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Τουρνουα Μπλιτς Καλοκαιρι 2013

Last update 16.06.2013 13:12:03, Creator/Last Upload: Demirtzoglou

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Starting rank

1Demirtzoglou HristGRE2071
2Iosifidis GeorgiosGRE1779
3Zisiadis DimitriosGRE1778
4Papaikonomou DimitrisGRE1746
5Papadopoulos MihailGRE1709
6Hristoforidis Hristoforos G.GRE1495
7Hristoforidis VasiliosGRE1467
8Alexandridis ChristosGRE1311
9Panagiotidis Hristos Vas.GRE1940
10Dermentzis EfthimiosGRE1270
11Dermentzi EkateriniGRE1005
12Leyloglou NikolaosGRE0
13Mihailidis IosifGRE0
14Mihailidou MagdaliniGRE0
15Stamatis IoannisGRE0
16Stamatis VasiliosGRE0
17Tzimoulias KonstantinosGRE1475