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Ανοιξη 2013

Last update 12.05.2013 14:16:15, Creator/Last Upload: Demirtzoglou

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Starting rank

1Demirtzoglou HristGRE2068
2Panagiotidis ChristosGRE1940
3Prokopiou KonstantinosGRE1840
4Hristoforidis Hristoforos G.GRE1481
5Hristoforidis VasiliosGRE1472
6Alexandridis ChristosGRE1323
7Dermentzis EuthimiosGRE1270
8Dermentzi AikateriniGRE1005
9Homatidou DanaiGRE1005
10Emmanouilidis IosifGRE1000
11Kazakos MarkosGRE1000
12Kazakos ZahariasGRE1000
13Leiloglou NikolaosGRE1000
14Theodosiadis StaurosGRE1000