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SCT Dundee Allegro Open

Last update 10.07.2022 17:12:28, Creator/Last Upload: Scotland chess federation (License 3)

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Starting rank

1Chisholm Mike2402220SCO1975
2Baumanis Kristaps11602147LAT1856
3James Chris2404249SCO1853
4Blackford Ross2409011SCO1765
5Babin Andre2403854SCO1763
6McDiarmid Allan2410753SCO1740
7Hall David2402394SCO1712
8Kings Alexandre2410214SCO1669
9Hughes Loyd2402378SCO1645
10Hughes Rhian2402181SCO1613
11Ballantyne Stuart2409666SCO1596
12McDiarmid Euan2410745SCO1519
13Srivastava Aditya496154SCO1491
14McKinnon Scott2409879SCO1352
15Roul Tushar2410397SCO1109