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TuTS:n nopean shakin SELO-turnaus 2.11.2023

Last update 02.11.2023 19:48:10, Creator/Last Upload: Shatuki

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Starting rank

1Koskinen, Riku504823FIN1974TuTS
2Salvi, Tuomas511463FIN1808TuTS
3Paananen, Olli-Pekka518727FIN1770JyS
4Nousiainen, RoniFIN1726TuTS
5Kelmendi, Isak919330FIN1694TuTS
6Stockfelt, Jesse509485FIN1653TuTS
7Louhi, Tapio506516FIN1620TuTS
8Backman, Aaron519898FIN1608TuTS
9Järvi, Leo517992FIN1530TuTS
10Rintala, Miliam519715FIN1507TuTS
11Zhao, YixuanFIN1444TuTS
12Ahtola, Aaron520179FIN1419TuTS