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TuTS:n nopean shakin SELO-turnaus 7.9.2023

Last update 07.09.2023 19:35:11, Creator/Last Upload: Shatuki

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Starting rank

1Sipilä, Vilka505455FIN2509TuTS
2Impivaara, Anton518573FIN1887TuTS
3Laajo, Juha504904FIN1808TSY
4Nousiainen, RoniFIN1725TuTS
5Stockfelt, Jesse509485FIN1712TuTS
6Kelmendi, Isak919330FIN1693TuTS
7Backman, Aaron519898FIN1603TuTS
8Saari, MiikaFIN1486Gambiitti
9Korpela, Olavi513016FIN1288TuTS
10Nyberg, Max520985FIN1226TuTS