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Last update 08.06.2013 13:44:17, Creator/Last Upload: Belgrade Chess Federation

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Final Ranking crosstable after 7 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.RdPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
1Ivic Velimir1906SRB 25w1 9b1 19w1 2b0 7w1 6b1 3w16283024,00
2Radovanovic Mihajlo1925SRB 26b1 16w1 24b1 1w1 3b0 4w1 7b1627,529,524,00
3Savin Aleksa1514SRB 21b1 10w½ 6b1 17w1 2w1 8b1 1b05,527,530,522,50
4Ostojic Katarina1708SRB 30w1 8b1 5w1 7b0 9w1 2b0 11w1527,52817,50
5Vukovic Bogdan0SRB 23w1 20b1 4b0 15w1 6b0 16w1 8w152325,516,00
6Brankovic Danilo0SRB 22w1 7b½ 3w0 10b1 5w1 1w0 15b14,528,531,517,75
7Brankovic Vladislav1855SRB 27b1 6w½ 10b1 4w1 1b0 18w1 2w04,528,530,516,25
8Budisavljevic Luka0SRB 11b1 4w0 13b1 18w1 16b1 3w0 5b0426,529,514,00
9Stesevic Luka1394SRB 13b1 1w0 11b1 24w1 4b0 15w0 19b14262813,50
10Mihajlovic Aleksandar0SRB 20w1 3b½ 7w0 6w0 27b1 12b½ 18w1424,526,512,75
11Veselinovic Nikola0SRB 8w0 30b1 9w0 25b1 20w1 17b1 4b042121,58,50
12Kostic Vasilije0SRB 17w0 28b1 18b0 13w1 15b½ 10w½ 16b1420,52212,25
13Smiljanic Mihajlo0SRB 9w0 25b1 8w0 12b0 22w1 24b1 23w1419,521,59,50
14Kovacevic Matija D0SRB 18b0 15w0 23w1 20b0 25w1 21b1 17w14182010,50
15Djermanovic Adrijana1562SRB 19w0 14b1 21w1 5b0 12w½ 9b1 6w03,5252813,00
16Trajkovic Nada1440SRB 29w1 2b0 22w1 19b1 8w0 5b0 12w0325,5278,00
17Ivic Lazar1625SRB 12b1 24w0 26b1 3b0 21w1 11w0 14b03242610,50
18Trajkovic Mihailo1623SRB 14w1 19b0 12w1 8b0 24w1 7b0 10b03242610,00
19Milinkovic Ognjen P0SRB 15b1 18w1 1b0 16w0 -0 20b1 9w0323,526,59,50
20Vukajlovic Jovan1594SRB 10b0 5w0 30b1 14w1 11b0 19w0 25b1322,5236,50
21Petrovic Borislav I0SRB 3w0 23b1 15b0 27w1 17b0 14w0 29b1320,5226,00
22Tadic Stefan0SRB 6b0 27w1 16b0 26w0 13b0 29w1 24b131920,55,50
23Dinic Bogdan0SRB 5b0 21w0 14b0 29w½ 30b1 28w1 13b02,51919,52,75
24Carevic Milica0SRB 28w1 17b1 2w0 9b0 18b0 13w0 22w022324,54,50
25Gvozdenovic Milos0SRB 1b0 13w0 29b1 11w0 14b0 27w1 20w022324,53,50
26Filipovic Damjan0SRB 2w0 29b1 17w0 22b1 -0 -0 -0222,5244,50
27Koscal Arsenije0SRB 7w0 22b0 28w1 21b0 10w0 25b0 30w121818,52,00
28Vuckovic Stefan0SRB 24b0 12w0 27b0 30w1 29b0 23b0 -121313,52,00
29Pleli Luka0SRB 16b0 26w0 25w0 23b½ 28w1 22b0 21w01,51718,52,75
30Koscal Lazar0SRB 4b0 11w0 20w0 28b0 23w0 -1 27b011818,50,50

Tie Break1: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break2: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break3: Sonneborn-Berger-Tie-Break variable