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GIAI CO VUA HOI KHOE PHU DONG TP.HCM NH 2007-2008 [Nam lop 1-3]

Last update 13.11.2007 02:13:39, Creator/Last Upload: ia ignatius leong

Starting rank

1Ho Gia BaoQBT0
2Vo Kim CangQ050
3Dinh Xuan DatBTA0
4Nguyen Thai DuongQTB0
5Le Vo Khanh GiaQTP0
6Doan Nguyen Nam HongQ100
7Le Bao HuyQGV0
8Mai Quoc HuyQPN0
9Pham Dang KhanhQ060
10Ha Minh KhoiQ030
11Nguyen Tuan KietQTD0
12Thanh Cac Phi LamQ050
13Bui Viet LiemQBT0
14Tran Trong LiemQBT0
15Nguyen Tan LinhQ110
16Do Duy LongQ100
17Nguyen Tuan LongQ030
18Nguyen Tan Hoang NamQ010
19Le Nguyen Khoi NguyenQTB0
20Vo Ngoc Si NguyenQGV0
21Ngo Quang NhatQ010
22Hoang Duc PhatBTA0
23Vo Thanh Tan PhatBTA0
24Le Minh QuanQGV0
25Nguyen Manh TanQ100
26Truong Tan ThanhQ010
27Nguyen Xuan ThiQ030
28Le Quang TraQTB0
29Cao Minh TriQ050
30Hoang Quoc VietQ110
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