHAIL PANAGIOTIS1467GRE 11b0131w1 5b0107w1 25w0102b½ 60w0106b0 96w-2,540,5322
123KEFALOS ISODOROS1005GRE 23b0 36w0111b0124w½120b1113w½ 92b0 94w½104w02,535,526,51
124GLAROS GEORGIOS0GRE -0 -0115b0123b½121w1101w0104b0133b1107w02,531242
125ZENELAI BABIS0ALB 72b0 84w0109b- -0136b1 -0128w1 93b0132w½2,53023,52
126KOTSIOPOULOS PANAGIOTIS1000GRE 70b0 98w0128b0120w½119b0121b0117w1132w1103b02,52720,52
127FAKIS ALEXANDROS1005GRE 45b0135w1 50b0133w1 57b0 87b0 -0 -0 -0234,527,52
128MORAITIS ANARGYROS0GRE 67w0 89b0126w1 78b0 91b0114w0125b0134w1115b0233262
129POULOS ANTONIOS0GRE141b1 26w0 72b0 84w-102w0131b1 90w0109b0117b-23325,52
130PROESTOS DIAMANTIS0GRE -0 -0140b1 86w0 95b0134w1110b0112w0121b0231,5242
131VAPTISMAS MARKOS1005GRE 62w0122b0 93w0 74b0116b1129w0115w0135b+119b0230,524,52
132DIAKONIKOLAOU ALEXIOS0GRE -0108w0105b0121b½133w1103b0106w0126b0125b½230,523,51
133SPYROU GEORGIOS0GRE 63w0121b1 51w0127b0132b0111w0134b1124w0120b0230,5232
134MORAITIS AGELOS-XENOPHON1000GRE 73b0 91w0135b1 79w- 96w0130b0133w0128b0136w123023,52
135SINANI NIKO0GRE 55w0127b0134w0118b1 74w½ 94b-107b0131w- -01,530,5231
136DEMAI ALEXIS0GRE -0 -0 -0 -0125w0116b0140w+117w0134b0130241
137SINANI GENI0ALB 48w0 68b0121w1 89b0112w0118b0116w0140b- -0130231
138KARRAS ANDREUS0USA 58w0103b- -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -00,530,5240
POULOS ANTONIOS(FILIPPOS)0GRE -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -00,530,5240
140KARNAVA FOTINI0GRE -0 -0130w0 90b0118w0120b0136b-137w- -0027210
141KARRAS DOMINIC0USA129w0 64b0107w- -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -002519,50

Tie Break1: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break2: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break3: The greater number of victories