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The Irish 50+ Championships 2023

Last update 12.01.2023 15:52:34, Creator: IvanBaburin,Last Upload:

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Starting rank

1FMBecx Cesar1001183NED2078
2Minnican Alan2400987SCO2049
3CMSchoonmaker Nicholas2022680USA2028
4Quinn Ciaran2500817IRL1945
5Hogan Pat2504839IRL1945
6O'Dwyer Fergal2500272IRL1930
7Kellett Paul430030ENG1818
8Fitzsimons Pat2502526IRL1753
9Armstrong Fred2502089IRL1742
10Deneher Jimmy2509008IRL1737
11O'Connell Denis2505860IRL1722
12Kelly Colin2518945IRL1674
13Bradley Michael2508028IRL1637
14O'Gorman Brian2509601IRL1494
15Martin Desmond2506815IRL1459
16Reinhardt Sean2518961IRL1458
17Barry Suzanne2507323IRL1343
18Martin Brian2520621IRL1339
19O'Neill Brian2518953IRL913
20Prykhodchenko Serhii2520265IRL0