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Rolf Martens minnesturnering

Last update 20.05.2013 00:20:01, Creator/Last Upload: LASK

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Final Ranking after 8 Rounds

Rk.SNoNameFEDRtgClub/CityPts. TB1 
11IMSemcesen DanielSWE2519Lunds ASK729,5
2IMSmith AxelSWE2496Lunds ASK729,5
33Lindgren PhilipSWE2368Limhamns SK6,529,5
48Lundberg DavidSWE2144Lunds ASK529,5
54WFMFrisk EllinorSWE2250Lunds ASK529
613Ollén MartinSWE2057Limhamns SK4,531
76Persson RichardSWE2183Malmö AS4,525,5
814Frisk HansSWE2019Lunds ASK4,523,5
921Ibishi TahirSWE1700Bosna4,521,5
1020Wahlström JoakimSWE1760Malmö AS4,520,5
119Unmack ChristianSWE2122En Passant426,5
125Malmqvist GlennSWE2231Malmö AS425,5
1315Rosell SvenSWE2008Lunds ASK421
1418Olsson TomasSWE1786Lunds ASK418
1510Silferström NiklasSWE2103Helsingborgs ASK3,527
167Bouaziz NejibSWE2150Lunds ASK3,524,5
1719Agovic SeifoSWE1763Helsingborgs ASK3,523
1811Åström LarsSWE2095Limhamns SK3,521,5
1916Gromark Per-OlofSWE1895Örgryte SK3,521
2012Nilsson PatrikSWE2068Limhamns SK324,5
2122Rosager SixtenSWE1558Lunds ASK320
2217Kahriman EsadSWE1812Landskrona SK220,5
2324Sundin Sven-IngvarSWE1236Lunds ASK1,519,5
2423Karlsson MartinSWE1300Malmö AS020

Tie Break1: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)